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13We have been getting some great questions from our family here on the blog, over on YouTube and on Instagram and Facebook. So, we decided to split the questions into two categories and doing a couple of Q&A’s to answer your questions.

This post will answer your Disney questions! We get a ton of Disney questions about how we plan, when we plan, our faves, etc. So, I am picking out several of them and we are going to get them answered for you today!

Let’s get started!

How do you travel to Disney so much? 

59Bryson has worked at the same company for a number of years and has worked his way up the vacation allotment food chain. I have worked in the non-profit sector for a number of years and typically in non-profit, you get a large number of vacation days because it is an exchange for a smaller than market average salary that comes with the non-profit sector. We also carefully plan our trips so that we travel on weekends and often take long weekend trips to Walt Disney World.

If you have been following our past few trips you know we took the midnight flight out of Denver on Friday night and then returned either late Monday night or early Tuesday Morning.

Also, we believe in living our best Disney life. It is our happy place and we want to be there as much as possible.

What is your favorite restaurant in Disney? 

75We each have a different answer for this. Bryson LOVES California Grill, that is his answer hands down, but he also LOVES ‘Ohana, especially for breakfast; in fact, he would choose breakfast at ‘Ohana over dinner.


I would say Sanaa because I could live on the bread service; I would not need anything else in my life. If I was stranded on a dessert island, I would want to have the Sanaa bread service as one of my choices of things to have on hand. My other favorite would either be Tiffins, I love Tiffins. The food, the theme, the flavors, it’s just amazing. I did love California Grill though, it is amazing; get the Farmer’s Pizza, you won’t regret it.

There are so many places that we have not tried yet though. One thing we are trying to do, is to try somewhere new on each trip. We have our tried and true favorites but we love trying new places and finding new favorites on each trip!

77What is your favorite Disney resort? 

Bryson and I will answer this question differently. My favorite Disney resort is Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Grand Floridian. I also have a soft spot for Port Orleans French Quarter, a moderate resort at Walt Disney World. There are so many amazingly themed resorts throughout the property.

Bryson loves our home resort of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Being from Colorado,

78What is your favorite Disney snack? 

So many to choose from! Bryson absolutely loves the ice cream sandwiches that you can get at Plaza Ice Cream Parlour and also at Hollywood Scoops. I however, could never choose just one. I love Mickey Ice Cream Bars, the Pop Tarts at Woody’s Lunch Box, the cake pops (those might be at the top of the list) and so many more.

Basically, we just want to eat all of the food… and we usually do.


79What would your dream Disney job be? 

When we first were going to Disney Bryson said his dream Disney job would be a boat driver on one of the friendship boats! Now, he has changed his tune and his desire for air conditioning. He now wants to be a Minnie Van driver when he grows up!

I work in communication and marketing and would LOVE to be a part of Disney’s corporate communication team. I apply for a lot of Disney communication jobs and hope to one day be a castmember and a part of that magical team!

112Who is you favorite Disney character? 

Bryson loves Donald Duck! #1 duck all the way! He also really likes Goofy. I would have to go with Mickey Mouse or Belle. We pretty much love them all… for the most part. ;).

Disney or Pixar? 

This is a tough one for Bryson. For me, not so much. Bryson actually chose Disney but I was surprised by that because the Toy Story films are some of his favorite movies of all time so I was surprised he chose Disney but he does love him a good Dis movie. I am Disney all the way.




80Where do you get all of your ears?

Everywhere! I love all the ears. I am always on the hunt for unique and amazing ears. I love finding ears that make people look twice and spend way too much money on them. I have also started making my own which is fun too! I am going to do an ear haul blog and talk all about my favorite shops and my favorite ears so stay tuned for that!

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Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.





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