Natural Glam Makeup Look Part 1

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22To those who have joined us before welcome back and if you are new here welcome!

We are going to do a full-face glam look without caking the product on. Yes, it’s true. You can go glam without full coverage makeup and today, I am going to show you how.

Part one of this post will help you create an amazing glam look for the face and part two will complete the look with eyes.

If you’ve joined us before, you know that I don’t wear full coverage makeup and especially for summertime, I love an easy look for everyday and I certainly don’t own a separate makeup case for glam because we don’t go glam often. We had a weddding though and for that, gotta go glam. So, let’s go glam without going full coverage and with using budget friendly palettes that will have you slaying all night long.

Here is what I used:

UCanBe Aromas New Nude Palette –

Maybelline Soda Pop Palette –

NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Wand –

Anastasia of Beverly Hill Blush Trio in Peachy Love –

NYX Jumbo White Eye Pencil –

Maybelline New York The Falsies Push Up Mascara –

Wet n Wild MegaSlim Skinny Tip Eyeliner in Black –

TooFaced Peach Perfect Dynamic Trio –

TooFaced Peach Perfect Setting Powder –

L’Oreal Lumi Glotion –

Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil –

Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer –

NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake –

Eyeshadow Stencil Pads (or you can be super fancy and use scotch tape)

Alright lovelies, let’s get glam.

23I want to preface this by saying there are two ways to complete this and every look. Face first or eyes first. I actually did my eyes first then completed my face but for this tutorial we are going to do face first and finish with the eyes.

27First things first, we are going to prime our skin with our TooFaced Primed and Peachy primer. This is a great mattifying primer so it works well in a variety of climates and for a variety of skin types. It isn’t super drying either so if you have dry skin and don’t typically gravitate toward a mattifying primer, this could still be a great option for you because it doesn’t dry out the skin which is common with primers that are more matte.

Next, go in with your concealer, I used the NYX Professional concealer wand, and dab it under the inner corners of my eyes and lighten the coverage as I move towards the outer corners of my under eye area. Then move it into your t zone. Blend it with your sponge. When blending, the best way to blend without caking and with even, smooth results is to dab your sponge onto the product until the product blends on your skin. Smearing or rubbing will remove more product than blend to the skin.

25Let’s talk for a minute about why I decrease my concealer coverage as I move towards the outer corners of my eyes. I am not 22. I have fine lines around the outside of my eyes and when I do my concealer like a YouTuber who is younger than me, it makes the product stand out and the area becomes cakey and the lines become more prominent. If you are 22 or don’t have to worry about fine lines, first of all, go you, take advantage of that and you can use that concealer in the more traditional way that many popular YouTube stars and makeup tutorial peeps do.

Take a bit of your Lumi Glotion and blend it onto your face. This will give you a nice dewy glow and a more natural look. You don’t need a lot of product with this. Start with a small amount on each cheek and dab a bit onto your forehead. Blend well.

21Take a large super fluffy brush and get a small amount of TooFaced Peach Perfect Setting Powder on your brush. Lightly dust this product over the face. You want a light dusting to give you a finished look over your dewy glow. You don’t want to cake this on or pack it on, it will settle into your lines and age you as well as making your face look like you have a lot of makeup on.

Take your TooFaced Peach Perfect Bronzer and apply it on the line of your cheek bone, the sides of your nose and your jaw line. This will provide a light contour and nice bronze highlight to the face and provide you with harder lines in those areas that will thin the face and provide you with a bit of contour while still looking natural. 26

Dust your blush along the apple of your cheeks. I love the Anastasia Blush Trio because there are three colors to choose from which is perfect for travel and also day to day because you can dust your brush over all three or choose just one.

The last thing that we are going to do is take your TooFaced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Spray and shake it well before you apply then spritz it over the face a few times to set the look.

28Now, we are going to get a little crazy! We are going to take our scotch tape and we are going to tape it at an angle on the outer corners of your eye. This helps prevent fallout from your eye look and also helps you to create crisp lines for the eye look creating more of a glam finished look.

BUT! You are going to have to stay tuned for part two of this post for the completed look. Trust me, you want to come back because we are taking an amazing dupe palette for a high end popular shadow palette and also a drugstore palette and we are going to create an amazing eye look for your next night out.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.
















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