Sanaa, Disney Dining With a Savanna View

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42Have we got a treat for you today! Sanaa! This is one of our absolute favorite dining experiences in Walt Disney World. From the theme, to the menu, to the views, it is a true gem. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, we had the pleasure of dining at Sanaa for dinner.

28Sanaa is located at Animal Kingdom Resort in the Kidani Villiage building. When walking into the main doors for Kidani Village, you will pass through the lobby to the amazing floor to ceiling windows, follow the stairs that descend down; and there, you will find Sanaa.

20Sanaa is open for Breakfast, lunch and dinner and is classified as a fast casual meal. We think this is underestimating Sanaa. Sanaa serves incredibly flavored and thought out dishes in a wonderful, inviting atmosphere and would, in our opinion, be more akin to table service restaurant.

Personal preference for dining at Sanaa would be lunch or dinner. The menu options become more robust and thought out and it becomes more of a dining experience than the breakfast.

38Breakfast options include the Boere Breakfast which is two eggs served your way with tomato chutney, tanzanian hash browns, sausage, bacon, and a corn johnny cake. There are waffles served with a chai whipped cream and a sunrise sandwich, a traditional breakfast sandwich served on a croissant.

The Sunrise Sandwich is also an option for breakfast. Sandwiched inside of a croissant are scrambled eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese. Kids offerings include Mickey waffles, and eggs with bacon and hash browns.

22Now, the really exciting vittles come to the forefront for lunch and dinner. If you are not adventurous, I do believe there are still items on this menu for you and I am a huge proponent of trying new things and giving it a shot. You never know, you might surprise yourself.

25The real standout dish at Sanaa and the one item that you always hear about is the bread service. The bread service is $17.00, I know, it sounds a bit steep. You can make a meal out of this though and it is worth every single penny.

Five Naan style breads accompany the nine dipping sauces and spreads. The bread alone is delicious but you add the accompaniments and you have yourself one of the, hands down best dishes on Walt Disney World property.

The bread you receive is traditional naan, garlic-ginger naan, spiced naan, onion kucha, and paneer paratha.

The sauce and spreads are a cucumber riata, roasted red pepper hummus, mango chutney, tomato-date jam, tamarind chutney, coriander chuntey, garlic pickle, red chile sambal, and a spicy jalapeño-lime pickle.

30One of the fun parts is mixing the different breads with the different sauces and spreads. Taking the onion kucha with the tomato-date jam and the red chile sambal or the garlic-ginger naan with the roasted red pepper hummus and the tamarind chutney.

The bread service is available on both the lunch and dinner menu.

In addition to the bread service, on our first trip to Sanaa, we also ordered the artisnal cheese plate. This was the most underwhelming dish that we ordered but it wasn’t “bad”. I think that the bread service just outshined it and it just wasn’t necessary for our meal.

36The cheese plate came with sesame crisps and five different types of cheese. There were two creamier cheese selections, a pungent blue cheese and two others. None of the cheeses were poor quality, it was just not a standout dish. We would definitely recommend the bread service over the cheese plate and that is something coming from us because we are die hard cheese people.

27The lunch and dinner menus are quite different but there are staples including the bread service and several desserts are available for both. Whether you are there for lunch of dinner, get the bread service and if you aren’t that hungry, that is truly enough for a small meal in itself.

We could just end this blog post right now with this message. Get the Bread Service.

But, we wouldn’t do that to you.

We see and get a lot of questions and comments stating that people are picky eaters and only want burgers and chicken tenders and fries. If you are that person, Sanaa might not be the right choice for you. There are a few items on the lunch menu, such as the Kenya coffee barbecue sandwich and the Sanaa burger but those items aren’t on the dinner menu and if you are prone to the spices and flavors on the menu we would suggest skipping this experience.

39Sanaa uses a lot of African influenced flavors and spices. It is one of the reasons that the restaurant is so unique and creates such an immersive and unique dining experience for guests.

One dish that shows up on both the lunch and dinner menu is the potjie inspired. This is what I ordered on our first trip to Sanaa. This is a wonderful option to try a couple of different items.

29First, choose between a goan seafood curry, butter chicken, braised beef, or spicy durban shrimp. I selected the goan seafood curry. This type of curry includes a red chilli paste also knows as kashmir or goan, hence the name. Paired with the coconut milk, this is a tangy, slightly spicy and creamy dish that pairs perfectly with seafood.


If you are new to the curry scene or the rich, earthy spices used in this type of adventurous cuisine, I would recommend selecting the Butter Chicken. This is a wonderful and popular Indian dish using spices such as bay leaf, cumin, ginger, garlic and chili powder. The dish includes chicken that is bathed in a mildly spiced tomato based sauce and is a great introduction to this flavorful culture of food.

Photo Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Next with this order, select a vegetable or side. The selections include, aloo masala, chickpea wit, lentil dhal, paneer tikka, or cilantro-coconut vegetables. I selected the cilantro-coconut vegetables because I love a coconut curry vegetable dish but I will say that I wish I had selected the aloo masala.

Aloo Masala is a very mild curry dish that highlights onions and potatoes. This a a bright, fresh side dish that would greatly compliment the seafood curry, butter chicken and would also cool off the spicy durban shrimp.

If you are unsure what to choose or are looking for suggestions be sure to talk to your castmember and see what they would recommend.

saaa burgerOther lunch options include the Sanaa burger, which we have heard rave reviews about. This burger is served with spiced mustard and peppadew-goat cheese. Pappadew’s are a small red pepper with more sweet than spice. What an amazing contrast to the tangy creaminess of the goat cheese. The burger is served with housemade Sanaa chips.

Photo Courtesy of Disney Food Blog

The Boerewors Braii is another lunch option. This is an African sausage served with onion jam and confit tomatoes. This dish is served open faced on naan bread with chips.

For dinner, dishes include a sustainable fish option served with citrus butter, a grilled New York strip steak served alongside warm potato salad and traditional sosatie with flavor influences from the Cape of Good Hope.

32Bryson chose the berbere-braised lamb shank. This was a large portion and came on the bone and served on a bed of cauliflower, chickpeas and assorted vegetables spiced with traditional indian spices.

The flavor of this dish was good but the meat was not fall off the bone as you might expect. It was a little tougher than expected which can sometimes happen when serving as many people as Sanaa does.

Lunch entrees range from $14.00-$28.00 and dinner entrees range from $19.00-$34.00.

31There are several delectable dessert offerings at Sanaa as well. The spice trade candy bar takes chocolate to a whole new level with cashews, apricots, coconut and topped with a chai cream.

Another option is the Caramel N’Dizi which is a banana financier (a small french almond cake) served with milk chocolate creme and hazelnut crunch and topped with ginger raspberries.

In addition to a feast of the tastebuds, this dining experience also comes with a savannah view. That’s right. Large windows flanking the restaurant look out onto the Animal Kingdom, Kidani Villiage savannah. You can catch glimpses of exotic birds, zebra, watusi cattle and giraffe’s. Often times, certain animals come right up to the glass.

23All in all, we had an amazing experience at Sanaa. The price is higher than some of the other table service restaurant options and if you do not have an adventurous palette it may not be worth the money for your party. We would definitely recommend Sanaa for a group wanting something out of the ordinary and looking for a unique experience.

Whether you are heading to Sanaa for a special date night, a unique Disney dining experience or just to grab a cocktail and the bread service and watch the savannah, there is something for everyone at this flavorful and exciting eatery.

Have you dined at Sanaa? What were your thoughts? We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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