Big News for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway!

Exciting news for Disneyland and not so exciting new for Disneyworld.

41Disney has announced that the much anticipated but also overlooked opening for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has been pushed back from Fall 2019 (November) to Spring 2020.

This has been rumored for some time as all of the focus at Disney’s Hollywood Studion has been on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and this ride featuring the first couple of Disney should get its own due and celebration and would most definitely be overshadowed by Galaxy’s Edge, should the opening timeline have held up. This makes sense from a business, anticipation and marketing standpoint for Disney.

42Disney slid the announcement under the radar, “hiding it” in plain site at the conclusion of an announcement for Disneyland. On April 19, in a blog post on Disney Parks Blog, Disney announced plans to also bring Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway to Toontown in Disneyland to open in 2022.

According to Disney Parks Blog “With an original story and lovable theme song, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway uses state-of-the-art technologies and dazzling visual effects to transform the cartoon world into an incredible and immersive multi-dimensional experience.”

43It was at the bottom of this that the timeline was changed for Disney World’s version from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020.

During D23 Expo Japan, Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, announced the opening year of 2019 for the attraction in Disney World.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will feature a new catchy theme song created especially for the attraction as well as a new one-of-a-kind experience called 2 ½-D. A 3D type attraction with no glasses required.

44The adventure includes the premiere of a new cartoon short with Mickey and Minnie getting ready for a picnic. As they head out, they drive alongside a train and find out that the train engineer is Goofy. “One magical moment” lets you step into the movie and on Goofy’s train for a wacky, wild ride.

The experience will have a highly authentic feel to the classic Disney Shorts. The reason being those who create the popular and award-winning Mickey Shorts, are actively involved in the storyline and the entire process of the attractions conception and execution.

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