Wine Making in The Colorado Foothills!

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80Sometimes we do non-Disney stuff!

It’s true and recently, I had an amazing experience with my Mom for her birthday that was so awesome, I just had to share it with you. There are some awesome reasons to visit Colorado but did you know that Colorado has wine?

Don’t get carried away. We’re not talking Sonoma or Napa but if you are visiting Colorado or live in Colorado and are looking for something a little outside the box, this could be right up your alley!

Tucked away in the foothills just west of Fort Collins, which is located in Northern Colorado about an hour North of Denver is Blendings at the Preserve. I came across this unique experience while researching Colorado wine for a work event.82

It sounded like an amazing wine experience and right up my alley and definitely right up my Mom’s alley.

Blendings at the Preserve has a motto and that motto is: Wine Without Rules. They stick to that motto.

Their website states that Blendings at the Preserve is a unique and exciting winery nestled in the foothills outside Fort Collins, Colorado, off Bingham Hill Road. Enjoy our wine blends on demand by the glass, flight, bottle, or growler. Or reserve a hands-on experience of working with our winemaker and staff to taste and microblend your own custom blend. Once you design your personal recipe that delights your individual palate, you will experience the full wine-making process of bottling, sealing, and custom labeling your blend.

Photo From The Blendings at the Preserve

This experience was my Mom’s birthday present. I booked us the hands-on blending experience. This is a customizable experience that allows guests to blend their own wine for as little as one bottle or as many as 72 bottles.

In addition to blending your own tasty vino based on your tastes and preferences, guests bottle their own wine and design a custom label to finish off the magic.

84.jpgGuests can choose between white wines, red wines or a combination of both to blend their own delicious varietal. We selected to mix a combination of white and red and were given a combination of six fruity, floral, dry, sweet, woodsy, full-bodied wines.

79How the blending works is that each guest receives 6 small shot glass type vessels filled with six different wines. Guests also receive a syringe that allows them to measure out in milliliters the different types of wine to blend the perfect wine for you.

81We each ended up blending around ten different concoctions before deciding on the one my mom liked best. Each guest writes down the exact measurements of the wines in each blend so that when the winemaker blends your magical wine that they get it right and you take home exactly what you blended.

83After the winemaker blends out the wine, you get to bottle your own wine and put your custom label onto the wine. 77

The wines aren’t from grapes on the property. The Blendings brings wines in from all over the world for guests to blend a unique wine that is truly all their own.

78Not interested in blending your own wine? Do a tasting and enjoy a glass on their gorgeous porch with a fantastic view of the foothills. The Blendings also hosts a variety of events including wine yoga, W-I-N-E-O (a wine version of BINGO), grape stompings and more!

This was such a fun and unique experience. My mom and I love wine and this was a hands on wine experience that was outside the box and absolutely perfect. If you are looking for something unique to do in Colorado, check out the Blendings at the Preserve and blend a wine customized to your tastes to commemorate your milestone or your trip to Colorado! Be sure to let them know that For Love of the Mouse sent you!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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