Get the Look: Twinning With Minnie, My Celebration Minnie Inspired Outfit

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2When Minnie and Mickey debuted their celebration outfits, I fell in love. I immediately came to the conclusion that I needed to come up with something that would go with the theme. My mom and I got to work thinking of what we could create that would work and we decided that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

We had a couple of different ideas in regards to doing a Celebration Minnie inspired outfit. One idea was to get a white sundress and attach a layer of tulle to the skirt and then sew the tulle to the dress and fill the bottom with multi-colored pom poms.

11I wasn’t in love with that idea and wanted something more full. Then I remembered seeing some of my favorite online boutiques had these multi-layered tulle shirts for sale and decided they would be perfect. I was able to find a more reasonably priced version of the exact same tulle skirt on Amazon.

13Next, I was on the hunt for multi-colored pom pom’s. I wanted pom pom’s that came in a variety of colors and I was looking to match the colors pretty closely to Minnie. I came across a variety of listings on Amazon but many of them were smaller and I wanted to be able to find small and large pom pom’s and many of the reviews stated that the colors were paler or not what was pictured.

I finally decided on these Kaleidoscope Pom Pom’s for a couple of reasons. The colors in the picture were exactly what I wanted, the pom pom’s were multi-sized and the reviews stated that the items were as pictured. Sold!

15My mom and I had to decide how we were going to attach the pom’s. It took a couple of different try’s to get it figured out because we have never worked with tulle in this way before. Our first attempt was fabric glue but the glue and pom wouldn’t adhere to to thin tulle. We ended up using hot glue to attach the pom’s to the slip of the skirt which was under the five layers of tulle.

17Were we to do this over again a better idea would have been to whip stitch the smaller poms to the second layer of tulle as when the product was finished you could not see the pom pom’s under the five layers of tulle.

Next step was to sew the second and third layers of tulle together. We decided this would be the best way to go because if there was an uneven stitch of a mistake, it would be hidden under the first layer of tulle. Another reason is that the top layer of tulle acted like a buffer. If it got caught on a ride or snagged on my back pack or on anything really, it would hopefully snag the top layer and not the layer that was stuffed with pom pom’s causing them to spill out everywhere.

14We left several gaps in the tulle when sewing the second and third layer together in order to evenly stuff the pom pom’s in between the layers. What ended up happening was that we could have left just one gap and rearranged the pom’s once they were in between the two layers of tulle because in transport they shifted all over the place anyway and had to be rearranged several times.

18Originally, I purchased two packages of the pom pom’s. Each package had 324 pom’s. We quickly realized this was not nearly going to be enough. The circumference of the dress was larger than we originally thought and we ended up using five bags of pom pom’s for the dress and could honestly have used another one of two bags to really get it full.

In using over 1500 pom pom’s for the finished product, the skirt was getting a little heavy but not heavy enough that it lost it’s shape or became uncomfortable.

16Once we had stuffed all of the pom pom’s into the skirt, we then sewed up the gaps to ensure all of the pom’s were safe and secure inside the skirt.

10To go with the outfit, I found a fitted white t shirt and left it as is. Minnie’s outfit had yellow buttons but I think it was adorable to just leave it as is. I did however take to Poshmark and find an adorable stretchy yellow belt with a large yellow bow that I used to accent the look. In addition, I purchased a pair of yellow crochet Tom’s flats. I purchased these from Poshmark as well. I paid $11.00 plus $4.99 shipping and handling for the shoes which were new without tags and the belt was $6.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling.

19I knew I needed ears to go with the look and I put an ask on our Instagram story, asking for suggestions for who had seen or made unique and out of the box celebration ears. Several of our amazing followers sent me some great recommendations but the Celebration Ears from Neverland Mermaid Designs stuck out to me and I felt they would really just be the perfect accessory for the whole look.

3These ears are perfect! From the cute little ears to the bow on the top and Mickey’s bow tie! I love that they incorporate both Mickey and Minnie into the design and celebrate both icons. Also, not sure if you noticed, but her cute little sleeves are included as well, that was a wonderful customization that she included for me.

This shop is absolutely wonderful to work with and I will absolutely order ears from her again! She has amazing other designs as well including some really cute spins on the gorgeous and delicious specialty caramel apples available at both Disney World and Disneyland.

The last part of the look was of course the makeup. I do love me some makeup and I was excited to venture out of the norm and create a fun look inspired by and accentuating the bright colors of the celebration outfits.

8Stay tuned for part two of this post featuring the makeup I used to create this look. I’d love to know if you have ever made a DIY outfit for Disney! What outfit did you create and would you do it again? Be sure to follow the blog so that you are notified every time we release a blog post and so you can be the first to know when part two gets released highlighting my makeup look for this sensational outfit.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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