5 Things That Had Us Shook During Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

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Lucas Films

We are positively shook from watching the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that is set to hit theaters in limited released on December 19 and everywhere on December 20.

The trailer debuted during halftime of the MNF game between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.


The ninth installment of The Skywalker Saga hits theaters on December 20. This highly anticipated film has Star Wars fans old and new abuzz with anticipation, excitement and nostalgia as the series a generation has grown up with comes to an end.

We have five takeaways (more than five, but we are limiting it to our top five) from the trailer that have us questioning everything we thought we knew or had surmised about this ninth and final film in The Skywalker Saga and we are going to share those with you.

The Imperial Star Destroyer rising

Lucas Films

At 1:00 into the trailer, we see the Imperial Star Destroying rising from the water.

The empire is dead. It was defeated and from the ashes rose the first order. So, has Emperor Palpatine been in hiding, building an army? How does Emperor Palpatine fit into this? He seems, from the trailers to play a significant role in the final installment of The Skywalker Saga, we are intrigued and now even more so, to find out how he fits into this story.

Emperor Palpatine “Long have I waited. And now, you’re coming together is your undoing.”

Lucas Films

At :53 into the trailer, we hear the voice of Emperor Palpatine quoting the above. Obviously he is referring to the “good guys” all coming together to fight but how big is his role going to be in this film? What is the backstory to him being in the film and once again, where the heck did Star Destroyer come from?

C-3PO saying that he wanted to have one last look at his friends

Lucas Films

At 1:15 into the trailer we see C-3PO getting some wires worked on.

There were several points in the trailer when I teared up and truth be told, I am 100% not the Star Wars fan in this situation. I have seen the movies; I understand much of the plot and story line but I am not the die hard Star Wars fan.

Lucas Films

When C-3PO is asked what he is doing and he replies, “Taking one last look sir… at my friends”, that was it for me. The tears were there, in my eyeballs.

What could this mean? Is C-3PO some sacrificing himself for something? Is this just before they head off into battle? What does this mean?!

Rey looking up at a black cloaked figure towards the end of the trailer. 


At 1:59, we see Rey, in the midst of what we think will be one of many epic battle scenes, looking upwards at a black, cloaked figure, her light saber gripped in her hand. We hear the figure laughing and dare we say it sounds like Darth Vader.

But is it? If yes, how? If no, then who is it?!


Luke and Leia, “The Force Will be With you. Always.”


At 2:02, we hear Luke’s voice from “beyond” saying. “The Force will be with you.” Then we hear Leia, in what feels and sounds like the same “beyond” context say, “Always.” We know of course, that Luke has passed on but does this mean that Leia does as well? Are we going to get some sort of inspirational and goosebump giving scene where all of the Jedi’s come from “beyond” to stand along Rey and fight?

We have our suspicions, we will leave you with yours.

Lucas Films

Ok, one more.

Being the corny person that I am, the part of the trailer that shook me more than anything else and that had me gripping my armrest and fighting back that choked up feeling was 1:44, as the words, “The saga will end” fade in and out of the screen we see our heroes, riding Orbaks together towards what we assume will be a climactic moment that decides at least some of their fates, including little BB-8 rolling along there with the rest of them. It got me. You go BB-8!


A couple other takeaways, a few side notes if you will, if that music didn’t make you want to grab your light saber and join the resistance I don’t know what to tell you. The score is awesome.

Also, seeing Leia hug Rey at 1:30 gave me a tear. My chest got a little tight. This film has, even this mediocre Star Wars fan feeling all the feels.

View the trailer HERE

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