Glance At Food and Wine Festival Merchandise

Food and Wine Festival 2019 is right around the corner and we have glance into some of the fun foodie merchandise that will be available at this year’s festival.

23The longest and most popular festival at Epcot and Walt Disney World runs from August 29 to November 23, 2019. This year it will include over 30 kitchens from around the world including several new kitchens and experiences.

You can read all about the Food and Wine festival on several of our posts we have done highlighting the event that will be linked throughout this post.

Festival merchandise will be available at Mouse Gear and throughout the park beginning on August 29, the first day of the festival. There is also passholder exclusive merchanse that is available typically behind the counters of the Mouse Gear and festival shops. 24

You can check out the passholder exclusive merchandise HERE in our post dedicated to just that!

There are a number of items available at the festival and this is just a glance at them but we always recommend that if you see something you can’t live without that you grab it because there is no guarantee that Disney will re-stock it, especially popular items like pens, mugs, Magic Bands and more.

Check out these foodie additions to your kitchen! This mug is perfect and even has a great wine cork style detail on the bottom and this rolling pin will give your baked goods a Disney twist with Mickey heads and Spaceship Earth.

Photo by Disney

Come on everybody get your sweet tooth on with these sequin ears for the festival that include a cute frosted cupcake in place of a bow on top.

Photo by WDWNT

Figment is of course back and you can find him on this cute mixing bowl that is perfect for any recipe.

Photo by Disney

Mickey is serving up some fun with these kitchen accessories as well! These photos were captured by WDWNT!

Everything is better with sprinkles with this new festival spirit jersey. Chef Minnie is serving up some sprinkles on top of some sweet treats with this one is gray and pink background with white and gold lettering.

Photo by Disney

This passholder exclusive insulated wine tumbler will transport you back to Food and Wine Festival any time of the year.

Photo by Disney

We are loving this new gray shirt that highlights various kitchens from around the world and the spirit of Food and Wine Festival.

Photo by Disney

This Epcot Food and Wine reversible sequin black top is going straight to my closet when we visit the festival! Check out thoe sequins in the glass that are several fun and wine inspired colors!

Photo by Disney

I wish I wore hats because I am all about this cork hat exclusive for the 2019 festival. I hope this is Bryson’s style because I am all about this hat trend and this particular hat design for the festival.

Photo by Disney

Chef Mickey and Chef Minnie come together for this adorable pastel mug for the festival as well that matches your new spirit jersey and your fun kitchen accessories.

Photo by WDWNT

Be sure to check out our guide to the fest HERE!

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