Top Tips For Epcot Food and Wine Festival

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23Whether it is your first of fiftieth time visiting Epcot for Food and Wine Festival, we have our top tips for making the most out of your trip, not breaking the bank and making tasty memories.

Be sure to visit our vlog to check out all of our Food and Wine adventures especially our date night at the fest in 2018!

We have some top tips for you on how to make the most out of the 2019 Food and Wine Festival and enjoy every tasty morsel and moment.

Get a Gift Card!

24This is our top tip for any festival. Disney sells gift cards that go around your wrist which allows you to easily access your funds and also to track how much you are spending. Simply pick a gift card and load your desired amount onto the card.

As you make your way through the festival, use your card and easily track how much you are spending and not break the bank. It’s easy to wrack up a high bill at the festivals. Five bucks a pop at several different booths can easily add up to several hundred dollars. Run out of funds but aren’t done enjoying the festival? No worries! You can refill your gift card with a specific amount to fit your budget.



Bring Your Own Silverware. If you like to snack like we do, that means that you are going to go through a lot of forks, spoons and even knives. Hop on over to Amazon where you can purchase a set of travel, bamboo silverware that you can reuse at every kitchen throughout the festival. The set we purchased features a spoon, fork, knife, straw, straw cleaner and a case; perfect for saving on one-use plastic and enjoying yourself all around the world. It also has a clip that you can use to clip the entire pouch to the zipper of your backpack for easy access.

20Get a Passport!

For every festival there is a passport available at multiple locations throughout the park. These are free and include a sticker that symbolizes each kitchen or food booth and also shows each item that is available at each and every kitchen at the festival. In addition, special events and interactive activities are also included in your passport. It is a one-stop shop to help you navigate the World… World Showcase that is.



Take Water!


Don’t waste your dollars or snack credits on water. We always have our water bottles with us in the parks. I toss two 40 ounce bottles from Amazon into our park bag that I fill with water from the resort quick-service drink station before each day and then refill at water fountains and water bottle refilling stations throughout the parks. Water is expensive at Disney and we drink way too much of it, as you should too in that hot Orlando sun, to keep buying bottles of water every hour.

27Go at Night!

It may be fall in some parts of the country but for most of this festival, in Florida, it’s toasty. Once the sun starts to go down it starts to cool off a bit and it makes some of those heartier dishes at Food and Wine Festival much more enjoyable. From the cheese soup in Canada to the Venison Stew at The Alps and so much more, heading over to Epcot once the sun goes down and the air cools off allows you to enjoy all that Food and Wine has to offer.


Use Those Snack Credits!

28.jpgAre you on the Disney Dining Plan? One of the best times of the year to take advantage of the Disney Dining Plan is during Food and Wine Festival and some of the other festivals for that matter. Many of the items available at the festival are available for a Disney Dining Plan snack credit. While some dishes are a bit smaller in size, some come with hefty portions and you can get a great sized meal from kitchens representing places all over the world for a few snack credits.

You can also use quick-service credits but you have to select three items from one kitchen in order to do so.

Plan More Than One Day!

Day 1 of Food and Wine For Us With Bob and Ashley and some Disney Friends

There is a lot of food worth trying at this festival and it is nearly impossible to try it all in one day. Trust us, we have tried. If you have ever considered a Park Hopper but not quite pulled the trigger, Food and Wine Festival is definitely the time to do so. That way, you can grab a few dishes each day and not completely stuff yourself as you walk around in the Florida heat.

In that heat and humidity, it’s hard to really make your way around the World Showcase and try everything on your list, but if you spread it out over the course of your trip you will be able to enjoy the festival more and really appreciate the dishes you are trying.

Don’t Overbook Yourself!

29Disney has some incredible restaurants but we highly recommend forgoing some of those reservations so that you can take advantage of the incredible dishes from around the world during this festival.

We have made the mistake several times of overbooking our dining reservations and either not being able to take advantage of the festival or canceling those reservations last minute where you run the risk of being charged that cancellation fee.

That’s it for our top tips for experiencing the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. We hope that this helps you to really get in there and enjoy all that Food and Wine Festival has to offer.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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