Roaring Into Disney Springs is a New Lion King Inspired Cake

With the live action Lion King hitting theaters on July 19, Disney is bringing the merchandise and the treats to Disney Parks.

85Be sure to check out our blog post highlighting all of the Lion King inspired treats that landed in Animal Kingdom not long ago and are still available as guests anxiously await the new film to hit theaters.

Well, Disney Springs is getting in on the savanna action as well. Amorette’s Patisserie, known for their amazingly beautiful and delicious Disney inspired cakes has introduced a brilliantly themed mini cake themed after The Lion King.

lion king
Photo by Disney Food Blog

The Lion King petit cake is $16.00 and is a bright sunshine yellow fondant covering layers of vanilla and chocolate chiffon cakes. In between the cake layers is an amarula mousse (a South African cream liquor), pineapple jam and get this… chocolate covered potato chips. The cake is dirty iced (the buttercream layer before fondant) with buttercream.

A large burgundy flower is set on the side of the cake in fondant and Simba’s face is then placed on top of the flower and that is also fondant. Black buttercream paw prints are scattered around the cake and on the back there is even a fondant tail!

To finish off the details are buttercream grass clumps and a cute little lady bug.

If you are over in Disney Springs be sure to stop by Amorette’s for this adorable and delicious, limited time Lion King cake. If you would like a full review of the cake, head over to Disney Food Blog for a detailed review of this cute cake.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget that it all started with a mouse.

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