Goals for The New Year. Positive Change for Mind, Body and the Mouse.

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sunset.jpgToday, we are talking goals for the new year. I went back and forth about this post. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put it into writing, I hemmed and hawed about what exactly to put into writing and I debated what my goals actually were.

This is the most vulnerable blog post I have ever done but I think it’s important to share your goals and to show that vulnerability and be open. I want to share some of my goals with you for a couple of reasons; to hold myself accountable and to vocalize the goals makes them more real to me and it makes my drive to accomplish them even higher and to encourage others to set goals and to have a drive to accomplish those goals.

Some of these goals are Disney related and some are more lifestyle related. My plan is to check in on these throughout the year to monitor progress and accountability. I would love to hear from you to see what some of your goals are.


As many of you know, I am a runner and a crossfitter. I do not preach my lifestyle to others in the hopes that they become exactly like me but fitness is the most important thing in my life. My life revolves around fitness. Fitness, saved my life. There are several ways in which this is true but believe me when I say that being able to focus on fitness and taking physical care of my body has indeed saved my life several times throughout the years.

crossfit4For over half of my life I have suffered from several eating disorders. This is not the time or the place to dwell on them but now, at 35, I suffer from body dysmorphia and bulimia. Although my bulimia is currently, at the time of publishing, under control, I will never be cured. I will take up each and every day for the rest of my life and will either like my body or hate my body. There are no days of loving my body and I’ve accepted that most days. I don’t actually know what my body looks like because it doesn’t look to me, like it does in real life, for better or worse.

crossfit2Because of this, fitness and macros are how I control my food and attempt to change the way my brain views my body. I set fitness goals for myself each year and although there is much ebb and flow to my body and my views on my body throughout the year, I try to keep focused on my goals.

About a year ago, I downloaded the Charity Miles app. This app tracks my running and walking miles and I recently received a shirt in the mail that marked that I surpassed 200 miles. My goal for 2019 is to surpass the 1,000 mile mark by January 1, 2020. As of today, I am at 339, so that means in the next year, I need to run at least 661 miles.

runAlthough this is a conservative goal, I have dealt with and am continuing to deal with a number of injuries including have no cartilage in either of my knees, arthritis, a torn hamstring, lower back issues and something going on with my right hip that could be my arthritis flaring up or it could be related to a torn Psoas from two years ago. I want to set a goal that I can achieve and not hurt myself so I think this is a great goal for 2019.

Additionally, I have set several Crossfit goals for 2019. I want to log a total of 208 days of Crossfit in 2018. That is four days a week. I will be tracking this on the Sugar Wod app which is what our gym uses to track workouts and to announce workouts etc.


17For years, I have been striving to achieve a number goal, a weight goal. This year is different. My goal this year is to reach a body fat percentage. I’m a big girl. I always have been, even when I was a size two (a very long time ago) I weighed more than the other size two girls. As a swimmer and a weight lifter and a crossfitter and a softball player, I’m not a skinny girl, I don’t ever want to be a skinny girl. I like to be muscular and have definition. When I look at photos of myself, I look at several things but one is muscular definition.

My current body fat, I cannot believe I’m saying this on a blog post for the world to see, is 36.3. That’s high. Technically, I am obese. I’m not going to dwell on that. It is what it is and the only goal I have is to change that number. I have recently had my macros adjusted and am seeing things move in a positive way and my goal for 2019 is to get to 24% body fat. A significant drop but definitely doable and healthy and a really big goal I have set for myself that only I can achieve for me.

I work out six to seven days a week, I eat healthy, whole foods, I drink on occasion and I love chocolate. It’s called balance. When I was younger I would work out so I could eat whatever I want. Now, I workout to survive and to improve my mental and physical health and live a happier, positive life.


30.jpgI have come up with something new for me. I will be doing a word of the year. I went through several words for the coming year and narrowed it down to this one. Balance. 2019 will be the year of me. It was funny because on December 31, I was at the gym and we went around and do a question of the day and the question that day was, what is one goal of yours for 2019. I said, my goal is to create more boundaries in my life and to not take it all on. I need to vocalize my needs and expectations and see that they are met. Someone laughed and said, wow, that’s selfish.

3I smiled. No, it’s not selfish. It’s self-care and in order for me or anyone else to fill the cup of another, your own cup must be full. You cannot pour from an empty cup. I saw that somewhere and it really spoke to me. I tend to fill and fill and fill and work to make things easier for others and make them happy and do this and do that and agree to work on weekends and stay late and do the laundry and the cleaning and the cooking and give and give and give until I have nothing left but a shell of myself. And I can’t do that. Nobody can do that. It isn’t sustainable. I need my needs met too and this year, I will vocalize my needs, set boundaries, balance out my life and do things for myself. I will not give so much of myself and stretch myself so thin that there is nothing left of me for me.

vegasThe key to this is me. I have to start with myself, I need to set boundaries and balance out myself. I can’t expect others to do it for me. I need to establish what my boundaries are, what I need to do to have balance and do that on my end. I also need to let my needs and expectations be known. People typically don’t ask to help me with things because I don’t want to burden anyone else, so I just do it.

I am also easily guilted into doing something or everything and I get taken advantage of in that way. Additionally, even when I do set boundaries, people know if they hold out long enough and let it sit, I’ll get it done because it I cannot handle things being left undone. I need to figure out what I can do, what my bandwidth is and what can be done by others and vocalize those expectations and needs and then stick to them.

In addition, I have set a goal for myself professionally that I will keep the specifics private for the time being but in working hard to meet these goals, they will allow me to create and find balance for myself and allow me to grow professionally and personally in  way I haven’t been able to do in years.


7We have set several goals for ourselves in our Disney life. This includes trip goals and goals for For Love of The Mouse on each of our platforms, fortheloveofthemouse.com, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We want to continue to grow our Instagram, blog and vlog and continue to reach more people and share our adventures with them and share in the Disney joy with everyone we can.

I would like to grow the blog in a way that allows us to be more visible in the Disney community. One opportunity has already presented itself this year and that is a fantastic opportunity to be featured on AttractionsTicketsDirect with their article on sweet treats around Walt Disney World. You can view that article HERE!

My goal is to increase outreach to other influencers and Disney lovers and to seek out and secure similar opportunities for our blog, our vlog and our Instagram.

That is really important to us. We have set goals for each of our For Love of the Mouse outlets and have them written on a goal board so that we can continue to check up on them throughout the year and track our progress towards reaching those goals.

39It doesn’t matter when you set your goals; it can be the first of the year of the end of the year or any day in between. But, goals are important to have something to be working towards, to keep yourself accountable to keep yourself moving forward. I am a strong believer in creating realistic goals for yourself so that you can continue to evolve as a person and be the best you that you can be.

Without goals, we are just moving aimlessly through, we are neither driven or evolving, we are simply existing. I don’t believe I was put on this earth to merely exist, I was put here to thrive and to set the world on fire and that’s exactly what I continue to work toward doing, every single day.

I would love to know what some of your goals are for the coming year or month or months. What goals have you set for yourself to better you?

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.


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