More Changes Coming to EPCOT, Confirmed and Unconfirmed.

Brazil pavilion: 

For several years now, we have been hearing rumors that a new pavilion will be coming to World Showcase but no confirmation from Disney has come from those rumors. Late in 2018, it was “leaked” that Disney is indeed going to be spending $450 million on a new Brazil pavilion in World Showcase.

98If true, this would be the first new country added to Epcot World Showcase since Norway was added in 1988. A couple of years ago, a survey went around asking if guests would be interested in a Brazilian steakhouse coming to Epcot. This got the rumor mill abuzz again as what other country would a Brazilian Steakhouse fit but Brazil!

99So, what could be included in Brazil. It is rumored that the highlight would be Rio de Janeiro, one of the most populated areas of Brazil and one of the biggest tourist attractions. Christ the Redeemer is one of the most iconic spots of this area. Could a giant Christ the Redeemer statue come to Epcot?

100Images of previous proposals for a Brazil pavilion show a mixture of brightly colored bohemian buildings drawing inspiration from Rio’s Lapa neighborhood and the iconic Arcos da Lapa aqueduct. Along with this, the renderings show lush greenery and waterfalls. Other renderings show a wavy patterned walkway near the World Showcase Lagoon that’s similar to that of the Copacabana beach boardwalk found in Rio de Janeiro.

102One of the rumors speak of a gondola themed dark ride similar to Peter Pan’s Flight that appears to be themed to the Sugarloaf Cable Car system found in Rio that was opened back in 1912. The ride would have guests flying on the Sugarloaf Cable Car system over famous Brazilian landmarks.

Coco Ride: 

103When Coco was first released there were immediate rumors that a Coco themed ride would replace Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico pavilion of World Showcase. Those rumors have died down as nothing has been announced or confirmed by Disney regarding changes to the slow boat ride in Mexico.

104However, a new Coco themed show debuted in Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival. The Mariachi Cobre band, two dancers and a puppet version of Miguel are highlighted in the show.

Coco is one of the biggest Thanksgiving film openings ever. The 22-week long run brought in over $800 million in worldwide box office sales.

Speculation is once again circulating revolving a Coco themed ride coming to Epcot to capitalize on the success of the film.

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along:

105During D23’s Destination D: A Celebration of Mickey Mouse, it was revealed that changes coming to Epcot include a new “Beauty and the Beast” sing-along to the France pavilion at Epcot.

Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Consumer Products Bob Chapek revealed the plans for the new sing-along show in his Saturday presentation of the many changes coming to Walt Disney World over the next few years. Chapek confirmed the brand-new “Beauty and the Beast” sing-along show will not replace “Impressions de France” but instead will be an addition to the pavilion. The show is being created by Don Hahn, who produced both the animated and live-action “Beauty and the Beast” films.

107Other exciting experiences coming to the massive overhaul of Epcot include a new Circle-Vision 360 film in China, an update to the film in Canada and a new sit-down restaurant that is currently under construction in Japan. Additionally, previously announced at D23 is a space-themed table-service restaurant adjacent to Mission: SPACE, that will transport guests high above the earth for an out of this world dining experience.

Those are a few of the things coming to Epcot but we are constantly learning of more changes and additions coming to the park. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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