Disney and Non-Disney Favorites for June and July

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Boy oh boy do we have some goodies in this post. I am super excited about sharing some of these amazing favorites with you this from the last two months. I love summer. Summer is my jam. It is my favorite time of the year. I love the heat, I love the tan lines, I love the long days.

I have so many amazing favorites right now and I cannot wait to share them with you so that they can become your favorites too! Let’s get started.

Food and Drink: 73

Marshmallow syrup

One of my favorite things about summer is s’mores and of course s’mores coffee, s’mores cookies, s’mores ice cream, real s’mores. All the s’mores. But, it can get pretty expensive to hit up Starbucks everyday for a Venti cold brew with coconut milk and marshmallow syrup so I bought my own marshmallow syrup. For $10.99 on Amazon, I was able to purchase a 750 ml of marshmallow syrup that will last me a long time! Perfect!

Bartles and Jaymes Watermelon Cucumber Wine cooler

74Summer summer summertime! It doesn’t get much more summertime than cucumber and watermelon. I found these amazing little gems at our local liquor store and they are perfect for me. These are just delicious. Light, refreshing, and not a crazy high alcohol content which is perfect for me because I can’t handle those high alcohol beverages.

They come in cans, perfect for camping, a BBQ, pool, a Tuesday. Whatever you want.

Dry Lavender Soda Water

75If you follow along with us, you know I love me some bubbly water. Love it. Drink like five a day. These are more of a treat, they actually have 19 carbs in them so they can’t be a regular situation but once in a blue moon, you have to treat yourself. If you like a light lavender taste, you will love this. A tad sweet, a tad earthy, a little hint of lavender. Love it. It comes in a glass bottle so it’s a little fancier than a typical soda or soda water.



Makeup and Body: 

ColourPop Sweet Talk Palette

86I am on a total ColourPop kick right now. They are amazing products for the price, especially their eye products. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, the quality is stand out and the pigment is on point. I picked up the Sweet Talk palette because I loved the colors. I wanted to take it to Disney because it is a more reasonably priced palette and a neutral so it would go with everything. It also has a nice mix of shimmers, mattes, glitters, transitions and shades.

The palette is $18.00 and includes 12 shades. If you are looking for a great peachy, champagne palette with a couple of darker shades and some amazing glitters as well, this is the palette for you.


ColourPop Jelly Much Close to You

76To go with my Sweet Talk palette, I purchased the I Own You Jelly Much shadow. This is a shimmery, duo chrome, intensely pigmented jelly shadow. These are versatile and perfect for the lid or the inner corner or to just add a pop of shimmery pigment to complete your next perfect look.


SPF 30 face

87As many of you know, I’m all about that tan life. I spent the majority of my teens, 20’s and the first half of my 30’s baking in the hot sun with baby oil and maybe an SPF 4 or 8. Then I hit 35. Some friends and I went to Vegas for a weekend of fitness and sun and it was amazing. We do Vegas a little differently than most. We fitnessed every morning and for one full day, lounged by the pool, drinking Frose and that was about it. When I got home, I noticed that my chest was starting to get lined.

30 years of baking like a rotisserie chicken will do that to you. I have always been good about wearing SPF 30 to 50 on my face whenever I am in the sun though and now, even as I move away from that sun baked life, I am just as committed to protecting my skin, especially on my face.

I have several issues with facial sun screens. I don’t wear full coverage makeup so often times it feels greasy and adds yet another layer of product to my skin that I don’t want. Other issues is that, I run, Crossfit, garden and am very active, so when I sweat, the product streams off my face, where it is supposed to be protecting and into my eyes, where it stings.

Then we go to Florida and that’s a whole new beast because it’s just sweat all the time. So, I was on the hunt for a tinted facial sunscreen that would stay put and act as a primer and possibly even a facial product for Colorado but also and especially for that Florida humidity.

I am really loving this Go Bare Outside tinted sunscreen for the face. I used it on our last trip and have been using it before I run in the mornings and it works better than many others that I have tried and it has a tint. One of the things that I love the most about this particular product is that it has a powder finish which helps to mattify when used under other products so almost as a mattifying primer and it can be used alone for a light tint to the face.

If you are looking for a face sunscreen with a bit of tint, give this a try!

For The Home: 

77Magnet Screen Door

We have two large dogs who don’t know whether or not they want to be inside or outside. So, we spend a large amount of time opening and closing our screen door but when it is cooler outside and we aren’t trying to keep the heat or air conditioning in the house, this magnetic screen door is the best thing ever. We can open the door to our backyard and close the screen door to which I have attached a screen door that splits in the middle and is reattached with magnets. This keeps the bugs and critters out but allows our dogs and us to go in and out without having to heave the heavy door open each time.

Clothing and Accessories: 

Short Sleeved Floral Midi Dress

91I have now purchased this dress in several colors. I am a dress person. I prefer to wear dresses over jeans or pants, especially at work but with my current position, it is important that I dress more conservatively and due to the active and unpredictable nature of my position, dresses aren’t always practical or appropriate. These dresses however, are perfect. They are longer! They hit me just below my knee and they are a loose fit but still flattering. The neckline is that of a comfy t-shirt which is far more conservative than some other dress selections I have or have come across.

I love the fabric as well. It feels like I am wearing a comfy pajama dress to work. If you are looking for a comfy kick around dress, something to wear to a casual work environment that is cute and practical and unbelievably comfortable, these are for you. Bonus: These dresses are the exact same dress you can find at several popular online boutiques. Same fabric, same exact dress and those are running between $30 and $45.


79It’s swimsuit season! A stressful season for many because first of all, swimsuits are expensive, there are thousands to choose from but where should you look? I have seen advertisements for Cupshe but was super skeptical and thought that it was probably a scam site so I decided to do some research.

Turns out, it isn’t a scam! It’s a legit site with legit swimsuits that are well made and adorable and unique looking which is big for me. I don’t like wearing plain suits, I really like unique and fun patterns and styles and these are just that.

80I’m not a big one-piece swimsuit girl but I couldn’t pass these two up and I think they are perfect for the pool in Disney and also for our upcoming cruise! The suits have absolutely adorable patterns from florals, stripes, and cute cut-outs. The two that I purchased were the pink and blue floral one-piece that I got for $27.50 and the Midsummer Floral Halter one-piece for $29.99.

I received my suits very quickly. They shipped in two days and arrived in a little over a week from the time that I placed the order. Cupshe is also available on Rakuten (formerly Ebates) and you can earn cash back on your purchase!

Crochet Toms

85As I mentioned earlier, I work in an environment that requires a bit more of a conservative dress. Although my work is very casual. I prefer to and only do wear close-toes shoes to work but in the summer it’s hot and I’m a flip flops girl. So, I wear crochet toms. I love these things. I actually own 10 pairs of them in a variety of colors from a bright neon orange, denim blue, white, black, yellow and more.

I purchase almost all of my Toms on Poshmark because I can get them at a decent price and that means I can get more pairs! Toms are the most comfortable, cute shoes and the company, when you purchase from the Tom’s website (which I do that as well) gives back to several important issues impacting our communities and our world.

Popcorn Bucket Ears

89I fell in love with these Mickey Popcorn Bucket Ears when Neverland Mermaid Designs posted them on Instagram. I knew that I had to have them. These ears are available in four different colors of popcorn buckets that you can mix and match to your liking. Purple, yellow, blue and red. They also come with a popcorn bow and little kernals of “popcorn” all over the ears. They are absolutely amazing. I am so in love with them.


90The Mountains

As a native Coloradoan, it is easy to take for granted the beauty and awe of The Rocky Mountains. We look west any time and there they are but this summer they have been gorgeous. It took us a long time to get into summer here in Colorado but our sunsets have been stunning, our days have been beautiful and I just love summer in Colorado. It is, by far, my favorite season.

If you have never journeyed to Colorado to experience the beauty and fun that is our mountains, do so.


81I have traveled a lot in my life. For several years, I traveled a lot for work and so I have seen a lot of airports and a lot of airport lines. We recently decided that we were going to try out TSA Clear. This decision was encouraged by the fact that when we got to Denver International Airport at 4 am the lines wound all throughout the security level to get through.

You can sign up for Clear at the airport. It takes just a few minutes. Be sure to have your state identification. You will need to submit your fingerprints and they will take your picture. It took us maybe five minutes to both get signed up and bam! We were on our way.

Clear is different from TSA pre-check. We still had to go through the security line where your person and your baggage is checked with the rest of the crowd but we skip the security check line where they verify your flight information with your identification.

There is a monthly charge for this service but if you travel more than two or three times a year, especially during peak travel times and especially through Orlando International Airport, which is a security mess, well worth it!

The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner

82My first Lisa Gardner book. I stumbled across this book by accident. Bryson and I had gone up to the mountains for a weekend fishing trip with his side of the family and I forgot to stop by the library for a new book. I’m a big fan of library books. First of all, I read incredibly fast and I love to read so it’s an expensive hobby to keep without the help of a library. Also, I love the physical act of turning the page of the book as opposed to a reading tablet. Bryson’s cousin’s fiancee had this book up at the cabin and she had just finished it and let me read it.

It was, one of the best, and twisting books I have read in a long time. I am so excited to continue with other books from Gardner. The book was full of story and twisty plot lines and you really had to pay attention. It was fantastic. Highly recommend!

Neck fans

84If you follow us on Instagram, which you should, because we are fun, you know that on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World we tried out these new neck fans. We purchased them on Amazon, one for each of us and they are amazing. I was worried that in the hot, humid, Orlando air, it would just be blowing said air on our faces, making us hotter but I was wrong.

These fans made the Orlando summer bearable and people took notice. We had dozens of people asking us what we thought and where we bought them and we can’t recommend these highly enough. They cool your face, create a nice cool breeze and if you charge them each night after you return to your resort, they will last you a good, long day in the parks.

Backpack Ear Holder 

83I purchased a backpack ear holder on Etsy because I take my ears off for rides and shows and when it rains if I have a poncho on and I don’t like stuffing my ears into my backpack because some of my ears have intricate designs and elements and I don’t want them to get smooshed or broken or injured. The ear holder that I purchased is perfect for “normal” ears.

As many of you know, I love big bows and ears with additional elements and some of the elements are on the bows. For those, ears, I need to order a special larger ear holder. This is such a great idea though and there are such cute designs. I simply clipped it to my backpack and we went about our day. Highly recommend.

Those are some of my favorite products right now. I hope you enjoyed hearing about them and got some ideas for items that you can add to your favorites list as well! If there are some fun, useful or just plain awesome products you are loving that you think I should try, send us a message on any of our platforms and I will definitely check it out!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.






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