Disney and Non-Disney Favorites for January

I cannot believe we are already a month into 2019. I’m not sure why, but January felt like it took forever yet at the same time, I can’t believe it’s over. Very strange.

With the end of January, it is time for another installment of my monthly favorites. I have several things I am really excited to share with you this month in the hopes that you find some new favorites of your own.

Food and Drink: 

Winter Detox Water for Inflammation 

gingerYou all know I love me some detox water. I drink copious amounts of water every day and sometimes it’s nice to switch it up. You can view my go to detox water HERE but I recently found another version that I am loving for winter. In winter, I tend to have a lot of inflammation which tends to be exacerbated by the cold, dry winter in Colorado. Ginger, mint and cucumber are known to help with inflammation so I tried a new water infused with mint, ginger, lemon and cucumber and it was great! I love ginger and mint, they are both so fresh and cucumber as well.

I took two chunks of fresh ginger, (yes, it has to be the fresh stuff), a handful of mint, about 5 slices of cucumber and 1 sliced lemon and I put it in my handy dandy pitcher that we received for our wedding that infuses water and I let it infuse overnight. Each morning when I fill my water bottle, I refill the pitcher and let it sit until the next morning.

Important to note about this water is that it does not stay fresh and tasty as long as my other version. This one needs to be replaced every three days or it starts to get a musty taste and it is also a much more subtle flavor profile than other infusions so you won’t get strong flavors of any of the ingredients.

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

Many of you know that I follow a macronutrient diet or lifestyle as we call it because we don’t use the word diet as it refers to a temporary fix but a lifestyle is just a that, a way in which you live your life. I am always looking for tasty new snacks that have both fat and protein because it is hard as heck for me to hit my protein goal each day.

justinsI don’t like peanut butter. I know, I know, it makes me a weird duck for sure but I don’t. I will eat it, if I need fat and it hits my numbers but I don’t like it. Almond butter however, when it’s done right, I can handle. I have been taking an ounce or just under an ounce of Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter and spreading it on either a piece of Dave’s Killer Raisin bread or a rice cake and that helps me to get a little protein and a little fat.

I try to hit most of my fats before 4 pm. In an ideal day, I will only have between six and ten grams of fat left for the day at dinner. One ounce of Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter has 9.7 grams of carbohydrates, 12.4 grams of fat and 4.4 grams of protein. Although the protein is still low, I try not to consume foods that have no protein in them because my protein number is so difficult for me to reach each day.


I discovered VineBox about a year and a half ago. I was looking for a unique gift option for my mom for Christmas and I stumbled across the Vinebox Wine advent calendar. They call it the 12 Nights of Wine and it consists of these adorable little glass test tube type vessels that each contain a different wine. 12 different wines for 12 days of Christmas.

vineMy mom absolutely loved it. She raved about it for months and ended up getting one for my aunt for Christmas this past year. They have other gift boxes as well and they are perfect for me. I don’t drink much anymore but I love a glass of wine. If I open an entire bottle, especially of red, it will go back before I get to the bottom of the bottle so it’s hard for me to pop open a nice bottle knowing it will go bad.

These are perfect. One glass per vessel and each houses a different wine varietal. They have a Current Box option which comes with nine different wines and you can select the one time option or you can join the club. Once you select that option, they ask if you prefer red, white or both. The price options, depending on how often you want to receive the box ranges from $72 to $87.

Whether a treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift, VineBox is sure to hit the spot.

Clothing and Accessories: 

Ultra Brite CREE LED Head Lamp

headlampI have been a runner for well over a decade. I have completed seven half marathons and two full marathons. That being said, I do not like running in the winter or at night. But winter is where we are so I resorted back to an old piece of running gear I used many moons ago when I only had one dog. We used to run with headlamps.

dogslamp.jpgBoth of our dogs are black and we live in an area that is not rich with street lamps at night so I hopped on Amazon and found these amazing headlamps and I use them on my dogs. I also run with a headlamp but I find that having two on the dogs serves multiple purposes. The headlamps fit around the dogs like collars which allows people to see them in the dark and for me to see as they light the path.

We don’t love running in the dark and in only a few months these things will go back in the drawer where they belong until another daylight savings joins us and we are forced to bring them back out. They work great though and I highly recommend them as they are inexpensive and work incredibly well.

Floral Long Sleeved Dress

One of my favorite pieces that transitions from spring to fall to winter has been the long sleeved floral dresses I purchased. I found these on an online boutique, one of my favorites actually but I paid almost $40 for one; recently, I came across the exact same dress on Amazon!

dressAmazon has the dress in several colors for $12.99! It is the exact same dress as well. I know sometimes we have to be careful when purchasing clothing from Amazon especially because Amazon reviews can be purchased so the reviews are not always legitimate. But, this dress is the same material, perfect for spring, summer or fall because it is light weight and really breathable and flowy.

I highly recommend picking up one or more of these dresses for your wardrobe as it is perfect to dress up or down and a real wardrobe staple at an incredible reasonable price.

Coil Hair Ties

I am behind the trend on these coil hair ties. I first saw them when we were in the parks. Actually, we were on a boat from Wilderness Lodge to Magic Kingdom and a girl sitting in front of us had one on her wrist.

coilIt took me a while to try them out but I bit the bullet and purchased them on Amazon. I have mixed feelings. I really enjoy that they don’t leave the painful pinching red ring around my wrist when I am not wearing it. I have been using the same hair tie for over two months now and it doesn’t leave much of a bump in my hair which is a huge plus!

However, these things stretch out so easily. They do pop back into shape when you run them under warm water but they get so stretched and by the end of the day, when I most need it to be tight in my hair because I am at the gym, I’ve had them fall out and my hair goes everywhere right in the middle of a Crossfit WOD.

So, I’m still using them, I do like them but I do keep the old fashioned hair ties in my gym back for those days when the coil hair tie just isn’t cutting. it. I also want to mention that I do use these for running. I ran eight miles this past weekend and had one in my hair and it worked fine so sometimes they seem to stretch more than others.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts compared to a regular hair tie?

For the Home: 

Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner in Geranium

geraniumIf you have followed along with any of my lifestyle blog posts, you know that I am loving Grove Collaborative. It has changed the way that I clean and the products that I use. You can check out my favorites post that highlights Grove Collaborative HERE to learn more about this incredible service.

Each time I try a new Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner scent, it is the better than the one before and this month was no exception. I tried the Geranium scent and it has me ready for summer!

It is clean and floral and fresh and I just love it. Come February, I am over winter and ready for full-blown summer. Of course, that is ridiculous here in Colorado because winter has really just started but I am ready for summer and this scent has me even more excited and allows me a little summer freshness in our house.


Grove Hydrating Hand Sanitzer

sanitzerSticking with the Grove Collaborative obsession of mine, I received as one of my free items, this spray hand sanitzer is Grove’s own brand and is called the Hydrating Hand Sanitizer. I use a lot of hand sanitizer in my workplace and at Disney. Whether we are on a Disney cruise or at the Parks, I always have hand sanitzer on me and it is usually incredible drying. I have really dry skin anyway and the last thing that I need is an incredibly drying product that i use a lot of.

This is totally different. This is actually hydrating without being oily or greasy. It leaves your skin feeling quenched and smooth and I really love it. I just recently ordered two new ones! One for our next Disney trip and one for my purse for day to day use. Definitely recommend this, particularly for vacations because it is always a good idea to carry this on travel days.

Versa Spa

tanI like to be tan. I get told a lot that I look like I just got back from the beach… in January… in Colorado and that is how I like it. I like being tan, I don’t like being pale, just my personal preferences for myself. I feel better about myself when I am tan and in Colorado, that’s pretty hard to do year round so I spray tan.

I have actually started spray tanning year round even though laying out is one of my favorite things to do in the summertime. I realize that at 35, I probably should be protecting my skin much more than I do.

I love the sun. I love being in the sun. I love being outside in the summer but I have started to spray tan in order to better protect my skin yet still be tan.

tan2I recommend Versa Spa. There are a lot of tanning salons that offer this service with the Versa Spa. I have used multiple versions of spray tan including individualized hand spray which is ridiculously expensive in most cases for a product that is no better than Versa Spa.

The key is to be sure to have your skin properly prepped prior to tanning and to leave the tan on with minimal sweat for at least 6 hours post spray. To prep your skin for a spray tan, get a good shave the night or morning before your spray and get a good sugar scrub all over to be sure your skin is exfoliated.

versaWhen you get into the room for your spray, be sure to liberally coat the palms of your hands with the barrier cream, be very careful though not to touch other parts of your body that you do want color because that cream will block the color. I also put the cream on my nails and the bottoms of my feet.

What are your thoughts on tanning? Do you spray? Are you a year round tanner or just like to be bronze in the summer? Let me know!

Kelly Strack

kellystrackI love makeup, always have. I don’t do full face makeup very often. In fact, I do not use foundation. If I use anything, it is a BB Cream or extremely light cream and powder and bronzer (always bronzer) but I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I do love it though and have always been really into it and do a lot of different looks with eyeshadow and lips.

ksKelly Strack is a really awesome makeup influencer on YouTube. I follow a number of beauty influencers and she is one of the best. She is absolutely gorgeous and she gives honest reviews and tests of makeup for all price points. Not only that but she is incredibly humble and loves a more muted, natural look. She is a must follow on YouTube if you are interested in beauty of makeup or just want to watch her amazing PR unboxings because the amount of makeup she gets sent is goals!

If you are interested in makeup, learning more about it, perfecting your style, finding new products, I definitely recommend heading over to her channel and checking her out.



Steamboat Willie Annual Passholder Popcorn Bucket at Disneyland

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

Disney is going all out on popcorn buckets lately and I am loving it. Full disclosure, I don’t want to get into the habit of collecting all of these buckets. We have two and I don’t want to become a popcorn bucket collector but, the new Mickey shorts popcorn bucket that just debuted at Walt Disney World and Disneyland released a Steamboat Willie Annual Passholder exclusive popcorn bucket and it is all the rage. I want one. I want to use it as a purse and snuggle with it. It is that adorable.

That’s it for my January faves. Be sure to leave a comment on what you loved and want to try and also let me know what you are loving so that i can give it a try as well. Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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