A New Friend is Joining ‘Olu and Duffy at Aulani

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73Hey hey the gang’s all here!

A new friend is joining ‘Olu, ShelleyMay and Duffy at Aulani a Disney Resort in Oahu Hawaii. StellaLou, a character with a strong influence at Shanghai Disney and Tokyo Disney has made her way across the ocean and is joining her friends at Aulani.

70Duffy has been around the Disney universe since 2002 where he debuted at Disney’s Once Upon a Toy shop in what was then Downtown Disney. He was then introduced to the parks in the United States in October of 2010 before venturing to Hong Kong Disneyland in November 2010.

StellaLou debuted at Toyko Disneysea debuted in 2017 and has dreams of dancing on Broadway!

71Duffy, ShelleyMay and StellaLou have all ventured from overseas but ‘Olu is exclusive to Aulani. StellaLou, an adorable bunny with very tall ears is excited to join her pals at the breathtaking Hawaiian resort. Adorned in a cute teal skirt and pink satin shoes, StellaLou and the crew is ready to get their luau on and hang out with Moana at their new home.

Aulani takes a lot of inspiration in terms of merchandise from Shanghai and Tokyo where these stuffed pals are quite popular.

72According to Disney, “One day, Mickey Mouse and Duffy were sharing their memories from their recent trip to Hawaiʻi. What caught StellaLou’s attention was the Hawaiian dance they described. Curious about all types of dance, StellaLou decided that she needed to experience this dance for herself and she joined Mickey and Duffy on a trip to the Hawaiian Islands.”

You can purchase your own StellaLou at Aulani a Disney Resort and take her along on all of your Hawaiian adventures.

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