Disney and Non Disney Favorites for February 2019

February was cold y’all. It was cold. In fact, until the very end of this month, it hasn’t been above freezing in over a month and a half. And the forecast doesn’t seem to be warming up, Elsa has moved to Colorado and she is really mad at us.

So, let’s put this wretched winter weather out of our minds and move onto happier things. I have rounded up some amazing items for this month and I’m excited to share those with you, so let’s jump right in!

Full disclosure, none of this is sponsored. I am not being paid or incentivized to promote any of these products. All opinions are my own and mine alone.

Food and Drink:

Homemade Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

96We love sweet things and I am always trying to find sweet treats that fit with my lifestyle and eating healthier. These Homemade Dark Chocolate Almond Cups are delicious, easily customizable and healthy! With 6.7 carbs, 4.9 grams of fat and 1.8 grams of protein per mini cup, these babies are the best of both worlds!

You can check out my full blog post HERE for the recipe for these little babies and some ideas on customization.

S’mores Girls Scout Cookies

smores.jpgThese are the most incredible, delicious little morsel of awesome ever. That is quite the statement to make for one little cookie but I’m dead serious. I love all things S’mores. These cookies take that to another level. The cookie’s themselves are graham cracker inspired and sandwiched between the two cookies are a marshmallow and chocolate filling.

If you have not tried these, you must. Unless you don’t like S’mores but that seems crazy to me so I don’t know how to help you there.

Built Bars

builtWhen I came across this product, it was on Instagram. It popped up as an add on my Instagram account and I was pretty skeptical. I don’t like bars. They typically aren’t that good for you. Protein bars always seem to lack a substantial amount of protein and instead are filled with things like high fructose corn syrup, an enormous amount of carbs, chalk (they all taste like chalk) and some mix of ingredients that force you to chew each bite 5,000 times before swallowing.

However, I decided to give these a try because each bar does actually have 15 grams of protein and has fewer carbs than most other popular bars, fewer sugars than Luna or Clif bars and a lower fat content as well.

The bars come in several different flavors including an orange chocolate creme and a strawberry chocolate cream, which are my favorites. There is an option on their website to try out the six pack sampler box for $9.95. If you are interested in trying out a protein bar that actually tastes good and has some good stuff in it, give these a shot.

Clothing and Accessories: 

Celebration Minnie Ears from Neverland Mermaid Designs

90.jpgIn our most recent trip to Disney, my Mom and I created a Celebration Minnie inspired outfit. I was beyond excited about this and of course I needed ears to go with it. I put a question on our Instagram story asking for unique celebration ears and one of our amazing IG followers sent me a photo of the celebration ears from Neverland Mermaid Designs. I spoke with her and she was able to make a couple of awesome customizations to them and they were absolutely perfect.

Homemade Minnie Mouse Celebration Skirt

76As mentioned above, my Mom and I decided to make a DIY Celebration Minnie inspired outfit. I will be doing a full blog post on the head to toe look from that day so be sure to stay tuned to our blog for that coming soon but suffice it to say, I was head over heels in love with the way this look turned out and am already planning on another DIY look for our next trip!

Sparkling Purple Magic Band From Kathlene’s Creations

79.jpgI’ve mentioned her shop before and will mention it again no doubt. Kathlene’s Creations is a small business I found through Instagram. She makes glittered Magic Bands and amazing hand painted items such as wallets, wristlets and more. Her work is absolutely stunning.

For the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon I dressed in a Rapunzel inspired costume. and I came across her purple glitter Magic  Band and I thought that it fit perfectly to accent my outfit. In addition, there were some adorable sun earrings inspired by Rapunzel on the site and I picked those up for the race as well.

The Magic Band and earrings were perfect with my outfit. I was so thrilled with how they turned out and every time I wear one of her amazing Magic Bands I get so many compliments from guests in the parks and castmembers as well.

For the Home:

I’m not loving any of the products I tried out this month around the house. Maybe we’ll have better luck next month!


Too Faced Bronzed Peach Melting Powder Bronzer

82I’m a big fan of bronzers. I rarely use foundation, never have been a fan of how it sits on my skin. I don’t like to wear an excessive amount of makeup, it’s just not my thing. I have always worn bronzer though. You know I have a love of being tan so bronzer and I are a natural fit. I have evolved into using bronzer for contour and sometimes blush, but I still use bronzer every single day in my daily beauty routine.

I love the Too Faced Peach collection. I love that it smells like peach, in fact, it might be one of my favorite things about the collection but I also really enjoy how the Bronzed Peach Melting Powder blends on the skin and I love the color. There is a little bit of shimmer but it isn’t over the top and it is a wonderful dark color that fits a variety of skin tones.

I naturally have fair to light medium skin but a much darker tan when I am tan, which is most of the time. Whether I am tan or paler, the color works really well and blends well.

If you are looking for a tried and true bronzer that melts really well onto the skin, is buildable and versatile, I recommend giving this product a try.

Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel

83If you follow this series, you know that I have really been loving my Acure facial scrub. Well, I don’t like to use a scrub every day. I like to switch up my routine and I wanted to give the Brightening Cleansing Gel a try. Guys, this stuff smells amazing. If you don’t like the smell of the scrub because it is a bit more earthy and gingery, you might really love this scent. It smells fresh and like a burst of citrus. I love it as a refreshing way to either start of end the day.

The gel is clear and cool and it really does a great job of taking off the day without harsh scrubbing. It’s great for everyday use.

NYX Extra Creamy Lipstick in Thalia

84I love lip color. I’m also a creature of habit and I buy the same color palette every day. I wear dusty rose shades, nude shades and pale pinks. True to form, I found this Thalia shade from NYX and I love it! It is a dusty rose shade and it is incredibly buttery and smooth. It doesn’t cake on the lips or slough off.

It smoothes the lip and creates a wonderful texture. It is not long wearing but it does stay true to shade which is awesome. So many lip shades change once they hit the skin but this one is true to color. I love this collection and this particular shade has become one of my go to’s.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion

85Lumi Glotion is not new to the market but is absolutely a holy grail for me. I don’t wear foundation but I do wear Lumi Glotion. I don’t wear it every day and I had a period where I was trying BB and CC creams instead and I just keep going back to this. I love having a dewy glow to my skin. Lumi Glotion is super dewy, lightweight, melts well into the skin and doesn’t crease or cake. I love it. If you are looking to spruce up your winter look, jump into spring or just dive head long into that summer dewy glow, get your hands on this stuff. I love it! Holy grail!

Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash – Eyelash Growth Enhancer & Brow Serum

I got my eyelashes done once. That’s the whole story.

86I did and I liked it. I didn’t think that what I had done was thick enough but that was my fault because I said I wanted them to look natural. Well, natural lashes are not actually what I wanted. I wanted thick long lush lashes. Live and learn.

I also cannot justify the time that it takes to get lashes done. It took almost two hours to get the set and you have to do it every two weeks and get them filled. I simply can’t justify that for me. So, I went on the hunt for a lash serum.

I stumbled across the Lavish Lash on Amazon. It had good reviews and was a decent price so I gave it a shot. I really didn’t have high expectations but. This. Stuff. Works.

87When I was younger I had incredibly long, thick lashes. I think as you get older, your lashes naturally thin. At least mine did. This serum is amazing though. I put it on at night before bed after I take off my makeup and I put it on in the morning before I put my mascara on.

My lashes have grown exponentially longer and thicker. Of all of the things I am telling you about this month, if you are only going to try one, try this. That is a bold statement and I stand by it. This stuff works. You have to use it every single day and I recommend the twice a day application but you will absolutely see results.


Handmade No Sew DIY Minnie Ears

78I have an ear addiction. I love ears and I love unique and out of the box ears. I spend a lot of moolah on ears and even though I now make my own ears, I will continue to buy ears because there are a lot of ear makers out there doing things I don’t claim to be able to do… like sew.

However, Taylor from The WDW Couple on YouTube posted a video sometime ago about how to make no sew mickey mouse ears and I tried it. The ears are easy and her instructions are easy to follow. I altered a few things and am still working out some kinks mainly due to user error not Taylor’s tutorial because her bows turn out beautiful. My bows still need some work but I am getting better and loving going to the fabric store and working on new combinations.

81.jpgI wore a lot of my own ears on our last two trips and am really excited to say, I got a lot of compliments on them and am excited to continue to make ears and try out new combinations.

If you have an interest in making your own no sew mickey ears be sure to check out Taylor’s video for a great guideline on how to do so.

The WDW Couple is such an inspiration to our Disney journey and we absolutely love them! If you are looking to live your best Disney life vicariously through someone on YouTube be sure to check out their channel and of course our own channel as well!

That’s it for this post. I hope that you found some amazing items you want to try out. I am really loving these items right now and excited that I found them and could pass them onto you. Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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