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22We are about to head out on our first cruise! And of course it is a Disney cruise! We decided to make our first cruise a land and sea adventure and will first be stopping at Walt Disney World for a few days to celebrate the holiday season before heading out on a three night cruise on the Disney Dream!

Of course, we had to get some new gear for our holiday and cruise adventure and we want to show you some of the amazing things we got!




Kenzie’s Boutique

72Kenzie’s Boutique has super cute necklaces for various aspects of Disney. I purchased a Minnie Mouse one, a Mickey bar one and a Rapunzel high heel one. They are big and bright and bold and fun and perfect for Disney. You know that I am over the top and love bold Disney merch so these are perfect for me. Be sure to check out her Facebook page to support this small business and get a bold piece of Disney merch for yourself!

I cannot wait to wear my Mickey bar necklace with my snack goals shirt and my amazing Mickey bar ears. Couple that with an actual Mickey bar and those are the ultimate snack goals!

Elyssa’s Ears

62I approached Elyssa with an idea for a custom pair of ears because I absolutely trust her ear making abilities and love her ears each and every time. My idea? Well, have you ever been to Hollywood Studios at Christmastime? The most amazing Christmas decorations fill up some of the windows along Hollywood Boulevard and how incredible would it be to have Christmas ears inspired after these beauties!

73.jpgI sent her a photo and asked if she could create something that would do these justice but would eliminate the stripes because I wasn’t a real fan of the stripes and I didn’t want them to be exact replicas. Look at what she came up with! I cannot wait to wear these when we head to Hollywood Studios on our Christmas trip.


Creations With Love

75Creations with Love is my go to for character ears. She does amazing handmade ears and her shop is where I got my incredible Toy Story ears that featured Bullseye. She posted a pair of Christmas ears that had Daisy and Donald on them but I was hoping to get a custom pair that had our two favorite buds on there; Mickey and Donald. She agreed and came up with these. I am so thrilled with how they turned out and can’t wait to wear them to hang out with two of my favorite guys in Disney.

The Patchmaker Plus

65This being our first cruise, we were on the fence about Fish Extenders. We decided to go ahead and do it and are so excited about our gifts. I decided I wanted to make something with custom patches so I started searching on Etsy and I came across the Patchmaker Plus and she had a incredible collection of patches that she makes.

In our Fish Extender group, people posted about who their favorite Disney characters were. I tried to select patches that matched up with each person’s favorite and if they didn’t specify I found these amazing Disney cruise line Mickey and Minnie patches. I found plain tan tote bags on Amazon and then also some fleece throws at Walmart. My mom and I spent a few weekend afternoons, ironing them on and voila, one of our fish extender gifts was done and they are beyond cute!

Shop Emily G

76I love to add a little something extra to my Magic Bands. While we are in Disney, I never take my Magic Band off except to change it up to a different band so I love to have unique and fun decals added to my plain resort bands just to give them a little something extra. For our upcoming trip, I wanted to find a fun and festive Christmas decal to go over the plain green band that I had selected.

77If you are not familiar with Magic Bands; a Magic Band is what gives you access to your room if you stay on Walt Disney World property, it is also your park ticket, your Fast Pass ticket, you can purchase things anywhere on Disney property using your Magic Band if you attach it to a credit card. It truly is magic.

Whenever you book a stay at a Walt Disney World resort, you will receive a Magic Band prior to your stay in the mail and your band can continue to be used on future trips. I take several Magic Bands to Walt Disney World when we go and switch them out depending on where we are headed and what mood I am in; they are an essential Disney accessory for me.

I have gotten several Magic Band decals from Shop Emily G and decided on this sparkly Christmas one for our Christmas trip. They are easy to apply, stick really well, are water resistant and durable. Her products are great and are offered at a reasonable cost.

CoCoBeans Tees

67When we first booked our Disney cruise, I knew I wanted to get a special outfit for Pirate night. Pirate night on a Disney cruise is the night where characters dress in their pirate best, guests can do the same, there is a “Pirates In the Caribbean” fireworks show and a special pirate themed menu at the restaurants.

Some people go all out for Pirate night, dressing in full pirate outfits and that is what I wanted to do. Bryson was not so on board with that, so we agreed to get shirts. I have seen dozens and dozens of shirts that families wear for this occasion and they all looked the same to me. I wanted something unique. I looked for months, literally months, and I finally stumbled across CoCoBeans Tee on Etsy and they had this awesome shirt I had never seen before. The rest, as they say, is history, matey!

The Park Hop Shoppe

68Each year, for our Christmas card, we select a Disney picture from that year’s trip to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This year will be no different, and I always like to pick out fun shirts for us to wear, matching of course, for the event and the photo. Through yet another search on Etsy, I came across these incredible shirts from The Park Hop Shoppe, perfect for Christmas and for Disney. I love doing Raglans for Christmas, here’s to hoping it isn’t ninety degrees at party time this year like it was last year.

I always get nervous when we are looking at these types of shirts because the vinyl decals can be tacky if not done right. These are amazing! I am thrilled with how they turned out and would absolutely recommend this shop and this shirt to anyone looking for a Disney shirt that breaks the mold.

Shine Designs Tee – Plaid castle shirt

69I love buffalo plaid. In fact, as I write this, I am wearing a buffalo plaid shirt. Shine Designs Tee on Etsy has married Cinderella’s Castle with buffalo plaid for the holidays and I am obsessed. I snatched these shirts up right away, as soon as I came across them on Etsy. If you follow along on our blog, in my September Faves post, I highlighted another gem from this shop, the Holidays and Pumpkin Spice Disney shirt, I ordered that shirt in a tank top and the quality was amazing.

The plaid shirt, I ordered for our Christmas trip is amazing as well, I ordered this in a t shirt for both my husband and for me. This shirt comes in a tank, a raglan and a t shirt option and I am so excited to pair this with one or two of my amazing Christmas ears, and yes, a few of them have the buffalo plaid.

Hidden Lily Boutique – Magnets

70You have to have magnets for your door when you go on a Disney cruise right? Everyone we talk to and every vlog we have watched, everyone puts these cute little magnets on their doors when they cruise with Disney. I wanted to find us some that were, of course, a little unique and also fun. I found these adorable clothesline inspired Disney magnets from a great little shop on Etsy. We were able to customize the items on the “clothesline” to say our Disney name, For Love of Mouse.

I wasn’t interested in holiday magnets, though this shop does have a holiday version of the “clothesline” magnet which is really cute. I wanted to make sure we could use these on future cruises that maybe weren’t a merrytime cruise. We are so excited to use these, I think they will be fantastic for outside our door on our first Disney cruise!

Are we There Yet Designs

71We also got an additional magnet for our door. This one was a little more traditional but really cute, nonetheless and I think it will be a great addition to our door! This shop has a plethora of magnets, mugs and other Disney items to choose from so be sure to check them out on Etsy.



Fish Extender

74Last but not least, we made a fish extender. My mom and I looked up a number of ideas and ended up with an adorable fish extender. We used fabric from Wal Mart and Joann’s and patches from The Patchmaker Plus. The idea is to add patches each time we cruise so we were sure to leave plenty of room for future adventures. One of my favorite parts of our fish extender are the patches from The Patchmaker Plus that resemble Disney Cruise Line name tags personalized with our names.

That is it for our pre-trip haul. We have a whole host of other fun things that we received and are taking on our trip. For the full experience be sure to follow our adventures on Instagram and YouTube as we get ready to set sail on this fun-filled land and sea Disney adventure.

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.

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