New Lion King Plush Supports Conservation

Looking for a brightly colored, adorable Disney keepsake that makes a difference? Of course, Disney has you covered!

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The Disney Conservation Fund  began in 1995 and is a pillar of The Walt Disney Company. The mission, “ensuring a world where wildlife thrives and nature is treasured and protected by: saving wildlife. Inspiring action. Protecting the planet.” Since its inception, the Fund has put more than $75 million towards saving and protecting wildlife and the planet as well as providing educational opportunities for communities all over the world.


Photo by Disney

You can check out some of the Disney Conservation Fund 2018 Heroes HERE! These unique individuals from all over the world, dedicate their lives to education and furthering conservation efforts for hundreds of animals and locations. Heracleo “Laqui” Duarte Lopez is a part of the Northern Jaguar Project working to maintain jaguar populations and maintain the reserve.

Photo by Disney

Just in time for the new Disney Live Action “The Lion King” which debuts in theaters on July 19, 2019, Disney is launching a global campaign to raise awareness and funds for Lion’s. The beautiful King of the Jungle is facing extinction and are deemed “vulnerable” as their numbers continue to drastically decrease.

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, lions have seen a 43% decrease in population in the past 21 years, and are regionally extinct in 15 African counties. It is estimated that only 23,000 lions remain. Their number one predator is humans.

56This new Disney campaign will support the Lion Recovery Fund and its partners to help advance conservation across Africa. One goal for these crucial organizations is to double the lion population by 2050.

How can you help? Disney has released adorable and vividly colored Simba and Nala plush toys. For each plush that is purchased, Disney will donate US $5 to the Wildlife Conservation Network in support of the Lion Recovery Fund and its local partners.

57There are 40,000 plush toys that have been created and they can be found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park now and on July 1 they will be available for purchase at other locations throughout Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Currently, you can get your own plush at Mombasa, Island Mercantile, and Discovery Trading Company at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and also at Seaside Souvenirs at Disney’s California Adventure park.

On July 1, they will be available in World of Disney, Elias & Co. and Bazaar at Disneyland Resort and in Emporium, Mouse Gear, World of Disney and more locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

For more information on the Lion Recovery Fund and Disney’s conservation efforts, visit

Together, humans can work to undue the damage of our own species.

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