Exciting New Star Wars Hotel Updates

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34The Star Wars Hotel has seen quite a bit of progress in the recent month and a half with the resort now going vertical. The design of this hotel is very different from most other resorts.

According to permits and recent construction images, the rooms are housed in a long and low section of the hotel whereas the majority of the space is used for the immersive events, entertainment and opportunities to engage with characters and castmembers from the Star Wars universe.

This Immersive hotel experience is a one-of-a-kind experience that will completely engulf the guests.

The Star Wars Hotel will be located adjacent to Hollywood Studios just south but not directly connected and even by the permits and construction we have seen thus far, the hotel is more like a cruise ship than a typical Disney hotel.

140Cabin windows will likely use a similar technology to what is used in some staterooms on board the Disney Cruise Lines for the magic portholes that simulate an outside view even though guests are in an enclosed, inside state room.

When guests enter the resort property, they are likely to go through a two stage check in process. The first being more akin to a traditional hotel check in experience with a few cruise line traits. There is going to be security with a luggage x-ray and security at this stage of the check-in. 141

After that, guests will board an internal transport up to hotel then will be checked into the immersive beginning of the stay. Guests will then mingle with cast members that are fully in character just like in Galaxy’s Edge using specific language and terms, just like in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

145There will be multiple experiences and shows within the hotel. The plans show a dojo that could house something similar to a Jedi training experience. The rumored dinner show that was originally planned for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is rumored to be placed in the Star Wars Hotel.

The resort will be incredibly small. The smallest of all resorts on property. According to permits filed to date, the size of the hotel is only going to be around 100 rooms. The resort will only be at least three stories tall.

142From the concept art and blueprints, guests will travel to Batuu trough a seamless experience. Travelers will board the transport vehicle and be taken to Galaxy’s Edge through what is likely to be a similar experience to traveling between the two Harry Potter lands at Universal onboard the Hogwarts express where it seems as though you are actually taking the train and seeing the landscape and features that Harry and his friends would have seen onboard.

144There are no prices set yet but expect these to be among the highest prices of any Walt Disney World resort especially due to the expected demand and limited room availability. Not to mention the technology and unique immersive experience that will be unlike any other.

No opening date has been revealed either but insiders believe that Disney is shooting for an opening date in time for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021.

We expect to learn even more about this one-of-a-kind hotel experience at the D23 expo in Anaheim in August. So, stay tuned right here to For Love of the Mouse as more details and insights become available.

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