More Information on Dining Experience Coming to Star Wars Hotel

As we have mentioned multiple times over the last few months, there is a Star Wars themed immersive hotel experience coming to Walt Disney World.

104Construction is well underway on the Star Wars Hotel exclusively coming to Walt Disney World. Although little is known about the timeline for this project, rumor has it that the goal is to open in time for 50th anniversary celebrations at Walt Disney World so we are anticipating mid to late 2021.

This hotel is much smaller than most Disney resorts and will provide a one of a kind hotel experience, much like an attraction as it will be an entire immersion experience.

The hotel is described by Disney as being an immersive story for guests who will board a Starship and be able to interact with characters of the Star Wars Universe as well as becoming a part of the story themselves.

Photo by Disney

Along with the immersive experience, we know that a new restaurant is coming to the hotel and we have learned that it will be called The Silver C Lounge. The name of this new intergalactic resort experience? ‘Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser’.

According to Disney the restaurant will offer “warm and inviting retreat for passengers of all ages”.

We don’t know a lot of details surrounding many of the experiences including the restaurant but stay tuned right here to For Love of the Mouse for more information as it becomes available.

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