The Most Underrated Attraction Coming to Disney: Mickey’s Runaway Railway

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There sure has been a lot of talk regarding Disney’s Hollywood Studios lately. Something about a new land opening or something like that? Maybe you’ve heard about it. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

But, there is something else coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well and it truly is an epic and unique experience. Mickey Mouse is starring in his first ever ride! That’s right, Mickey Mouse and pals have never starred in a ride together before and until now, the main Mouse himself has never starred in his own ride.

Rendering by Disney

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is an exciting adventure with Mickey and his best pals and according to Disney Parks Blog, “With an original story and lovable theme song, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway uses state-of-the-art technologies and dazzling visual effects to transform the cartoon world into an incredible and immersive multi-dimensional experience.”

So, why isn’t this getting more attention? It has a little something, well actually it all has to do with a little Galaxy far far away.

In fact, Disney has pushed back the opening of the attraction from fall 2019 (when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening) to Spring 2020 in order to give the attraction it’s proper pomp and circumstance and red carpet treatment.

Rendering by Disney

The addition of this ride has been far overshadowed by the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and it is absolutely the most underrated attraction coming to Walt Disney World.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway was inspired by a Disney short entitled ‘A Flower For Minnie,’ but will feature “a brand-new story.” In addition, there will be a pre-show to the attraction called ‘Perfect Picnic,’ an all-new short starring everyone’s favorite Mouse.

18When you are putting the mascot of Disney into a attraction, you have to go big right? Well, Disney is also going to be giving this attraction a lot of historical due. For example the pipes used to make the whistling sounds from the locomotive are actually the same instruments that made the whistling noises in the classic in which Mickey Mouse made his debut to the world, “Steamboat Willie. from 1928.

A 65-piece orchestra provided music for the attraction. And the attraction is going to receive a new and original theme song. Back in the day, Disney attractions received original songs, catchy tunes that got into your head and had you humming along for hours afterward.

19Recent rides include themed music but it’s themed to the film(s) the attraction or land is designed after. This will take us back (even though we were not there when they debuted) to attractions like Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean and we couldn’t be more excited.

Other cool and historical details involve the sound effects being used all throughout the attraction. According to Kevin Rafferty, who is leading the Imagineering on the project and is an icon among Disney Imagineers, “We’re creating an entire soundscape, old-school out of inventions and contraptions.” Just like they used to do!

17In terms of animation, Disney has stated, “Every square inch of the attraction experience is in the art-directed style of the cartoon shorts.” Creating a never before animated experience.

As you can see, the attraction is one-of-a-kind and is going to create a magical experience completely unique to Disney and theme parks. With all of this amazing detail, history and animation innovation, we can’t wait to experience this incredible new attraction coming to Walt Disney World in Spring 2020.

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