Roundup Rodeo BBQ Coming to Andy’s Backyard!

To Infinity… And Hollywood Studios!

52Gather everyone up for a staff meeting and be happy because we have more great news coming from Disney today regarding Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A brand new table service restaurant is coming to Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and we

Disney just announced that a brand new Table Service restaurant, Roundup Rodeo Barbeque, will be coming to Toy Story Land inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The new restaurant will be located next to the giant talking Woody greeting guests as they enter Toy Story Land and we couldn’t be more excited!

58We absolutely love Woody’s Lunch Box but were surprised when that was the only dining option at Toy Story Land at opening. Now, we know Disney has a few tricks up their sleeves or snakes in their boot because there is air conditioning coming to Andy’s Backyard and bringing with it what we hope is some amazing BBQ.

55Andy is going all out with this new restaurant in his backyard and the theming of Toy Story Land will continue as guests shrink down to the size of the toy to enjoy all of the rodeo festivities.

53Direct from Disney, Andy is “using three cardboard boxes cut and taped together, Andy has created a new rodeo arena using some of his favorite toys, games, and play sets. And while some pieces are definitely western-themed, what makes this rodeo special is the broad assortment of toys that have been brought together to create a fun, colorful mashup-atmosphere that only a child could create.”

67No opening date has been released at this time for the new restaurant coming to Hollywood Studios but we can’t wait to be surrounded by the wild wild west right in Andy’s backyard. Although this doesn’t appear to be a character dining experience we expect to see many of our favorite Characters included in the decor.

Stay tuned right here to For Love of the Mouse as more details become available!

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