Out of This World Details For Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We are mere days away from the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and are getting our first look at the guide maps for the much anticipated new park and also some interactive details for crowd control and even more. Let’s jump right in.

gaxHollywood Studios spans a total of 135 acres and that includes the land’s the parking, the backstage areas and more. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is fourteen acres of the largest single-theme expansion to a theme park ever. Now, let’s talk about that for a minute because there is some confusion.

It is not the largest “land” to even a Disney theme park but it is the single largest expansion to a theme park or land. Fantasyland, for example, at Walt Disney World, is 21 acres, but the original Fantasyland was only 10 acres and the expansion was 11 additional acres.

57This giant land needs a map of course and we are beyond excited to get our first look at the Disneyland map for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Notice #19 far off in the corner and (womp womp) it will not open until later this year at both parks. We already knew this but it is something to see it in writing.

58There are two bathrooms indicated on the map which is awesome but they could put five bathrooms in this land and there would still be lines.

You will also notice that there are three entrances to the land in the Disneyland map with much of the land bunched into a small portion of the land near the front and the two main entrances. Although Rise of the resistance and Phase 2 of the land will not open with Phase 1, we do not expect the entrance nearest Rise of the Resistance to open with Phase 1 although we were unable to confirm this assumption.

59Here are some fun facts about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that we know now leading up to the grand opening of this incredible land in Disneyland. Both parks are near replicas of each other with the same restaurants, acreage, attractions, merchandise shops and more.

It took over a year and hundreds of possible names before the “Batuu” and “Black Spire Outpost” were decided on.

69In the Star Wars Universe, every planet has an identifying “thing.” You have the snow on Hoth, the forest of Endor and the salt on Crait. It was very important for Disney Imagineers that Batuu also have a “thing” as it is now a part of the Star Wars franchise. We give you spires. Spires are massive chunks of petrified rock that were large trees that have cracked and broken creating this unique visual.

Along those lines, when you walk into Black Spire Outpost, be sure to look up. Black Spire Outpost is named so because the spire above it is the darkest of all the spires in the land.

14Inspiration for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge didn’t just come from Star Wars films. Design teams traveled to the markets of Turkey, Morocco and villages in Northern Africa and beyond to inspire the land.

Everything has a backstory. Visitors will interact with characters who live and work in Black Spire Outpost. Some of the characters will be audio-animatronic figures like space pirate Hondo Ohnaka or shopkeeper Dok-Ondar. These characters have limited interaction with travelers but still play important roles. There are also walk-around characters like rebel spy Vi Moradi or a bounty hunter named Harko who will be directly interacting with travelers.

70Everyone has a job on Smuggler’s Run. Guests are chosen at random for their “job” on the largest hunk of junk in the galaxy and jobs range from pilot to engineer and more. Working together as a team can earn credits that will help with the immersive experience and that travelers will be able to use throughout the land itself. If you choose to be a part of the fully immersive experience, you will be treated a certain way by characters of the land depending on how you succeed or fail in your mission.

The goal is to create a fully immersive experience that feels like you’ve stepped into a “Star Wars” movie.

We can’t wait to experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and are eating up these details as we uncover them.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started a a mouse.




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