Eating Around the World: Part 2

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74We’re back! With part two of our series where we choose one item in each country of Epcot World Showcase. Be sure to check out part one, linked at the bottom of this post so you get the full world tour.

One of the best parts of Epcot is World Showcase. World Showcase consists of eleven pavilions that represent countries from around the world. The countries represented with a full pavilion are:

  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • China
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Morocco
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

In part one, we covered Mexico to Italy and today we are going from America to Canada. We have a lot of great snacks to try so we better get started.


36Howdy y’all! We have reached the halfway point on our culinary tour around the world. While in America, we are going to show our patriotic colors over at Fire and Drum. Fire and Drum is a kiosk located directly behind the American Gardens Theatre, smack dab in the center of World Showcase.

37There are several options here but the American Dream slushy is going to our pick. This slushy is blue on the bottom with a blue-raspberry slushy, the middle is vanilla ice cream which is awesome and gives it a unique edge to other non-alcoholic drinks and then it is topped with a red strawberry slush. The colors stay separate until you mix them up and this is one of the most popular slush options in Walt Disney World, especially at Epcot.

If you are looking for a refreshing drink and a great option for everyone in your party, this is it and at $4.50, it won’t break your budget.


39Kon’Nichiwa! We have arrived in Japan. What a journey! It is kind of unfortunate that this is our next stop because we are actually going to get something kind of similar to what we got in America.

We are going to stop at Kabuki Cafe. It is actually one of the very first things that you come to when you leave America and enter Japan. At Kabuki Cafe, you can usually find beer, sushi and kakigori.

38We are going for the kakigori today. If you have never had kakigori, it is a shave ice. You can choose from rainbow, strawberry, melon, cherry, tangerine or blue raspberry and you definitely want to get it topped with sweetened condensed milk. It is a $1.00 add on to do that and it is so worth it. This is one of my favorite snacks and at only $5.00, it is such a deal because they pile the shave ice really high.


40Mrehba! (Welcome!) Morocco is one of the most intricately themed, ornate, gorgeous and overlooked pavilions in World Showcase. When I was little, this was my favorite place to eat at Epcot. I came with my mom, who was an elementary school teacher and would bring students each year and I loved eating in Morocco.

It is still one of my favorite places to eat, the food is amazing and bursting with spices and flavor. For today, we are going to head to Tangierine Cafe which is one of the best and most overlooked counter service locations in the World Showcase.

41This is such a hidden gem with a wide variety of flavorful selections for everyone including some really great vegan and vegetarian options. We are actually going to head to an even lesser known spot at this counter service restaurant.

At the very back is a pastry case and in that case are several types of baclava. Baclava is a traditional pastry found in Moroccan culture. The pastry is layers of flaky puff pastry, layered with a mixture of butter, sugar and nuts, usually wanuts, pecans or pistachios.

If they have the pistachio version, I highly recommend that one. It is delicious. This is an incredibly rich dessert option that has a lot of sweetness and buttery richness combined together for a unique sweet treat.


42Bonjour! Here we are in France and boy oh boy are there options galore at this pavilion. I couldn’t just possibly choose one. My first selection would be at L’Artisan de Glaces. They have an amazing macaron sandwich here. That’s right, you can get the incredible ice cream from this shop sandwiched in a macaron.

43My favorite is the strawberries and cream selection. This is a strawberry macaron with vanilla ice cream in between the two cookies. For only $4.69, this is an amazing treat. It is one of my favorite treats in all of Disney World and is the perfect snack for any Epcot day.

My other selections would be from Les Halles. Les Halles is one of the few locations open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in World Showcase. The pastries are where it’s at here at Les Halles. There are so many amazing things to choose from. But, I am going to choose just two.

45I know, I know, I know that I said one thing from each country but France is stacked in the food department so I just couldn’t help myself.

From Les Halles we are going to grab the Frangipane Croissant which is a buttery delicious croissant filled with almond paste filling called frangipane. It is sweet and sugary and nutty and buttery and fantastic. This treat is a great deal at $3.70.

46Other great options from Les Halles include the Criossant Jambon Fromage which is a ham and cheese croissant that also has a bechemel sauce which is a rich white sauce. The Strawberry tart is also really popular and the creme brulee. Be sure to make a stop here to have a treat if you have not because there truly is something for everyone here. Most everything here is priced well and tastes amazing.

United Kingdom!

47.jpgHello! We have arrived in the United Kingdom and although the UK is famous for dreary days, Orlando is not so you are in a hot and humid UK with the sun beating down on you but it’s still a jolly good time!

48I absolutely love this pavilion and the treat we are getting here in the UK is one of the things I crave the most when we are away from home (Disney). Over at Yorkshire Fish House, the quick service kiosk just past Rose and Crown pub (stop in there, grab a pint and be sure to say Hi to Carl the bartender) we are going to snag the fish and chips.

The fish and chips here sells for $11.49 and it is quite the bang for your buck. You get a really healthy portion of both fish and chips for under $12.00 which is a great deal for Disney. The fish is flaky and tasty and the batter is perfect. Even in the heat of the summer, I can always go for this meal or snack depending on your hunger level.


49Bonsoir! Our final stop in our culinary journey around the World Showcase has brought us to the Canada pavilion. For our last stop, we are going with a cult classic which is a favorite from the signature dining experience in Canada, Le Cellier. The cheddar cheese soup. For years, this was only available at Le Cellier and during Food and Wine but a couple of years ago, it became a regular item on the Refreshment Port menu and we hope it stays.

50If you have not tried this, I highly recommend it because it is rich and delicious.

That’s it! We have spanned 11 countries and some amazing treats and I hope that you have found something worthy of seeking out on your next Disney vacation.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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