Disney Dream Continues Cruising Following Dorian

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The Disney Dream was originally scheduled to return to port on Monday but that cruise has been extended and was scheduled to return to port Wednesday, September 4. However, as we track the progress of the Disney Dream it is moving at 17 knots away from Port Canaveral and towards the Bahamas or more accurately, in the direction of Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

Some reports have the the ship instead coming to port at 5 a.m. on Thursday after dropping supplies off at Castaway Cay.  It is unlikely that the ship will dock in Castaway Cay and allow guests to get off the ship there as the island has received damage that will be assessed and repaired prior to re-opening for guests but the ship could be dropping supplies to the island before making the short trip back to Port Canaveral.

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As of 5 p.m. EST on Wednesday, September 4, The Disney Dream has stopped just off of Castaway Cay for smaller tender boats to come and pick up supplies for those on the island and also to assist neighboring islands in recovery with basic necessities. The ship will then turn back and head towards Port Canaveral where they are scheduled to disembark passengers on the morning of September 5. 

102Following the storm passing over Disney’s private island as a Category 5 storm, the company has confirmed that those employees who had sheltered on the island, Castaway Cay are safe and secure. According to Disney, although the storm was officially a Category 5, only the outer bands of the storm directly hit Castaway Cay as the storm sat and pummeled Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands, causing complete and utter destruction to those.

126The island is located just a few miles short of Great Abaco Island where the eye, or the most powerful part of the storm stalled and caused extensive damage. Following criticism on social media regarding the company not evacuating all of their employees as the storm loomed, Disney confirmed that they were in contact with those on Castaway Cay and that they were being housed in the island’s hurricane shelter. The crew members have since returned to their living quarters on the island.

101Disney prides itself on putting the safety and security of their guests and castmembers at the highest level of importance. We see that as of, 11:00 a.m. EST, the Dream was headed away from Port Canaveral but the destination was still listed as Port Canaveral. Disney has not confirmed the current direct destination of the ship but as the storm continues to slowly head up the coast and lose steam as it heads towards the Carolina’s, we expect Disney to resume normal cruising operations.

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