Outer Space Themed Restaurant Coming Soon to Epcot!

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54Mission control to stomach, Mission control to stomach, come in please.

We have awesome new details regarding the space themed restaurant coming to Epcot. The restaurant, which Disney has kept quite quiet on is set to open in 2019 with speculation being that it will open in the summer.

The restaurant will be operated by Patina Restaurant Group who also operates Maria and Enzo’s, Via Napoli and Tutto Italia at Disney World and several restaurants in Disneyland. Current job postings have the restaurant under the name Space 220 though we believe this to be a working title.

57The menu is said to feature international cuisine and one unique note is that the wine menu is extensive, showcasing more than 1,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines and a wide selection of craft beers from around the world.

Disney Parks Blog has stated that, “No dining experience on Earth can match what’s in store, because this new restaurant will take you into outer space for incredible dining experiences that are ‘out of this world”.

56This new and unique dining experience will give guests the feeling of dining in outer space. The advanced technology used to create this illusion will include a  a 250-foot-long digital screen wrapping around the curved room. Similar technology is used at the World Trade Center.

If you have dined at Coral Reef Restaurant over by The Seas With Nemo and Friends you will encounter a similar layout to what is expected at this new space themed experience.

55Guests will enter the restaurant through the right hand side of the Mission: SPACE facade. Once in the departure lobby, guests can check-in and then board one of two transportation chambers that will take them to “space”. This will be accomplished via projections outside of the chamber giving guests the feeling of traveling a great deal when in reality they haven’t moved far at all.

Once guests have arrived in space, they will travel through the “Space Cellar” which will showcase the vast wine selections brought from all around the world. The dining area itself will be two levels again similar to Coral Reef where guests will enjoy views of space while they dine.

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