Top 10 Things We Learned From D23 Part 2

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35Welcome back! As we mentioned in Part 1 of this post; There were a number of amazing announcements that came from D23 2019 that took place in Anaheim, California August 23-25. We are going to break down the top ten things (in our humble opinion) that came from this exciting expo.

If you have not already checked out Part 1 of this post, be sure to do so. We will link it HERE! And also at the conclusion of this blog.

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Magic Happens Disneyland Parade


A brand new daytime parade is coming to Disneyland and it is bringing a whole host of amazing Disney characters with it. Coco, Moana, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh and more all appear on magical, brightly colored and intricate floats that will make their way down Main Street in the OG Disney park.



The parade will debut in the Spring of 2020. It is going to celebrate moments and icons both big and small. According to Disney Parks blog, it will feature “stunning floats, beautiful costumes, and beloved Disney characters — all led by Mickey Mouse and his pals. In addition, the parade will feature even more floats and characters, an energetic musical score, and a new song produced in partnership with singer-songwriter Todrick Hall. The high-energy music combines this original song with classic Disney tunes in a fresh, contemporary style.”


Avengers Campus


The Marvel themed land coming to Disney California Adventure and also to Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disney, now has an official name; Avengers Campus.




At Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, Avengers Campus will come to what used to be the space occupied by A Bug’s Life. There will also be an Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris. According to Disney,  “A brand-new E ticket attraction is headed to Disney California Adventure, where Guests will fly along with the Avengers and adventure to Wakanda!”


The very first Disney ride to feature a superhero with be the new Spider-Man attraction within the land. Guests will be interacting with their favorite Marvel characters such as Ant-Man, Black Widow, The Wasp, Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the crews from both Wakanda and Asgard. Oh, and Iron Man will be there as well… of course.

You can read more about what is coming to Avengers Campus HERE!





64Launching on November 12, 2019 Disney+, Disney’s own streaming service will bring streaming services to a whole new level. Disney released a plethora of information at D23 regarding this new service including a whole line of new shows from Marvel, Star Wars, information about movies coming exclusively to Disney+ including Lady and The Tramp, Noelle a Christmas feature and so much more! You can read more about Disney+ and the shows coming to the service HERE and HERE!


Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser


the name of this unique and exciting hotel experience coming to Walt Disney World is ‘Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser’. The ship is called the Halcyon and the entire experience will be a one-of-a-kind adventure. The hotel is described by Disney as being an immersive story for guests who will board a Starship and be able to interact with characters of the Star Wars Universe as well as becoming a part of the story themselves.


We learned at D23 that this will be a limited vacation experience as guests will check in for a two-night adventure aboard this immersive out of this galaxy ship. Although a price has not yet been released, we expect this experience to cost a pretty penny and rumors have the cost at being out of this world at over $3,000 a night.

You can read all about the Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser HERE!


The Entire Overhaul of Epcot.

The biggest undertaking for a current park, Disney has ever taken on. We dedicated an entire blog post to what we know so far about the overhaul of Epcot and exactly what is happening. You can check that out HERE! It covers the deconstruction of Future World and the new format and layout for Epcot as well as some amazing new adventures and updates coming to the park.

One of the biggest changes coming to Epcot is that there will no longer be Future World. The park will now be split into four themed areas or worlds. Celebration, Nature, Discovery and Showcase.



World Celebration will essentially be the Spine of Epcot. Everything from the entryway all the way to the entrance of World Showcase will be included in this world. While the 37 year old icon of Epcot, Spaceship Earth will remain the focal point of the park, it will undergo a two-year refurbishment that will completely re-imagine the attraction to focus on the power of storytelling.


The attractions storyline will shift from a focus on technology to one of stories that unite humanity throughout time. A “story light” will link the attraction to a nearby Dreamer’s Point where guests exit. While some of the originally scenes will remain Bob, Chapek said that the attractions refurbishment and new scenes will focus on the “universal narration of the human experience.”


One of the most exciting things coming to World Celebration will include Dreamer’s Point and it will house a brand new statue of the original imagineer, the one who made all of this possible, Walt Disney.




A new festival center has been revealed and it is quite the structure. Located where Innoventions currently is, this new pavilion will be three stories and will include a rooftop garden with amazing views of the new nighttime spectacular.



World Discovery will include Test Track and Mission: Space, also the new Mission: Space restaurant which we learned will be called Space: 220 that will begin accepting reservations in winter 2019. The Guardians of the Galaxy coaster that is currently under construction and will be titled, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. In addition, the new Play Pavilion, where guests will discover an interactive city featuring some of our favorite Disney characters including Edna Mode, Ralph and more. The new Play Pavilion will be open before the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.


World Nature will take guests on an adventure through the wonderful natural world. This is where the first ever and brand new Moana attraction will be located along with a brand new film that is coming the Land Pavilion called Awesome Planet that is scheduled to be open in 2020.


World Showcase will receive some updates as well. The new Ratatouille attraction is scheduled to open in summer 2020 in France as well as a new crepe restaurant and a new Mary Poppins themed attraction was announced for the United Kingdom pavilion.

China and Canada will get new videos for their 360-circle vision attractions and France will be getting a Beauty and the Beast sing-a-long show.


IllumiNations, the longest running nighttime spectacular at Walt Disney World will be coming to an end in September 2019 and will be replaced by a temporary show called Epcot Forever and the permanent replacement called Harmonious will debut in 2020 and will be the largest fireworks spectacular at Disney according to Chapek. The new show will include “massive floating set pieces, custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains”.


No firm details were released as to when the Epcot transformation will be complete. Smart by Disney because it ensures people won’t be clamoring to book their trip for a specific week. The changes will be rolled out in phases with some debuting later this year and we imagine will not be complete for several years with the final transformation coming sometime in 2021, in time for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney resort.

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