5 Day Raw Generation Protein Cleanse In Depth Review

Welcome! Today, we are going to cover exactly what happened during and after my 5 Day Raw Generation Protein Cleanse.

91This post is in no way sponsored, I purchased the cleanse myself from Amazon. You can also purchase the cleanse directly from their website for the same price and at the time of publishing this article, shipping was free on the website as well as on Amazon Prime of course.

I wanted to do a cleanse because I have not been feeling great. Since December, I have steadily gained weight although I have not changed my fitness routine or diet and for both my mind and body, I wanted to do a cleanse to do a full reset.

89I researched several cleanses and the Raw Generation cleanse had the best reviews. This is not my first cleanse. I typically do a three day juice cleanse with self-pressed juices twice a year and I have done a three day pressed juice cleanse several years back from a different company but I have never done this cleanse and I haven’t done a “professional” cleanse from an actual juice company for about six years.

There are two types of cleanses to choose from. There is the Skinny Cleanse and the Protein Cleanse. Each type of cleanse comes in three, five or seven days. Each cleanse comes with six juices per day.

87No matter which cleanse you choose, you get six juices per day. You drink the same six juices each day.

I chose the five day protein cleanse.

I ordered the cleanse on a Friday and I received it on the following Wednesday. Even though I purchased through Amazon Prime. It did tell me, prior to check out that I would receive it before the end of the day Wednesday.

83It arrived around 11 am on Friday but I did not get home from work and the gym until around 6 pm. It was on my front porch in a very heavy duty cardboard box that prominently stated Raw Generation. That’ll teach those pesky porch pirates not to come to our house, they’ll think it is some vegan delivery service! Little did they know, it would be a vegan $149.99 protein cleanse!

Once I brought it in and got it opened, the juices were still frozen. Even after sitting on our porch for about seven hours.

I put two days worth of juices into the fridge to thaw and three days worth into the freezer. Each night when I drank my last juice, I would take the juices for the next day and put them in the fridge.


The three day protein cleanse is available for: $99.00.

The five day protein cleanse is available for $149.99.

The seven day protein cleanse is available for $199.99

No matter which day you choose, you get six juices per day and you get the same juices for each day.

The juices can be consumed in whichever order you choose. You get three protein packed nut “milks” or juices and three fruit and vegetable based juices. I alternated between the smoothies and the juices. Next time that I do the cleanse I will start the day with a smoothie and end with a juice each day so that I am not ending on a high fat choice.

The juices are as follows and this includes every ingredient in each juice:

84SWEET GREENS: apple juice, spinach juice, kale juice, collard juice, filtered water, lemon juice.

80CITRUS CARROT: carrot juice, orange juice,  filtered water, ginger juice, lemon juice.








88SWEET ROOTS: carrot juice, apple juice, beet juice, filtered water, lemon juice.


CASHEW SMOOTHIE: cashew milk (filtered water, cashews), dates, vanilla extract, Himalayan sea salt, cinnamon.82









85PEANUT SMOOTHIE: peanut milk (filtered water, peanuts), dates, coconut cream, banana, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, Himalayan sea salt.

81CACAO SMOOTHIE: hemp milk (filtered water, hemp seeds), dates, raw cacao, coconut cream, vanilla extract, Himalayan sea salt.







79I started this cleanse on a Thursday. Each morning I would wake up and drink two large glasses of water and I would drink a black coffee. It is very specific to state that if you consume caffeine such as coffee or tea prior to starting the cleanse, you should continue to consume coffee while on the cleanse. Not doing so can result in caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Do not put any creamer, sugar, honey, milk or additions into your coffee or tea. Only consume it straight, unsweetened or black.

Day 1 started off great. I was definitely hungry but that is to be expected on day one and two because you are used to chewing and sweets and salt. The juices were plenty filling. This cleanse was different than any other cleanse I had done previously because the smoothie selections each had between 19 and 22 grams of fat and 8 and 16 grams of protein.

I also made sure to drink tons and tons of water. I keep a 50 ounce water bottle with me whenever I am not at home for the most part but especially when I am at work. I filled that at least twice each day and then made sure to drink several more glasses after I worked out.

77Day 2 was the worst day in terms of cravings and hunger. I felt constantly hungry but stuck to my juices and was able to push through. One thing I noticed throughout this entire cleanse was that the usual things I crave, sweets, desserts, etc. I had no craving for at all. I didn’t want anything sweet, everything I was craving was savory or protein.

I worked out on day 2 as well. Both day 1 and day 2, I was able to run in the morning and do Crossfit in the afternoon.


90Day 3 came around and it was at this point that I realized that I could do this. The biggest challenge with day 3 was that I had no energy. I was incredibly tired. It was a Saturday and I had a work event but once that was done, I was tired. I just wanted to lounge all day. However, it was gloomy and rainy and cold for a summer day and that also could have had something to do with that because my mood and energy are severely affected by the weather.

Day 4 was rough. I knew that I could do it. I knew that I would do it. I was feeling great mentally. I was tired physically but mentally I was great. The hardest aspect of day 4 was that it was meal prep day. I prep all of our meals on one day during the week which means on a day I was only drinking juice, I spent hours in the kitchen cooking delicious food for the entire week.

I did not work out on Days 3 or 4.

92Day 5 I was pumped. I knew that it would not be a problem going into this day because I had 4 days behind me and that this last day would be a success. I took the dogs for a walk/run that morning. We walked about three miles and ran about 1 mile. I remember walking that morning and thinking, I could do the seven day cleanse, that wouldn’t be that bad.

That’s the truth too. I was never starving. Days 1 and 2, I definitely had cravings but they weren’t terrible. The worst part about it and I expected it was that I didn’t have the energy to Crossfit for the last three days and I was incredibly tired but it was hands down the best cleanse experience that I have had.

94.jpgPost cleanse I felt full, I felt slimmer. I lost 6 pounds. Best of all I was in such a better place mentally. I felt so amazing mentally coming off this cleanse. I also still have not gotten my sweet cravings back and my hunger has subsided substantially which is huge for me because I am always hungry.

I would absolutely recommend this cleanse and I will be doing it again. I think that going into a trip we have later in the year I will do the three day cleanse again to get into a good head space in terms of my body.


If you are looking for a cleanse that is different from any cleanse you have ever done and one that will leave you feeling great at the end as long as you follow it to the letter, give this cleanse a shot. If you don’t think you will be able to do it for the full five days and give it 100%, go for the 3 day and try that out. Set yourself up for success so that you come out of the cleanse in a great place mentally.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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