Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind Set to Open at Disneyland

It is going to be a core memory kind of day!

Rendering by Disney

Disney California Adventure is getting ready for a new attraction to open and it is an emotional one. No, really, it’s full of emotion from the Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out. The attraction, called, Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind will be a family friendly attraction that spins guest in a circle in swinging baskets.

The attraction will open later this month according to Disney and will have eight Memory Movers, which are what appear to be balloon baskets that will take guests through Riley’s memories and help your favorite Emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear to sort through the memories that you are collecting.

Rendering by Disney 

There will be five music tracks that will play throughout the ride, each composed by Academy Award winner Michael Giacchino. Each music track will represent a different emotion of Riley’s. Giacchino also composed the music for Disney California Adventure’s Incredicoaster.

The attraction features a large purple shelf or series of shelves that hold Riley’s memory orbs, just like in the movie. And, like the film, they are colored according to the type of memory, yellow for joy, red for anger, purple for fear, green for disgust, and blue for sadness. There are gears that guide the memories through the maze of shelves and into other departments but unfortunately, the orbs won’t move. How cool would it have been to have the orbs moving as the attraction is going!

Rendering by Disney

There are four vividly colored tents that make up the queue for the attraction, helping guests to be shaded while they wait and even the tents are colored for the various emotions.

Inside out was represented in the Pixar Play parade which ended in November 2018 and was replaced with Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, it has sporadic meet and greet opportunities in with Joy and Sadness but the movie is certainly not well represented in either Disney park despite its popularity. With so many great hits though, it’s hard to have proper representation for all of them.

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