Disney and Non Disney April and May Favorites 2019

We are back with yet another edition of monthly favorites. I didn’t have a ton of new products worth sharing in April so we are going to combine the two months into one great list of current faves. Let’s jump right in.

Hair and Beauty: 

L’oreal Everpure Brass Toning Shampoo and Conditioner

17I received this complimentary from Influenster to try and review but please don’t think that because I was sent it complimentary that I will not give you an honest review because you bet your roots you are going to get an honest review from yours truly on this!

I loved it. I was so skeptical and honestly a little disappointed that I received a hair product to review and especially a purple product because I have used many purple products over the years and they either don’t tone my hair or reduce the yellow tone that my hair always pulls or they leave my hair straw like and dry as a bone.

18I only wash my hair every three to four days and this product actually leaves my hair soft and shiny and not greasy for longer than some of the high end products that I use. I have three other purple shampoos and one other purple conditioner in my shower right now and I’m done with all of the others because this is not only my favorite purple shampoo right now but it is my favorite shampoo and conditioning product in my shower right now.

It tones my hair, reduces the brassy and yellow undertones and leaves it soft, shiny, manageable and unbelievably healthy. If you are skeptical, try it, just try it, and try both. You can get them both for under $15 and I can’t talk highly enough about these products.

As a bottle blonde, my hair is ravaged and I haven’t seen it this healthy since I was in middle school, swear to the hair God’s, this is the truth. If you are a blonde and looking for something reasonable that works, this is it. This. Is. It.

Mic drop.

Food and Beverage: 

Oat Milk

19Oat milk is a newfound favorite of mine. I am lactose intolerant although it doesn’t stop me from eating cheese, ice cream… it really doesn’t stop  me from eating anything but it sure is better when I avoid dairy. I have no issue with dairy alternatives. I think milk is disgusting so I have always enjoyed coconut and almond milk. I recently discovered oat milk and now my whole world has changed. It is creamy and rich and it just makes everything taste so much better.

My one issue with almond and coconut options is that it is watery. It tastes watered down and it isn’t rich and creamy but oat milk is! It isn’t readily available but there is an amazing coffee shop on my way to the office that has it and it is divine. If you are someone who has a sensitivity to milk or whey is what it typically is, give this a try if you have the chance. Even if you aren’t allergic to dairy, this is a life changer. I absolutely love it, especially with a nice lavender latte. Yum!

Smoothie Bowls

20Now that the winter that wouldn’t end has seemingly miraculously come to an end, I am in full on summer mode and that includes smoothie bowls! I love love love the pitaya bowl from Jamba Juice but there isn’t a Jamba Juice near my work and it is way more convenient and cost effective to make smoothie bowls at home.

21I use Knudsen juices mixed with frozen and fresh fruit including mango, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, banana and peaches, sometimes I throw collagen or protein in as well. I make a big batch and then freeze them so I can take them to work.

To add to the bowl, I use coconut flakes, granola, fresh fruit, chia seeds, and a little honey or agave because I can’t have enough sweetness in my food.

So easy, so great to enjoy any time of the day and so easy to customize to your liking!


For the Home: 

Mango Mai Tai Scented Bath and Body Works Candle

22I love Bath and Body Works candles. There are cheaper candles, there are other candles and not one candle, I have ever used, compares to Bath and Body Works candles. They are just simply the best. I love a strong candle smell. There is nothing about a lightly scented candle that does anything for me. I want our whole house to smell like the scent I am burning and Bath and Body Works candles are the best on the market that I have ever tried.

I recently got some new summer candles and I picked up a couple of the Mango Mai Tai scent and let me tell you, I am transported straight to Hawaii in our Colorado home and it is amazing.

Mrs. Meyer’s Peony All Purpose Cleaner

23If you follow this series you know I have an obsession with Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner. Every time that I try a new scent I fall in love and this is no different. My latest obsession is the peony scent. Peonies are some of my favorite things in the world and the fact that i can now make my surfaces smell like this magical flower makes my day every time I clean, which is pretty much every day.

The scent is floral but not overwhelming and is light and summery and just delicious. I purchase all of my Mrs. Meyer’s products from Grove.co where I am a VIP member which gets me free shipping on my monthly order and also the occasional free gift as well. I highly recommend Grove Collaborative for all of your face and household essentials. I use the Acure products that I purchase from them and adore them.


25Peonies are my favorite flower. Growing up, my Grandparents had the most beautiful peony bushes all over their backyard. My Grandparents took such pride and such care of their gorgeous gardens and it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

When my Grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s , my Grandparents moved to a senior living home which was incredibly sad. I went in and dug cuts of their peony bushes and planted them in my own yard. They are my babies. During our numerous spring storms, I was out covering them, shaking them off and making sure they were okay, even though they are incredibly hardy plants.

24If we ever move, they are coming with us. I will be digging them up and transporting them wherever we move you can count on that.

They are on the verge of blossoming and I’m so thrilled. They are beyond gorgeous and am so excited that they have doubled in size this year!





26I don’t wear my wedding ring or band at work. Simply by the nature of what I do, I don’t feel it is a good idea to do so and I don’t wear my rings to workout either. I pretty much rarely wear my wedding rings but I wear silicone rings instead most of the time. They are perfect for the gym and for work and I have poor circulation so it is perfect for when my fingers swell. For the longest time I was wearing a thicker version of the silicone rings but wanted something a little more stylish.

27I found these ThunderFit rings on Amazon and they just came in and I absolutely love them! They are thinner and as fashionable as a piece of silicone on your finger can be. I also got a four pack of colors, black with pink sparkles, white, silver and hot pink. You can wear one, two, three or all four and switch it up which is awesome.

If you don’t or can’t wear your “real” rings as often, I definitely recommend checking these out.

Carolina Magnolia Designs

30I am a huge fan of Etsy and Carolina Magnolia Designs is a great shop for shirts including custom shirts. They are quick to respond and we just love their products. We have several shirts from this shop and will definitely return for more. Be sure to check them out for amazing Disney shirts in great colors. They are easy to work with and it has always been a great experience for us.

Citrus & Lemon Boutique

28I just recently found this boutique and I am obsessed. I know that it is now common practice for people to show up to work in clothing that is… shall we say, not so covered but I personally don’t agree with this version of professional dress and I am thrilled to find Cirtus and Lemon. They have affordable, cute dresses, tops and more that are a bit more covered.

29We aren’t talking Little House on the Prairie situation but, I work in an environment where I do not feel comfortable wearing shorter dresses or skirts or shirts that are revealing in any way and the clothing at Citrus and Lemon are amazing.

Wonderful quality, fabulous prints, a little bit longer in length, professional, fashionable and adorable.

I highly recommend this shop for work, casual and more. Definitely check it out.

Mountain Thread Studio

31We are looking for some great shirts for Disney recently and I came across this shop on Etsy and the quality of these shirts is out of this world. We love these shirts, they are soft and comfy, come in a variety of colors and they have unique designs. They also do custom designs upon request. I am working with them right now to do some awesome Star Wars themed shirts for us and they are bringing my visions to life and I even sent them an idea with just a photo and a saying and asked if they could make a cool shirt out of it and they are designing something for us just based off of my ideas.

They are reasonably priced and so easy to work with. Be sure to check them out.



32I was so scared to try Ebates for the longest time and I finally bit the bullet and just went for it. You seriously earn cash back for purchases you are going to make anyway. Places like Too Faced cosmetics, Amazon, Bath and Body Works, Blue Apron, Dick’s Sporting Goods and hundreds more. You spend money, you get money! I was recently looking for a formal gown for a wedding we were going to and the website I purchased on had Ebates and I got cash back for my purchase.

Anywhere from 1% to 8% and sometimes more than that. It’s so simple. All you have to do is click the link above and you are on your way to getting money back for stuff you are buying anyway. Last month I got over $20 back. It’s so simple, so legit and so amazing.

That is it for this month. If you are loving something you think I should try, send it my way on here or message us over on Instagram or head over to our YouTube channel and leave us on a comment on a video of a product I need to try. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.



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