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54Food and Wine festival is just around the corner and with everything going, booths spread out through much of Epcot and so many activities, how do you navigate Food and Wine Festival like a pro and live your best Food and Wine Festival life? Don’t worry Disney friends, For Love of the Mouse has you covered.


First Things First: 

42The food booths or kitchens as they are known, open daily at 11 am. Be sure to get your Food and Wine Festival passport at any of the merchandise booths and stores in order to see what is where and plan out where you want to go first.

Head towards your first booth so that you can be there when it opens and get that out of the way. Lines can get long and they can get long fast.

Be a Tourist: 

Avoid Food and Wine on the weekends if possible. That is when the locals go so those are the days that the festival is the busiest. If you can plan your Epcot day(s) during the week instead of Friday night, Saturday or Sunday, always the best idea.


photo by Disney

It is really easy to walk into Food and Wine like, I’m going to spend $50 and that’s it and the next thing you know, you are taking out a second mortgage on your house to pay off your Food and Wine fun. We have a solution, something that we do for every single festival. Buy a bracelet gift card, it slips right around your wrist and you can pre-load it with whatever amount you want to spend and that way you can track what you are spending at each booth and when it’s out you can either be done or you can choose to reload it but it makes it so much easier to track what you are spending.

This also works great for kids. If you want to get them a gift card for the trip, grab one and pre-load it with whatever they can spend and when it’s out, it’s out.

Get Out of Your Box: 

53There are food options from countries all over the world. Try something new. This is the perfect opportunity to check out a country you have never been to and try something you have never think of trying. Escargot in France, Frangipane Tart from The Alps, SPAM from Hawaii. You aren’t committing to a full entree sized portion or a $15 dish, for $5 or $6 dollars, you can try a wide variety of tastes from all over the world and who knows, you might find yourself a new favorite dish you would have never known about.

Buy the Merch: 

Photo by Disney

There is always fun and exclusive merchandise available for the festivals and Food and Wine Festival is certainly no exception but if you come across something you want, get it. I’m not saying to blow your budget on every pin, shirt and mug that speaks to you but if there is a specific item that you see and it is the item you can’t stop thinking about as you wander throughout the store or kiosk or World Showcase, get it because the next time you go back, in a few days or a few weeks, it might not be there anymore and there is a good chance they won’t re-stock it. This is especially true with mugs, pins and non apparel merchandise.

Track Your Travels: 

49We already mentioned the festival passport which is a must have for the festivals and is free and readily available at shops, kiosks and kitchens throughout the park. There are stickers in each booklet, one for each country and a place where you can mark what you get in each country. We always take a pen or pencil and mark off each item and for things we really love, we write notes or symbols so that we can remember.

Tracking your items will help you not only for next year but it’s a fun keepsake and fun to see all of the treats and drinks that you tried at the festival!

Those are some of our favorite and handy tips to ensure you have an amazing Food and Wine Festival. Happy eating!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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