Stop The Presses! We Have a Monorail Update

We reported over a year ago that we believed Disney was in talks with Bombardier to bring in a new fleet of Monorails as the current Monorails have surpassed their expiration date.

69In fact, not long ago, of the Monorails became disabled on the Monorail aerial track and guests had to climb onto the roof of the Monorail to the crew members who were waiting to safely get guests to the ground.

We have several incidents like this over the past couple of years including a moving Monorail experiencing a door opening mid-transit with guests on board.

Guests love the Monorails. This mode of transportation opened in 1971 and has remained one of the most popular and widely used transportation options on Walt Disney property. In fact, it is one of the most utilized Monorail systems in the world.

59Currently, Disney is utilizing the MarkVI that according to Bombardier’s history and the lifecycle of these, was up ten years ago from the time they went into service for Disney.

However, recently, we received an old Monorail with a facelift. Monorail Silver was re-intoduced into the lineup with upgrades. The upgrades include lipstick changes to the interior including color coordinating details to the interior that match the outer stripe.

61We now have another facelifted Monorail. Monorail Lime Green is back in rotation with the same types of upgrades that were given to Monorail Silver.

New and upgraded signs have also been added to the interior. Mickey Views reported that the ride seemed to be smoother so possibly (fingers crossed) there were some mechanical changes as well.

These changes could signal a reality that we don’t want to face. Disney has no plans to upgrade the Monorail system for several years. We strongly believe that Disney is quite aware that they are in need of new Monorails. We also believe they have a long-term plan for that replacement.

55They just shelled out what is believed to be upwards of $1 billion for the new Disney Skyliner system that is currently closed as Disney works to address and fix the issues related to the recent accident at one of the Skyliner stations. Dishing out even more to address more transportation is probably not in the forecast for the near future but we are firm believers that Disney has a plan.

60We expect to see more of these updated Monorails to roll out over the next few months as a bandaid to the outdated system. Will we see a new Monorail system soon? Does Disney have a long-term plan for this mode of transportation? Time will tell but we have faith that Disney has a plan.

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