Pros And Cons to a Split Stay at Disney Resorts

Have you ever booked a split stay at a Walt Disney World resort? We have, and we are going to talk all about why we would book that and the pros and cons to doing so. Let’s get started.

98As Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members, we have first opportunities to book at our home resort 11 months out from the day we want to check in. A home resort is the resort at which you “own” your property. All other DVC resorts open to DVC members seven months out from the day you check in.

For trips we know we are going to take like our Christmas trip, our May trip and our food and wine trip, we typically book those eleven months out and then will either switch resorts to use less points or for the resort we would prefer to stay at, seven months out if there is availability.

102For our Christmas trip this year, we assumed that rooms would be a little tougher to come by,  because, eleven months out, we did not know when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge would be opening at Hollywood Studios. The same happens for race weekends and other major events throughout the year but if you are DVC and you want to use points and get your preferred room, you have to plan in advance.

So, eleven months out, we went to book our DVC room. Bryson was online in the queue right when reservation availability opened and the only thing that we were able to get was a one bedroom at Wilderness Lodge. Wilderness Lodge is our home resort and we love it but we don’t need a one bedroom. A studio works fine for us and is our preference. The one bedroom was what we booked.

100Now, seven months out, we were able to switch up for a room at a different resort and we did end up taking that instead. There was also the opportunity to split out stay but my preference is to stay at one resort for the entire trip.

When we went to Disney World for Princess Half Marathon weekend we were not able to book our entire stay using DVC points because there was no availability so we did our first split stay.

We booked Port Orleans French Quarter paying out of pocket and then we were able to book Wilderness Lodge for two nights using DVC points.

We then booked another split stay in May where we split our time between Animal Kingdom Lodge and Saratoga Springs.

So, we have now done two split stays. Here are the takeaways.

Not the Ultimate in Relaxation: 

104For someone who has to plan and be prepared for things, split stays are stressful. If travel gives you any anxiety or if you just want to unpack and relax and not have to repack mid-stay or if it stresses you out to live out of your suitcase, a split stay might be stressful for you.

If you are doing a split stay and that is two weeks at one resort and two weeks at another or one week and one week or a longer stint at each resort, I don’t believe this will be the issue. If we were doing a longer stay like that, I don’t think I would have any issues with a split stay.

99Some people love to travel in this way, going from place to place and this might be the preferred way to travel for these people and if that is you, a split stay might

Trying New Things: 

There are twenty six resorts on Walt Disney World property and even more coming! A split stay gives you the chance to experience more of the resorts and possibly enhance your Disney experience by immersing yourself in the incredibly theming of Disney Imagineers.

Staying at multiple resorts allows you to experience the magic of different resorts during the same stay at Walt Disney World and  Disney will transport your luggage from resort to resort for you!

DVC Points: 

103Disney Vacation Club is a popular timeshare opportunity for people like us and thousands of others who choose to join and vacation regularly at Walt Disney World and other Disney properties. You can watch all of our videos on all things DVC on our vlog series HERE!

Because DVC rooms typically have to be reserved well in advance there have already been several occasions where it has been necessary for us to do a split stay for a trip we have planned simply because of DVC availability.

For the most part, we travel just the two of us and because of that it doesn’t make sense for us to get anything other than a studio. We don’t spend a lot of time in our room and it isn’t a priority for us to have a fancy room with a full kitchen and all of those other amenities that a lot of DVC rooms offerings come with. We would rather get a studio and then save the points for another trip.

105Although it was amazing that we were able to use points for part of our stay during a really busy time, we basically lived out of our suitcases for the entire trip because with transferring resorts, unpacking was never something that we felt we had the time or need to do especially for our first split stay which was for only two nights at each resort.

I also found it really difficult to relax. I knew that we had to get out of our resort before noon and then it wasn’t until well after 4 pm that our room at Wilderness Lodge was ready and I just found it really stressful and difficult to unwind.

It didn’t help that this was during the Princess Half Marathon and I ran the half marathon and the day of the marathon was the day that we were transferring resorts.



Better For a Longer Stay 

106If you are planning a 10 day or longer stay and a split stay is something that you are considering, I strongly believe that this is a much better option than for a shorter stay. If you are doing a split stay with a minimum of five nights at one resort before you transfer, it allows you to still relax, unpack, put your feet up and enjoy your resort before you have to pack up everything and move.

Disney is not the ultimate in relaxation for most people. They are long days, lots of crowds and regardless of where you stay or what you use your room for, whether it’s a bed and a shower or a sanctuary, you need your room to provide some sort of relaxation. This is possible with a longer split stay trip but not a shorter trip.

If you are planning a split stay that’s awesome because that means you are going to Disney but we hope that this helped you with what to expect and helped in your planning!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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