What You Need to Know Before Your Disney Cruise Part 1

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Planning a Disney Cruise or thinking about booking a Disney Cruise. We are going to cover all of the things you need to know before you embark on a magical at sea vacation.

This is a two part blog so get excited for all the information that is coming your way!

Sea Sickness

72If you or anyone in your party experiences motion sickness or sea sickness we recommend starting Dramamine twenty four to forty eight hours in advance. There are other options for motion sickness as well including sea bands which you wear on your wrist and ginger chews or candies you can get as well. If you are heading out on your first cruise, at least take the Dramamine with you and maybe consider the ginger candies as well just in case.

Paying the Bill

76When you board the ship, any merchandise that you buy or drinks that you purchase or additional food that is purchased is charged to your stateroom where you have a card on file. There are no cash or credit card transactions in the shops or restaurants. That being said, if you have gift cards that you want to use,  be sure to head over to guest services to use those before you spend $300. Every time you spend $300, the card that you have on file will automatically be charged and trust me, that $300 goes fast.

Embarkation Chaos

80Prior to our first cruise, we had no idea how chaotic embarkation day was. From the time you get on the ship until an hour or two after the sail a wave party, it is loud and crowded and confusing and… chaos. We are not telling you this to scare you off a cruise because once the chaos ends, it is relaxing and amazing but prior to our cruise, not one cruise vlog we watched or blog that we read talked about how crazy embarkation was. We did an entire blog highlighting tips for embarkation day so be sure to check that out to learn more about embarkation and how to make that run smooth for your crew.

Book Your Excursions Ahead of Time And Through Disney

84This is your trip and you should absolutely do what you want to do. But, we have heard some horror stories about folks who have booked their excursions third party. Disney is always the safest bet when you are traveling and comes with the most guarantees. Excursions are of course always subject to availability and cancellation due to weather and other issues but when you book through Disney you know you will be with other people from your ship and that they will get you back before the ship leaves and it gives you that little extra nod of security and reassurance that many people look for, especially those who don’t travel abroad frequently.

Pack a Carry-on For Embarkation Day

70Depending on when you board the ship, it could be several hours before you are allowed into your state room and several more before you actually receive your luggage to your state room. Your vacation has begun! Pack a bathing suit, a light jacket and a change of clothes or whatever you may want for the first few hours of your vacation so that you can get into ultimate relaxation mode.

Buy The Photo Package


The photo packages are expensive but you get a lot of bang and excellent memories for your buck. If you book the photo package prior to your cruise you get 15% off of the packages. Prices vary for packages depending on the length of your cruise and obviously the type of package that you choose.

There are photographers all over the ship all day long. Castaway Cay, if your voyage takes you there, also has photographers.

Be sure to be on the lookout for part two of this blog that will be coming at you soon!

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