Aladdin Merch and Treats Coming to Disney World Ahead of Live Action Film

“I can show you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid.” You kept singing; I know you did. I did, no shame here.

81Aladdin, the live action adaptation of the movie is coming to theaters on May 24. This popular Disney classic will feature Will Smith as Genie who himself has admitted that he has some big shoes to fill with this role, as it was originally played by the iconic Robin Williams.

82Other cast notes include Aladdin and Jasmine who are played by Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott respectively and Frank Weller who is the original voice of Abu and is reprising the role this time around.

97.jpgIn anticipation of the film, Disney is bringing some adorable Aladdin inspired merch to Disney World.

Several months back, Disney brought us the Jasmine inspired Mickey ears which of course had the gorgeous teal, the same teal from Jasmine’s outfit in the film.


New to the collection is the Jasmine jacket which is in adult sizes. As you can see, on the sleeves is everyone’s favorite tiger sidekick Rajah.

87The jacket is available for $69.99. Although not reversible, the inside of the jacket features a gorgeous and brightly colored drawing of Jasmine.

A similar version is also available in youth sizes though the teal satin fabric is not solid but instead comes with a floral pattern in a lighter teal color. The youth jacket is available for $34.99.

89A Jasmine dress is also available for a limited time. This is a more embellished version of the Jasmine dress that is currently available throughout the parks and includes gorgeous gold and jewel embellishments and beautiful peacock feathers down the pant. The dress is selling for $169.99.

90A new Jasmine deluxe costume is also available and comes in a vibrant pink with someĀ  deep red and gold details. This dress is a little easier on the pocketbook at $99.99.

92A new shirt with the Will Smith Genie highlighted on the front is also available. This is only available in Youth and is $19.99. Other youth tees include two Jasmine t shirt’s in that gorgeous teal color again, another Genie shirt with the original animated version and an adorable Abu shirt with the cute little trouble maker holding the genie lamp. All of the youth tees are $19.99.

95Plushes available include Abu, Genie, Jasmine and Rajah and range in price from $19.99 to $26.99.

94This really is a large merch release for this film because in addition to what we have already mentioned, there are several Alex and Ani bracelets available that are just gorgeous. There is Jasmine and Rajah together, a Genie version and two with messages on them; one says, “Life is courage” and the other, “Life’s a Magic Carpet”. Prices range on these from $44.95 to $79.95.

93There is a magic carpet beach towel that if I see in the parks, is most likely going to be coming home with me. The towel is complete with tasselsĀ  just like a “real” magic carpet!

91In addition, there is a magic carpet key chain, a Jasmine accessory set that includes a crown, and chunky bracelet and also a Genie pin and an Agrabah tea set which is absolutely adorable and the tea pot is a genie bottle!


Last but not least there is a limited edition genie lamp as well. The steep price tag for this limit 4000 item is $149.99. For that price, this item better come with three wishes and Will Smith!

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If that’s not enough Aladdin for you, be sure to head over to Disney Springs to Amorette’s Patisserie for the new Aladdin inspired petite cake. This. Is. Absolutely. Gorgeous. For $16.00 I really believe this is a great deal for a gem of a treat. According to Amorette’s Twitter, this cake is, “featuring layers of Almond Chiffon cake with Amoretto Simple Syrup, Fig Pate de Fruit, 5 Spice mousse, Almond Pecan Granola, and Golden Raisin Jam”.

These flavors are very Middle Eastern, very Moroccan, very true to the demographic from the Aladdin storyline. The cake is jewely toned with teal fondant, a deep purple ribbon on the bottom and gold fondant accents that includes a genie lamp. On top is a beautiful jewel toned magic carpet with gorgeous gold tassels hanging off the sides.

We are so excited because we anticipate even more Aladdin treats coming to Walt Disney World in the next couple of weeks and we are excited for the new live action version of this animated Disney classic.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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