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2As many of you know, we travel to Disney a lot. There are several ways that we book our flights and it really depends on how long we will be there. There is a midnight flight that we take that gets us to Orlando International Airport around 5:30 am. There is a 6 am flight that gets us to the airport around 11:30 am and sometimes we take an evening flight if we can’t get off work. We are much more apt to take a morning or midnight flight so many times that mean, when we check into our resort, we don’t have a room yet. Not to fear, I am going to talk to you about how we pack our carry-on luggage if we can’t get into our room right away.

6First of all, I am a planner. I start planning my outfits and laying them out about a week before a trip. I start to look at the weather and how many days we are going to be there and what parks or special events we have planned and I got from there.

I use one of our spare rooms as a place to keep all of my packing in order that way I don’t have to keep putting away my things each night.

85After I get all of my combinations laid out that I would like to take, I whittle it down to a more realistic number. Sometimes, I start with as many as 15 outfits for a five day trip, and unless it is July and I need a minimum of two outfits a day to survive the humidity, that is too many outfits.

24Once I have my outfits figured out, I take a look at our itinerary to see what I need the first day of Disney. I am always freezing cold on airplanes. So, even if it is summer, I will wear pants and a jacket on the plane. Of course, when we land in Orlando, I won’t want to be wearing that so I take a look at where we will be and what outfit I will want.

If we are starting at Epcot, which is, for some reason, or typical first stop, I will pack the shirt, shorts (usually, ears and makeup for the day. I always feel that airplanes make me look like a zombie in terms of makeup so I always like to freshen up.

10When I travel to Disney, I don’t take a purse. I take my wristlet and I put it in my Disney backpack. My Disney backpack is what I use to get around the parks. I always have it on me; we keep our reusable water bottles in it, our cameras, our tripod, our gimble, hand sanitizer, ponchos, sunglasses and more in it. Yes, it weighs about thirty pounds.

I typically also take a roller carry-on bag with me on our trips. If we are going on a short trip, that houses all of my outfits, shoes, undergarments, ears and more. Let’s say, for example, that we are going to Disney World for four days. I’m going to lay out what I would pack for that trip (in general).

In my suitcase or roller carry-on:

7Five pairs of shorts for the parks. I change outfits at least once a day, especially in the summer months or on warmer days, we like to head back to the resort mid-day and change between parks and I like to have a fresh pair of clothes. I also like to “match” my clothes to the park we are going to.

One pair of jeans. I get cold at the restaurants and also some days in the winter and spring can get downright chilly. I always like to take at least one pair of jeans just in case.

Two pairs of yoga pants for the same reasons as above. I like the comfortability of yoga pants but in case it gets chilly, always good to have something other than shorts to put on.

Eight shirts for the parks (Etsy and Disney shirts). As I mentioned, most days, we head back to the resort mid-day to change. In the dead of summer, I shower between parks because it is just so hot and humid so I like to have at least two outfits a day for each day we are in Walt Disney World.

Black Lululemon Romper – I take this item on every trip. It is the most comfortable item of clothing I own, I wear it so very often and will continue to do so until it falls apart. This particular romper has been discontinued but you can find this in several colors an prints on websites like Poshmark.

11Nine sports bras. I prefer sports bras in Orlando because of the constant high humidity and I wear them for my daily workouts so I need quite a few for each trip.

Three regular bras. Typically, because of the humidity I prefer to wear sports bras. They are more comfortable when you are soaked to the bone from five hundred percent humidity especially coming from Colorado where ten percent is a rare high humidity day. But, some outfits require a regular bra so there you go.

undergarments. Obviously.

32Two pairs of Old Navy flip flops . People are always asking me what my go to park shoe is and there is an extreme amount of disappointment when they discover that the $3.99 flip flop from Old Navy is it. These are my park shoe of choice, yes, even with my back and knee problems. They don’t bother me and I actually find them relatively comfortable. It could also be that so many other parts of me are in constant pain that I just don’t notice how uncomfortable these are but I love them.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bling Glitter Athletic Shoe. There are several places that you can find this shoe but her shoes are actually some of the most reasonably priced, she stocks often and has a variety of colors! Also, why not support a small Disney inspired shop? Support our Disney community.

55Nine pairs of ears (minimum). If I have made, purchased or won any new ears since our last trip, I will be sure to take them and hope to match them with an outfit. I also always have my old standby faves, especially my Elyssa’s Ears collection and my Bullseye ears from Creations with Love that I always have to take!

Running Shoes. I wear Aasics Tri Noosa’s to run and I workout every day before we start our day. I typically get up around 5:30 am and either head out for a run or head to the fitness center depending on where we are staying. The actual running shoes I wear have been discontinued but the newest version can be found at

13Nine pairs of socks. Since I workout every morning I need at least one pair of socks per day plus one if I decide to wear some sort of tennis shoe instead of flip flops.

Makeup bag; I love, love, love my makeup bag that I use for travel. I don’t wear a full face of makeup in Disney because most of the time, it is just too hot but I still put makeup on every day so always put my makeup bag in my carry-on, not my checked luggage so that I can touch up my makeup from the plane before we head to the parks.


I don’t take shampoo, conditioner, lotion or body wash because of the H2O products that are provided at the resorts. Each Disney resort provides H2O products. However, sometimes, I do take body wash because not every resort offers body wash, some only have bar soap and I don’t like bar soap. I do take my own face wash again because the resorts offer bar soap most of the time and I don’t use bar soap on my face.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, antacid, ibuprofen, moleskin for blisters, WOD Welder, a staple of crossfitter for rips on their hands, in Disney we use this for blisters because the healing power of this stuff is unbelievably fast. Perfume, water pills because of the water retention I experience in Orlando and on airplanes I take multiple water pills a day to help combat it.


13Headphones for the plane and for my workout. Phone chargers, camera chargers, extra batteries, USB charging tower so that we can charge all of our vlogging equipment without using all of the outlets. Sunglasses and sunglass case.

ALSO! We just picked up some amazing silicone straws that we take and use in the parks and when we travel. We also use these at home and they are amazing!

94Disney requires preparation and planning, especially for packing. A few tips, if you are going in the summer, always take ponchos, never leave home without your water bottle, and always plan for extra clothes. Take layers in the winter months because it does get chilly in Orlando and it feels colder because of the humidity.

That’s it for this post. Hopefully, this helps you to plan and pack for the happiest place on earth. What are some of your best packing tips? We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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