Virtual Queue Success at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland

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Disney has implemented a virtual queue system that started on June 24 for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to help ensure guests have a magical experience. The virtual queue will be referred to as “Boarding Groups”. This system may not be implemented every day but to find out if it will be utilized on the day of your visit, download the Disneyland app prior to getting to the park and check the app status or signage around the park to find out if the boarding group system will be used that day.

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You can read all about how the virtual queue system works, how to sign up for it and more HERE!

There is no end to the virtual queue system at Galaxy’s edge at this time. The virtual queue will exist as long as the demand for it is there. It is important to note that the reservation system to enter the land has been removed but reservations still exist to take part in several experiences within the land, Savi’s Workshop and Oga’s Cantina.

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Opening day (June 24) wait times averaged anything from 40-60 minutes to ride the single attraction open at this time, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. That is unprecedented for an opening day attraction at a theme park such as Disney.

In the three days since the virtual queue has been operational in Galaxy’s Edge, wait times in the virtual queue have averaged under an hour and a half. The beauty of the virtual queue system is that your party can enjoy all of the other aspects of Disneyland prior to entering the land once you enter the virtual queue.

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You can track your progress in the “queue line” through the app or on the various digital boards posted around Disneyland Park. If you are in line for another attraction or sitting down for a meal and your boarding group gets called, your group doesn’t have to rush to Galaxy’s Edge, Once your boarding group is called, you have two hours to enter the land.

When Batuu first opened on June 24, guests quickly flocked to the popular attractions prompting Disney to implement the virtual queue and get the boarding groups for Batuu up and running. Even on opening day, the virtual queue ended by late afternoon and guests were able to enter Galaxy’s Edge without signing up for the virtual queue.

94We still have no word on Disney’s plan for the Galaxy’s Edge opening at Walt Disney World on August 29. With thousands more heading to a land that is the exact replica of the one in Disneyland later this year, we wait with bated breath to hear how Disney plans on managing crowds in the Hollywood Studios version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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Without any kind of reservation system or virtual queue being implemented in Disney World, opening day and beyond could prove chaotic and less than magical considering Disney World includes includes more than 36,000 rooms on Disney property alone, compared to Disneyland’s mere 2,490.

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Disney World has announced that select Annual Passholders will receive a preview to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge prior to the land’s opening on August 29 but that is unlikely to curb crowds with thousands upon thousands heading to Orlando for the opening of Batuu.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the success of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland and the anticipation of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge DisneyWorld.

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