What we Learned from Opening Weekend at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland

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105Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open is Disneyland! With opening weekend under the belt, let’s recap what we learned, what was expected, what was unexpected and what we hope Disney World is going to take away from it.

First and foremost let’s get this out of the way right now. Disney absolutely killed it with the reservation system and the four hour time limit. We followed multiple live streams on opening day and throughout opening weekend as well as following a ton of news and content from a variety of sources and the consensus is that Disney nailed it.

79We were concerned that Disney would not be able to manage the crowds, that the crowds would overwhelm the land and that lines, even with the reservation system, would be crazy and uncontrollable.



The reality, up to this point, has been nothing like what we were anticipating. The crowds are managed extremely well, everyone has been able to experience the land and everything the land and take it all in and the wait times have not been insane.

97The average wait time for Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run has been right around thirty to thirty five minutes. The longest wait time has been for Oga’s Cantina, where guests are excited to see DJ Rex spin out of this galaxy tunes and grab a delicious beverage.



This is what we are thinking, the reservation system has been extremely well received for Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge but it ends on June 23. We think, and this is based on zero sources, zero facts, and nothing but our own dangerous minds, that Walt Disney World is going to wait and see and analyze what happens once the reservations lift.

80If Disney does not put some sort of reservation system in place, it will be absolute chaos. We thought it was going to be absolute chaos with the reservation system but Disneyland did it right.

As far as immersion goes, we have heard nothing but great things. From everything we have seen and heard, guests truly feel as though they have left Disneyland and landed on Batuu. Castmembers are in character at all times and even the currency isn’t in dollars, it’s in credits.

96The Bazaar. It truly feels, even for us, who were watching from our couches on the livestreams, that you are entering a bazaar inspired by another country if not a whole other planet. With the First Order Lieutenant’s marching around making sure everyone is sympathetic to the First Order and Storm Troopers and markets. Truly amazing.

40The Droid Depot was one thing that we were skeptical about leading up to the opening of the land but it far exceeded our expectations and we haven’t even experienced it first hand yet. The process is actually choosing the parts to your droid and bringing it to life with so many add-ons and details you can choose to add or not to add depending what you want to create.

4Food. Nothing too exciting here from what we have seen but leading up to the opening it was highly anticipated. Here is what we think. Disney is going away from, especially in Galaxy’s Edge, typical “theme park food” and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

You will not find a single french fry within Galaxy’s Edge. The food is nutrient packed and flavorful but it really isn’t getting a lot of love from the Dis world. Here’s why we think that is.

107There is no many other, more magical things to talk about that food has taken a backseat. That’s right, food, typically, one of the most talked about, scrutinized, highly anticipated parts of any event at Disney, was overshadowed by every other amazing detail in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. That’s our thought on that situation.

Those are our takeaways from opening weekend at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The biggest thing we noticed and loved and have our fingers crossed for is that they figure out a way to bring the reservation system to Walt Disney World for the first few weeks of Galaxy’s Edge.

4The issue with reservations that we are 100% Disney is aware of and have been brainstorming on is that at Disneyland, all three resorts total 2,380 rooms. Two of the over 25,  Walt Disney World Resorts, Pop Century and Saratoga Springs, have 2,380 rooms. There are over 30,000 total rooms at Walt Disney World, so the reservation system as implemented in Disneyland clearly won’t work.

3The fact that there are 30,000 total rooms at Walt Disney World resorts alone also reinforces the need for reservations during the first few weeks if not longer of Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World to give priority to those staying on property and paying for that experience.

Stay tuned for more on that as news becomes available.

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