Immersive Star Wars Hotel at Walt Disney World to Receive Interactive Restaurant

In 2016, during an ABC Special highlighting Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary television special, Harrison Ford was featured in a segment about what was then called Star Wars Land. This segment highlighted concept art for a dinner show type interactive restaurant.

33Obviously, that concept hitting the cutting room floor for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge but it appears that the concept wasn’t totally lost and will now be coming to the new and immersive Star Wars Hotel that is currently under construction at Walt Disney World just behind Star Wars: Galaxy’d Edge at Hollywood Studios.

35Although this immersive dining experience didn’t come to pass on Batuu, and got shuffled to the side for Oga’s Cantina the interactive and immersive, one of a kind, Star Wars Hotel will supposedly be receiving this amazing restaurant, which, in our opinion, makes a lot of sense in terms of crowd control and experience.


25Oga’s Cantina has proven to be the most popular aspect of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during the first few weeks that the park has been open. This further enforces our belief that adding a table service to this mix would have been a mistake, especially once crowd control is lifted after the reservation period at Disneyland. This concept would fit perfectly into the immersive and unique hotel experience that Disney is creating with the Star Wars Hotel. 

34The Star Wars Hotel is rumored to be a two to three night immersive experience where guests are transported to a galaxy far far away and will interact with characters from within Star Wars universe. A sit down table service restaurant would obviously fit nicely into this concept and the interactive vibe Disney is going for with this experience far beyond any resort we have seen.

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