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Growing up, Lady and the Tramp was one of, if not my favorite Disney movie. Anytime I was sick or down, I would always turn to this heartwarming classic.


Disney is recreating many of their timeless classics with live action remakes, Lady and the Tramp is among the films that will be recreated with live action characters and human voices.

Lady and the Tramp will make its debut on Disney+, Disney’s new streaming service, on November 12.

People magazine has a first look at the adorable furry stars of the live action remake of Lady and Tramp and the human voice overs that will accompany them. We have only two words for this. That’s Amore!

The star-studded cast of talented voices will bring these beloved characters to life and we are super excited for it.

Justin Theroux will voice Tramp. A true rags to riches story as rescue mutt Monte will portray Tramp! Monte, a rescue himself was saved from a kill-shelter in New Mexico by Halo Animal Rescue and was later adopted by dog trainer Mark Forbes.


Tessa Thompson will voice Lady. Gorgeous cocker spaniel Rose will play the high society Lady.


“Everybody knows, a dog’s best friend is a human.” Our absolute favorite cast selection is for everyone’s favorite (not biased at all) pup Trusty! The incredibly talented and unique voice of Sam Elliot will be joining the cast to voice this lovable hound.


Peg, the long-haired crooner will be voiced by Janelle Monae. If you will recall Peg and her soulful singing voice brought a pin-up vibe toe the song, “He’s a Tramp.” in the original film.


Adorable Scottie Jock will be voiced by Scotish-born actress Ashley Jensen.


Tramp’s Bulldog cohort will be voiced by Benedict Wong.


We are thrilled at all these castings and are even more excited to see these beloved pooches come to life by these talented pups and amazing voice actors.

“Aw Come on kid! Start building some memories!” Memory making begins on November 12 only on Disney+.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

(Source: People Magazine)



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