New Information Released For Immersive Star Wars Hotel Transport at Walt Disney World

We have more information regarding the Star Wars Hotel that is currently under construction at Walt Disney World.

82This Immersive hotel experience is a one-of-a-kind experience that will completely engulf the guests.

The Star Wars Hotel will be located adjacent to Hollywood Studios just south but not directly connected and even by the permits and construction we have seen thus far, the hotel is more like a cruise ship than a typical Disney hotel.

83In a previous blog post about this hotel and experience we mentioned that guests would travel to Batuu trough a seamless experience. Travelers would likely board the transport vehicle from this particular hotel and be taken to Galaxy’s Edge through what is likely to be a similar experience to traveling between the two Harry Potter lands at Universal onboard the Hogwarts express where it seems as though you are actually taking the train and seeing the landscape and features that Harry and his friends would have seen onboard.


We have more information and concept art regarding this transportation system that would transport guests from their totally immersive out of this galaxy resort experience to Batuu, another immersion, without breaking that “magic” of immersion and disconnect from the outside world.

78According to the new renderings, this transport vehicle will indeed be a bus. This bus will be modified so that guests do not see the driver, nor do they see the “outside”. A jetway rendering shows that guests will enter the bus from the resort without actually stepping outside and will instead utilize a jetway similar to what you would use getting on an airplane.


The inside of the bus will feature similar screens to what we have seen in the renderings from the guest rooms and the rest of the resort that will include screens showing what Disney wants guests to see outside of the resort in place of windows to the outside world.


Don’t expect to see adds for other Disney parks, shows and films inside these busses either. The vehicles will be designed to keep guests completely involved in Star Wars and not the outside world, even the Disney World.


The resort is located just across from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge so the ride won’t be long but Disney is taking great pains to keep guests immersed in the experience they are creating. We already know that this resort experience will be limited to two or three nights and is likely to cost a pretty penny for guests paying to be transported to a galaxy far far away.

We expect more details regarding this resort and experience to be released at D23 in Anaheim August 23-25.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


(Source: Disney, WDWNT)



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