These Ten Products Are My Travel Holy Grails

135It is so easy to go overboard when packing makeup products for a trip. What if you want a different palette? What if your feeling a different eyeliners, mascara or primer? I’ve been there but these ten products are all I need in my travel makeup case to give me versatile looks on every trip, with every outfit.

I’m not saying I don’t switch it up but I know that these ten products will always perform and always help my skin stay on point whether I am at home or traveling. I know that with these ten items, I’m going to be able to create great, versatile looks on vacay.

131Here is what we have to help you pack for your next trip!

Primer: Wet N Wild Photo Focus Matte

Concealer: Marc Jacbos Accomplice Concealer

Face: L’oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

Brows: Maybelline Fluff n Fill 

Eyeliner: Maybelline Crayon Eyeliner

132Blush: Anastasia Blush Trio

Highlight: Pixi Dulce Candy

Bronzer: Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex

Eyeshadow Palette: UCANBE Aromas Palette

137There are multiple reasons why I love these products and think that they are perfect for travel. Not only have I compiled these items for you from me but I’ve also created a look using them so you can see a base look using these tools.

130If you haven’t heard me talk about the UCANBE Aromas Palette in previous blogs, this is a great neutral palette that is very inexpensive. This is actually a dupe for the Huda Beauty New Nude Palette. That palette will run you about $65 and it is an amazing palette. I own that palette and I live by it but I’m not traveling with a $65 palette. So, I found this dupe on Amazon for $9.99. It’s amazing. I’ve actually done a full tutorial using this palette, that i will link HERE! And we are going to use this dupe palette again to create this easy travel look.

First things first, let’s talk primer and face. I don’t love full-coverage and I go back and forth about what I like to take on my travels but I always have a matte primer and a BB cream in my travel makeup case. I love my travel makeup case by the way, it is so amazing and versatile and durable.

This primer is great regardless if you have oily or dry skin. It will not make your skin greasy or make it look “fake” by mattifying it too much. Especially if you are traveling to a more humid climate, this is a great product to help reduce that slick shine that causes your makeup to run the second you step outside in humid places such as Orlando.

This BB cream is much more suitable for a more combination or oily skin but be sure to let me know if you have dry skin and if you have tried and like this product!

147I love this Maybelline Fluff N Fill brow product. I have naturally blonde hair, which means I have blonde or non existent eyebrows. It is difficult to make my brows look natural and full but not like a giant brown caterpillar or two took up residency on my forehead.

This product is amazing. It puts the perfect amount of product onto the brow and the angle allows for a more natural curve to the brow and allows me to fill them in lighter or fuller. Love it. This is actually the product that I use everyday but I also love it for travel because the color and product stay in place. I can sleep on the plane, eyebrows stay put, walk around 110% humidity in Disney, brows stay in place.

136The Aromas palette, as I’ve mentioned is a $9.99 dupe for the $65.00 Huda Beauty New Nude Palette. This palette is the perfect cool neutral palette. I have done looks with this palette before and will do more because I love this palette, it is versatile and the perfect cool netural.

The palette transitions from to tones to warm tones. There are to-die-for gorgeous marbleized duo-chromes, pretty pressed glitters, and satin(ish) mattes that have redefined the nude palette and made it innovative. Who knew.

139Now, as I’ve mentioned, I own and am obsessed with the actual New Nude palette but I don’t travel with it. I don’t travel with a $65.00 palette. Nope, not gonna do it. And this Aromas palette is the perfect replacement for travel and works great.

Another great thing about this palette is that it comes with a mirror. Sounds crazy but if you are traveling and don’t have a makeup mirror that helps you to get really close, especially for brows and eyes, this is a game changer.

134.jpgSo, first we are going to take the lavender shade, this is a cool tone shade and we are going to buff this over the crease. You want to take a blending brush into the crease and blend this heavier on the outer edge of the crease but be sure to buff it over the entire crease. If you get it further down onto the lid, no worries, we are going to blend several more shades here so that is no problem at all.

138Next, we are going to go in with a little bit of a more mauve shade. This is a great transition color and we are going to buff this into the outer V of the eye and then use a skinnier brush to also buff it into the lower lash line heavier in the outer part of the eye and lighter on the inner part of the eye.
141The third shade from the Aromas palette that we are going to use for this look is one of the shimmer shades. We are going to take  firmer brush and then pat the mauve, light burgundy shimmer shade onto the lid. For shimmer shades, you get better pigment placement when you pat instead of brush. Pat and pack the color onto the lid and for even more pigment and for shimmer and glitter shades to have better staying power and also more of a sheen, spritz your bursh with either water or Fix Plus. 

14Next, on a thinner brush with firm bristles take the deep plum shade and buff that into the outer v of the lid and up along the crease on the outer part of the eye. Take your brush and gently buff that onto the lower lash line as well to provide additional depth and dimension.

15Last but certainly not least we are going to take one of the pressed pearl shades. We are going to go in with the gold shade for this look and pat and pack that along the inner portion of the lid an also along the inner part of the lower lash line.




Perfect look for any travel day and a great day, night and anything in between.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.





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