Disney and Non Disney Favorites for March 2019

It is that time again. Time for another installment of monthly favorites. There are some amazing gems this month so let’s just jump right in.

Food and Drink: 

Waterloo Sparkling Water

43Hello, My name is Crystal and I am a La Croix addict. I love flavored sparkling water. I drink probably five a day. At work, we usually have La Croix and I was rummaging through the soda cabinet the other day and came across these Waterloo Sparkling Water’s in watermelon. I love watermelon so I had to give it a try. It’s delicious. The pack came from Sam’s Club and had grapefruit, black cherry and watermelon in it. It might be better than La Croix. Yeah, I just went there. This is definitely going in the Love it category for me.

Clothing and Accessories:  

Old Navy High Waisted Leggings

As many of you know, I am a runner and Crossfitter. I recently finished training for the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon. Training for a race in the dead of winter, in a year that the Colorado Front Range has a winter is rough. It’s cold, it’s unpredictable, it’s dark and you need pants. I hate wearing workout pants. I like to wear shorts and will do so whenever I can. However, this winter has been a winter and pants were needed.

56I have a devil of a time trying to find pants that work for fitness for me. I cannot keep them up and I spend the majority of my run yanking my pants up. Same goes for Crossfit, I don’t wear pants to workout because they do not stay up on me. Even pants, other people swear by and claim that they stay up and work really well, don’t work for me.

So, with a streak of what seems like never ending cold upon us, I was on the hunt for something. One of my Crossfit friends suggested Old Navy. I found two pairs of Old Navy leggings and have ran several times, two long runs included and these babies stayed put. I highly recommend these if you are looking for some comfy leggings and have a hard time keeping them in place when you workout, give these a try.

Official Walt Disney World Dapper Yellow Spirit Jersey: 

Health and Beauty:

Grove Collaborative Bergamot Orange Hand Cream

57I am always on the hunt for a great hand lotion that doesn’t leave a greasy residue and is quenching to the skin. I received this Bergamot Orange Hand Cream as part of my free VIP trial period when Grove actually sent you free stuff with your order. Spolier alert, once your free trial ends, so does the addition of free goods without spending $60 a month and the free stuff substantially goes down in value once the trial period ends. I’m not bitter though.

Anywhoo, I received a small travel size of the Bergamot Orange Hand Cream from Grove and it is awesome. It is creamy and a little goes a long way, which is great for a travel sized lotion. It smells like an amazing juicy orange.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Coconut 3 in 1 Primer Water 

48For the longest time,  I didn’t use a primer. Since I didn’t use foundation, I didn’t think that I needed it. I decided to give this primer water a try purely because it smelled like coconut but I really like it. I will say, that I used it here in Colorado and also in Orlando which is two completely separate climates and the results are very different.

In Colorado, it dried really quickly because we are in an incredibly dry climate. It allowed the powder and bronzer I applied to glide on smoothly and decreased the lines and creasing.

In Orlando, it took a really long time to dry. Because it is a primer water, it ishud a very wet consistency. It is very humid in Orlando so anytime you apply something watery to your face or skin it is going to remain dewy. So, if you don’t like to have that on your skin and prefer a matte look and live in a humid climate, this is probably not for you.

I’m all about the dew so I love this and bonus the coconut smell is amazing and takes me to the islands.

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette

49This palette is not new to the scene. It has been around for a bit but it took me forever to try it because all of these shades are already my go-to shades and I couldn’t justify purchasing yet another pink/nude palette. Then I woke up one day and decided, life is too short to regret not buying the eyeshadow palette.

Thank goodness for that revelation because this is my new holy grail eyeshadow palette. I use this palette on the regular. Out of the dozens of shadow palette’s in my collection, this one is it for me. This is a mostly matte palette with a couple of pressed glitter’s and four pearlescent shimmers as well as one highly pigmented shimmer. It also includes a concealer shade that is a white girl nude shade and probably is going to go pretty unused by people with more than a fair skin tone unless it’s used as a highlighter. This palette is gorgeous. That’s all there is to it.

50I have created dozens of different looks with this palette. The pressed glitters really need to be used with a glitter glue and they are chunkier glitter so it will give a high impact glitter look. The directions on the palette say to use a firm brush but no. Just ignore that because you need glitter glue for this to apply with any sort of impact.

With the more pearly shimmers they pack a lot of punch and are amazing. The chunky separation of colors does not transfer to the lid and creates a gorgeous nudey, pinky, glam, shimmer look.

The colors are much more high impact and vibrant than they show in the palette and the tones work really well together. If you are a pink girl or guy and love a gorgeous nude, pink, rosey look, do not wait, run don’t walk… get this palette.

ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Villains Misunderstood Eyeshadow Palette

117At the end of March, ColourPop (love them) came out with a collaboration collection with Disney for the Disney Villains collection. Here is my thing with Colourpop collabs. I don’t love them all the time. That was kind of anti-climactic but… I don’t know. The collections they put together are so incomplete to me. I don’t know what you are going to do with a lippy, a highlighter and a lip gloss. An entire look that is not my friends. However, the palette is where it is at!

I enjoy this palette. It is not my norm, I am a nude palette girl but this palette is fun and vibrant and villainous.

58There are green’s, purple’s, blue’s some gorgeous nude’s that work great as transitions. I really enjoy this palette. I can’t wear this palette everyday. I could but I don’t work at a place where purple and blue is really acceptable on the regular so this is my palette for a fun night out or a fun brunch or cool jewel toned look or ensemble.

If you are looking for a great Disney palette with some fun colors, a great mix of shimmer’s and transitions and an amazing palette to play around with, give this a shot. ColourPop is doing amazing things with their formula and creating amazing products for a good price. Definitely check them out.

Marc Jacobs Accomplice Concealer

52I received the Marc Jacobs Accomplice Concealer in an Influenster box and I wanted so badly to not love it. Does that sound bad? No, no it doesn’t. Let me tell you why. I am one of those people who will spend $50 on an eyeshadow palette but I cringe at spending over $20 on a concealer or foundation. Backwards I know.

The Accomplice concealer is $32.00 and I actually was kind of worried because it appears darker than what I normally would have chosen. I received it in the Medium 33 shade. This medium had yellow undertones and when I first opened it, I was like wow, that is some yellow.

It actually works amazing. The formula is incredibly smooth and does not cake or settle in my lines. It covers my under eye bags and darkness in a way few others in my collection do.

51I am now a believer, because of this concealer, that high end products for skin and especially concealing are true game changers. The concealer is creamy and silky and glides over the skin. It buffs easily and melts into the skin which, my undereyes are extremely hard to blend into and this just works.

If you are in the market for a good quality concealer that will help you to look refreshed, even and younger, this is what you are looking for. I am really excited to try more products from Marc Jacobs and to dive into higher end foundations, concealers and creams because of this gem.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultrafine Mist

53When I first received this product, I was not entirely sure what it was for. I liked that it was pink and I love the smell but then I tried it. Can I just preface this by saying, attention, every single company that sells a beauty spray, get in contact with Glow Recipe and figure out how you can use this sprayer.

This is truly an ultrafine mist. Every single spray I own, and I own a lot and use a lot, go on wetter than they need to be. Glow recipe has nailed it, they own it and they should never look back.

54I am actually really loving this product. I spray my face with this as a moisturizer after I shower. It works as a wonderful toner and helps to soothe my skin, tone my skin and moisturize without being greasy.

I have oily/combination skin and it is really hard for me to find products that are not greasy and that do not leave my skin with an oil slick and a mess. This is great following a cleanser and really helps to brighten the skin and feel magical.


The Sun

59This winter has been a doozy here in Colorado. We had a late start but once she hit, she decided to move in and take up what feels like permanent residence in Colorado. We were plunged into frigid temps and dreary, freezing, wet days and it just hasn’t let up.

We are finally into April and it looks as though brighter days are are on the horizon. I am so looking forward to warm weather, flip flops, bright colors, patios, running with the dogs, shorts, swimming and bbq’s. Bring it on spring and summer, I am beyond ready and waiting for you with open arms.

That’s it for this post! I hope that you enjoyed my March favorites and maybe were able to find some favorites of your own. Do you use any of these products that I mentioned? Do you love them? Hate them? Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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