Disney Season Pass Misses The Mark For MNSSHP

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11I would start off this post by stating that this is an unpopular opinion but from every forum I have seen and all of the social media regarding Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2019, this is pretty accurate in terms of public sentiment.

We love Disney. The Walt Disney Company is unparalleled in terms of their strategic planning, marketing, brand management. We rarely, honestly, think that Disney misses a mark but this season pass, missed the mark.

6The event itself was excellent as usual. The new fireworks spectacular is amazing. The character meet and greets are interactive and awesome and the details are fun and memorable. The only part of this event that missed the mark was the season pass and Disney putting bodies in a park above overall guest experience.

For 2019, Disney announced that guests could purchase a season pass for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Guests could purchase this pass for $299 per person and experience 35 magical Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties this season should your little heart desire. Important to note, that according to Disney Parks Blog, this includes “most nights” of the party, not all because it does not include the party on October 31.

But, what has this meant for this expensive extra ticketed event?

8Crowds. It has meant crowds.

Even if the party was sold out in previous years, it was still significantly less crowded than a typical day in the park. Now, if the party is sold out, every single person who purchased the season pass can still access the party on top of the number of tickets sold exclusively for that night.

In our humble opinion, Disney was concerned about the number of people who purchased tickets once they went up for sale and this did get the crowds to the party but at what expense? The lines are intense for everything from character meet and greets to popcorn buckets. The crowds for the fireworks and the parade start well more than an hour in advance. The season pass has cheapened the event.

7One of the best things about extra ticketed events is the exclusivity of it. When you take away the exclusivity of it, you are left with nothing more than a bag full of candy and a typical night in the park that you paid extra money for.

We look forward to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party all year long but this year it was missing something for us and I 100% believe that this is caused by the season pass. If guests want to attend a party they will but don’t cheapen it for everyone by selling out with a season pass option that adds nothing to the event except bodies.

10Waiting over an hour for a popcorn bucket, fighting crowds to get a decent parade spot an hour before the second parade begins, waiting twenty minutes for a Photo Pass, it lessened the excitement for us. 9

The level of expectations for these events are high because Disney spends a lot of marketing dollars on them and guests spend a lot of money to attend. Crowd control is an expectation, excusivity is an expectation and a high level of service and entertainment is an expectation. These are realistic expectations based on the standards Disney themselves set for not only their parks but the entire industry.

We can do better Disney, we can do better. Fingers crossed this same type of situation is not in the works for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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