What You Need to Know Before Your Disney Cruise Part 2

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85Planning a Disney Cruise or thinking about booking a Disney Cruise. We are going to cover all of the things you need to know before you embark on a magical at sea vacation.

This is a two part blog so be sure to check out part 1 HERE and I will also link it at the end of this post.

Download the Navigator App

63You will want to do this as soon as possible. The Navigator App is a great way to countdown to your cruise and then once you board the ship and connect to the wifi, you don’t have to buy a wifi package for this, you can download the free 50 MB package which will be enough for you to download the app. This will allow you to see all of the on board activities for the cruise, you can “like” the ones you want to remember and you can even get a reminder of those “liked” items through the app fifteen minutes prior to the start of the event.

79Important to note that if you have cruised previously and remembered getting the paper navigator, this will no longer be provided by your stateroom host or hostess the night before. You can still get the paper navigator at guest relations or request that your state room host brings you a navigator when they do turn down service but the app is where it’s at and is the best (in our opinion) and easiest way to plan your day and stay on top of all cruise activities and events.

Don’t Chance a Day of Flight

We have heard a number of horror stories about people who fly in the day of cruise embarkation and (gasp) miss the ship. This is the reality of embarkation day. There are thousands of people getting onto this ship with you, when it’s time to sail, whether your flight got delayed, your car broke down, your kid ate their passport, whatever the sob story is, that ship is leaving with or without you.

75We live in Colorado and in the winter, we get ice, we get snow, we get blizzards, we get wind and flights get delayed and canceled by the hundreds. Another important thing to remember, just because it is sunny and 75 where you are, if there is weather or mechanical difficulties elsewhere in the country, that can delay your plane.

We always, always, always recommend flying in the night before and not chancing fickle airlines the day of. Don’t leave your dream vacation to chance.

Unpack Your Suitcases, Settle In

87.jpgStaterooms are typically much smaller than the typical hotel room. Leaving suitcases around will make it feel even tighter and make it more difficult to relax in your stateroom. There are plenty of storage spaces in the room though and virtually every space is utilized for something, making it easy for you to unpack your stuff, settle in and make a relaxing space for your cruise.

The bed is also usually raised in the room which allows the perfect place to store your suitcases once you unpack.

Bring a USB Tower to Charge All Your Things

81There are not a lot of outlets in typical staterooms. Cruises are very particular about what you can and cannot bring for safety reasons to plug all your electrical items into to charge or use. You can bring a USB tower which is what we do.

This is the exact one that we have to charge all of our things. Phones, camera batteries, everything. These are a great item to make sure that everyone can be charged up for the duration of the trip.

Take a Tour

86There is a stipulation to this tip. We don’t necessarily recommend this for a three night cruise. The cruise is too short anyway and there isn’t really a need to know the lay of the land on the ship because you aren’t really on it long enough to fully relax and enjoy it anyway. We aren’t a fan of three night cruises, if you can’t tell.

78If you are on any cruise longer than the three night take a short walking tour of the ship to get oriented and acquainted with the ship and the details of the ship. This will help yu to relax and enjoy the ship more and to also know more about what is offered, where it is offered, how to navigate this city on the sea and more. Truly a great opportunity to learn about the ship you will call home for the duration of your cruise and learn more about all of the fun offered while you are on board. 71





Bring a Water Bottle

If you follow along with our blogs you know that we are big on hydration. Whether you are in the parks, at the resort or on a cruise, hydration is key. We always have a water bottle with us and refill it throughout the day. It is really easy to get caught up in the activities and the food and to not drink enough water.

83Order What You Want

We go in depth on this in our blog post, Dining on the Disney Dream but you can order whatever you want on the ship. Want three appetizers? Go for it? Nothing but dessert? You are on vacation! Want an entree from the previous night? If it is on the menu for that night they will bring it to you even if it is from a different restaurant.

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