Guide to Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party 2019

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61Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party 2019 is here! For thirty six nights, Disney will transform into a not so scary Halloween treat and you are invited to join in the fun. On select Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights, the event is offered as an extra ticketed event to guests at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

The first party takes place on August 16, 2019 and the last party takes place on Halloween night, October 31. Tickets start at $79 for adults and $74 for kids but vary by night. The most popular party is Halloween night and it is also the most expensive at $135 for Halloween night for adults $130 for kids. Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club discounts are available for advance tickets.

62If you are interested in heading to Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party, which we highly recommend because it is an absolute blast and one of the best events of the year, we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. Even though in 2018, only 3 nights sold out. Opening night, October 30 and 31, you just never know with Disney crowds and always better safe than sorry.

The party officially begins at 8 pm and at that time those without wristbands will be politely escorted from the park. Castmembers form lines at the hub and entrances to each land checking wristbands and those without wristbands are not allowed past that point eventually forcing them to the front of the park. Furthermore, those without wristbands are not allowed on rides, in restaurants etc. once the party has begun.

59With your valid ticket to that night’s Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) guests can enter Magic Kingdom at 4 pm and it is at that time you will be given your wristband. Those with valid park admission for that day who are already in Magic Kingdom, can go to various wristband distribution locations throughout the park to receive their wristband for the party.

In previous years, those distribution locations have been at Monsters Inc, Tortuga Tavern and Philharmagic. Guests will be able to pick out the locations because those castmembers will already be in their brightly colored MNSSHP outfits that truly stand out.

56Here’s a tip though. Regardless of where you get your wristband, head to the front of the park and go through the entrance that is opened up for the party, just between The Confectionary and Tony’s Town Square. There will be awesome decorations including Halloween bronze statues and candy including where castmembers will hand out candy bags.

Here’s another tip! Go purchase something small in the Emporium and ask for a large bag or purchase one of the large reusable bags for your candy because the bags they hand out are small and at every trick or treat station, castmembers dole out massive handfuls of candy.

So what’s new at this year’s MNSSHP?

Photo by Disney

There is a brand new nighttime spectacular that will include amazing laser effects, projections on the castle a new story and of course fireworks. The New show is called Disney’s Not so Spooky Spectacular. Check out full report on this new show HERE!

In 2018, Disney did Halloween themed overlays for the party for Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and the Tea Cups and they have confirmed that “Several attractions across the park receive special enhancements just for the Halloween party!”

60There is a Halloween Dessert Party available at an extra cost for guests wishing to experience more treats and reserved seating for the new castle projection and fireworks show.

Several new parade floats including a new Tomorrowland float will join the Boo to You parade this year. Mickey, Minnie and pals will also be decked out in new costumes for the occasion.

Photo by Disney

Cruella’s Halloween Hide-a-way is a new extra ticketed event this year as well. This is in addition to your regular party ticket so be aware because the cost of these extra events that are a part of extra events can really add up quick and there is already enough to take part in at MNSSHP without adding on these extra costs.

If that is your jam though and you want to take part in these additional festivities, Cruella’s Halloween Hide-a-way is a dining event that includes reserved seating for the second showing of the parade. This event takes place at Tony’s Town Square. This includes an all-you-care-to-enjoy dining event that costs $99 per person for adults and children on top of also purchasing a ticket to the event itself.

We have not received official confirmation regarding the trick or treat trails for 2019 but this is what we expect to find at MNSSHP 2019. Stay tuned right here to For Love of the Mouse as that information becomes available.

64In 2018, there were 14 trick-or-treat trails which includes the Main Street bypass that we mentioned earlier that is located between The Confectionary and Tony’s Town Square. There were two trick-or-treat trails in Adventureland, three in Frontierland, one in Liberty Square (most likely to not return to this location as it was massively congested with a Photo Pass location across the way as well as Haunted Mansion).

This trail will likely be moved back to Riverboat Landing since that renovation has been completed and it will ease congestion in that crowded area. There are three in Fantasyland, one in Storybook Circus and three in Tomorrowland. These are likely not to be changed up too drastically this year and will remain in roughly the same locations.

Trick-or-treat trails will be identified on your party map and will be indicated by blow-up Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween pieces that light up. Also important to remember,  allergy friendly options are also available.

Photo by Disney

Onto the characters! Again, this guide is from 2018 but stay tuned right here as we learn specifics about 2019.

On Main Street at the Town Square Theater is Mickey in his costume.

For the Christmas party, Jack and Sally moved from gazebo in Liberty Square to Town Square Theater and Disney has Tinkerbell meet and greet closing early in Town Square Theater so we believe Jack and Sally will once again meet in this location. Because of its popularity, this meet and greet always starts early.

73Elvis Stitch in Tomorrowland which was very popular will likely return this year and will be one of the more popular meet and greet’s so if this is a priority for you, get in line early. Oftentimes, characters that are more popular will begin meeting earlier than indicated and before the party officially starts.

Lotso was in Tomorrowland by Spaceranger Spin where Buzz Lightyear typically meets.

The Seven Dwarfs meet at Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Storybook Circus, another popular meet and greet that typically has an extremely long line.

69Goofy meets by Barnstormer. Minnie meets by herself and Donald and Daisy meet together in Storybook Circus.

Winnie the Pooh characters meet in costumes where Winnie the Pooh typically meets over by the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Alice meets with the Mad Hatter by the teacups as well as the Queen of Hearts who meets with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum near the same location. 

68Prince Eric and Ariel meet by Ariel’s Grotto. Belle meets with Gaston by Bonjour Gifts.

The Stepsisters are typically seen wandering around by Friar Nook’s and the Carousel to meet with guests. Princess Fairy Tale Hall typically does not change from day to day character meet and greet opportunities. Moana switched up her meet and greet location to the Tiki Room last year and we expect her to remain there this year.

66Jack Sparrow meets by Pirate Tutorial Stage and we have heard a rumor that the Redhead will also be meeting this year in a spot somewhere near here as well. This has not been confirmed so stay tuned.

Jafar meets by Zanzibar Trading Company and Agrabah Bazaar rotates characters between Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine and Genie. Tarzan and Jane meet across from Sunshine Tree Terrace.

58In addition, the map will show where specialty treats can be purchased and we will do a full report on what those are as soon as that information becomes available.

Magic shot locations are also indicated on the party map and be sure to seek those out because these are exclusive to the party in many cases and are always a ton of fun.

That is our guide to MNSSHP based off of information that has been released and information from previous years. As we’ve mentioned, stay tuned for specific details as they are released for this year’s party.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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