Dining Review: Dinner With The Beast at Be Our Guest

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34We have had breakfast at Be Our Guest and we have had lunch at Be Our Guest but up until our most recent trip to Disney, we had never had dinner at Be Our Guest. Since Disney introduced the prix fix menu in July 2018, this has been on our list and we finally decided to take advantage of it and enjoy a dinner in Beast’s castle.

45Be sure to pay attention as you are walking past the suits or armor as you enter the castle because they, like the rest of the castle, interact and come to life. Also, take note of the amazing details as you walk up to the castle in through the entryway.

47-2.jpgWe especially love the stained glass windows and the details in those. There is an amazing photo opportunity with a large stained glass window featuring Belle and Beast in their ballroom.







46We love Beast’s Castle. It is so immersive and the three dining rooms are truly unique and individually themed. We always try, no matter what meal we are there for, to eat in the ballroom but it is definitely worth it and a must do to walk through and experience all of the dining areas.

Be sure to look up as well when you are in the ballroom. The cherubs on the ceiling are actually paintings of baby photos of Imagineers who worked on this project.


33Of course, one of the things that sets this experience apart is that it is the only dining experience where you can meet the Beast. Also, only for dinner. He does not meet guests for breakfast or for lunch. It was really fun and unique to get to start our experience off meeting him and it really started the experience off right for us.  35

The dinner costs $60 and $36 for children ages 3-9 and is also available on the Disney Dining Plan for two table service credits for dinner.

We had not done the Disney Dining Plan for years but decided to try it out for this trip to see if it was worth it for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival so it was a great opportunity for us to head over to Be Our Guest and try out this prix fix menu.


52With the Dining Plan, for two table service credits, guests can choose one appetizer, one entree and then receive the dessert trio. With the dining plan, alcoholic and specialty beverages are also included. Each person can select one drink from the list of options that your server will give you. I selected a glass of prosecco which was really great. Dining in the beasts castle with a glass of prosecco was such a perfect accompaniment to the magic of the venue.

We each chose different appetizers and entrees.

For appetizers, guests can choose from items like French Onion Soup, Escargot, Maine Lobster Bisque and Piment D’Espellette Spiced Tuna. Bryson chose the Escargot, which is one of his favorite Disney items. He loves the escargot on The Disney Cruise Line and also the escargot at the France pavilion during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. He really enjoyed the escargot at Be Our Guest as well. It is served with an herb butter and a gremolata which is essentially a bread crumb topping.

I chose the Piment D’Espellette Spiced Tuna. The dish consisted of (extremely) small pieces of seared ahi tuna served with a fava bean puree and hints of citrus and mint. The dish itself was good but the portion on this option was far too small and for that reason, i wouldn’t get this item again.

37There was something for every palette preference on the entree menu. There was an Herb-Salted Pork Tenderloin that was served with a crispy pork belly and corn puree, and green garlic pistou (an herby pesto type sauce). If you are looking for a pasta dish there is a Smoked Ricotta and Corn Tortellini served with a roasted corn and pappadew pepper relish, cauliflower and asparagus.

The Center-Cut Filet Mignon is served with Yukon potatoes, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms and a red wine glaze. The Pan-Seared Sea Scallops is served with a Spring Pea Risotto, seasonal vegetables, fried artichoke hearts and micro basil. Those are just a few of the items available.


Bryson selected the Filet Mignon and it was served to his temperature preference. Side note, if you are ordering a steak and like a filet mignon and they don’t ask your temperature preference, curb your enthusiasm for that meal. It was a good size portion of steak and the sides. The vegetables were carrots and green beans and they were served atop the potatoes. I really enjoyed the red wine sauce but Bryson is a steak purist and prefers no sauce on his steaks.

40I went with the Sea Scallops. I love scallops and order them frequently but they are a finicky dish. If they aren’t cooked properly they get rubbery and lose that delicate, sweet flavor. These had amazing flavor. They were plump and there was a great caramelization on the outside that enhanced the flavor. They were sweet and delicate as they should be. I love risotto. I love pairing scallops with risotto and I was excited for this risotto.

Unfortunately, although the flavor was there with the risotto itself and I love the pairing of peas with risotto, this risotto was severely undercooked and the peas were frozen. Undercooked risotto means chewy and crunchy texture. Overall the dish was good and if the risotto had been cooked through it would have been even better. I would order this again though despite the shortcomings of the dish.


For dessert, as mentioned above, there is a pre-selected trio. Full disclosure, this was what I was most looking forward to for the entire dining experience. You are given a trio of delightful morsels.

An almond macaron that was filled with fresh raspberries and a tart and slightly sweet lemon curd or jam.


A dark chocolate truffle that was filled with a dark chocolate Grand Marnier Ganache. That was a deep, rich chocolate, perfect as the ending to the meal.


Last but certainly not least, the piece de resistance (in a french accent of course), the White Chocolate “Chip” Cup. This was an adorable white chocolate cup that was modeled after Chip from Beauty and the Beast, complete with a little chip on the edge! It was filled with the famous Grey Stuff (it’s delicious, don’t believe us? Ask the dishes)! The grey stuff is basically a cookies and cream mousse and it really is good. This little dessert was incredibly sweet and very Instagrammable. I ate this one second and then finished off with the truffle.

57The meal, for the two of us on the dining plan was 4 table service credits total. The bill itself was $137.39 after tax but before tip. It is an expensive signature dining experience but you are paying not only for the meal, but for the experience. Overall, we probably wouldn’t eat here just off the cuff for another meal unless we were traveling with friends who wanted to experience it or if we were on the dining plan again. If you are on the dining plan, it is 100% worth it in our opinion.

We had an amazing experience and I would absolutely recommend this dinner experience over any other meal at Be Our Guest in terms of quality of food and experience. To me, none of the other meals are worth the price but we really enjoyed our experience here at dinner.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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