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6We are just getting back from our most recent trip home and I thought it would be a great idea to do a post on what is in my Disney bag! For a couple who travels to Disney multiple times a year, in various seasons, we have some staples in our park backpack that I always carry with us, day in and day out in the parks and I think that is very valuable information to share with you!

First, I want to answer a few questions we get frequently from people planning their trips or just wanting additional information.

Bags on Rides!

Yes! On almost every Disney ride, you can take a backpack. Also, on almost every Disney ride, you can either wear your sunglasses, ears and other accessories or there is a pouch for you to place them in.


9.jpgThe only exceptions to this that we have really found are at Flight of Passage in Pandora, World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom, where you stow all of your gear behind you in the ride chamber in large bins and on Soarin’. Soarin’ offers a pouch underneath the seat for purses, small bags, ears etc. but for my backpack, I always ask a castmember where they would like me to stow it. Most of the time, it is to the right of the row of chairs where we are sitting but once in a while, a castmember will tell me to put it at my feet or to the left, so I always like to check.

Taking a stroller, should you leave your backpack with the stroller when going on rides?

7No! Absolutely not, under any circumstances, should you leave important items in your stroller when leaving it unattended for any period of time. We love Disney, we believe Disney is the happiest place on earth. That being said, shady people still visit the happiest place on earth. Anytime you leave your stroller, scooter or wheelchair unattended, take every single thing you value with you. Nine times out of ten, your things will still be where you left them, when you return, but that one time, you leave your wallet or your purchases in that stroller or other vessel, it will get stolen and your happy vacation will not be so happy after that. Always, always, always, take your things with you when you.

Now, what’s in my bag?

Let’s start with the backpack. Carrying a backpack is not for everyone. My backpack gets heavy because I carry all of our camera equipment and vlogging materials but we are planners and carrying a backpack is like a security blanket for me and I couldn’t imagine a day in Disney without it.

89Bryson actually asked me on the last day of our most recent trip, if we lived in Disney, would I still have to carry the backpack. The honest answer to that is yes. I absolutely would still have to carry a backpack especially for the various vlogging equipment we take and our giant water bottles. Even if we were just going to Disney for the day, I would still need those things and that is the bulk of the weight in the backpack anyway.

10Other options would be a fanny pack (check out this adorable option from Etsy) or a mini-backpack. We carry a full-size backpack and the one that I carry is one that you can typically purchase in the parks at several of the larger merchandise shops. It is a generic Mickey Disney backpack. Here are some other cute options available at Walt Disney World, including the one I really want which is the Black and White Sequin Minnie Bag.

13.jpgI am also really loving this adorable Castle Backpack I recently came across on Etsy, these customized Polka Dot Backpacks as well and this cute Mini Backpack from Shop Disney!


Stay hydrated!

11If you follow our blogs and vlogs you  know that we are really big on staying hydrated. If I could give you only one piece of advice for Disney, I would tell you to drink water, drink water, drink water. Anytime you go to a quick service food stop, you can ask for a cup of water and they will give you one. I’m not saying they will give you a giant cup of water but they will give you a cup of water.

12That is not enough for us. I don’t mind carrying a lot of weight in my backpack so we carry two fifty ounce water bottles in our backpack and we refill them four to five times a day, everyday.  We purchased our water bottles from Target and they are the CamelBak Chute Mag and we purchased customized decals from Etsy or this Darth Vader Disney option to spruce them up a bit. Coming from Colorado, we get so dehydrated in Orlando, because of the humidity so we drink a ton of water.

72You may have noticed that the water in Orlando isn’t delicious. It tastes like sulfur. There are, however several places where you can find good or at least decent tasting water. If you are at Epcot and are a DVC member, the DVC member lounge has great water; although they do discourage you from filling up your large water bottles when it is busy. Over by Norway there is a restroom and the water fountain over there has good water as well. Additionally, over by Test Track and Mission Space there is a restroom on the walk over that way from World Showcase and that water is good as well.

14At Magic Kingdom, over by the Tangled restrooms the water tastes like sulfur but it is less of a strong smell and taste from those fountains. If you are staying on property, the best water is from the drink dispensers that are available in the quick service dining locations. That water is filtered. Bottom line is, drink water.


95No matter what time of the year you are visiting Walt Disney World, there is a good chance, it will rain. Storms roll in and our of Orlando and central Florida almost everyday. They are quick (usually) and they can pour down a monumental amount of rain in a very short period of time. We keep disposable ponchos on us because we can whip them out, toss them and don’t have to fold them up and put them soaking wet, back into our backpack. You can find the ponchos that we purchase HERE! and it is important to note that Disney does sell ponchos and for a family of five you will be spending about $60 on plastic if you don’t bring your own and get caught in one of these frequent storms.

Hand Sanitizer!

14I always carry hand sanitizer with me at Disney. There are a ton of people, some of them are sick, some don’t wash their hands and I work at a nonprofit where I go through hand sanitizer like it is going out of style and that carries over to Disney. We buy a big box of them on Amazon because they are cheaper that way but you can find incredibly cute Disney themed ones in the parks that are great as well, just a little pricier. You can find the ones we purchase HERE! and more information about the Disney versions can be found HERE!


15All that hand sanitizer you are using, you might want some lotion. I always keep a travel sized lotion in the backpack that I can use throughout the day! Some of my favorites include The Body Shop offerings, I just love the smell of those!



Hair brush!

1.jpgMy hair stays down for about an hour everyday because with the humidity in Orlando, I just can’t deal but I still try almost everyday to keep my hair down for as long as possible because I like pictures of my hair down more than up and we take a lot of pictures and as vain as that is; it is what it is. My hair is not used to the humidity so I like to brush it out for the hour before it goes up in a pineapple on top of my head.

Lip Balm!

16I always have lip balm on me. In Florida, you need it less than in a dry climate like Colorado but I still like to keep it on me and always have one in my bag. Some of my favorites include Burt’s Bees and Sun Bum.





I do not buy expensive sunglasses. There are quite a few reasons for this; one is because I always lose them or sit on them within about a month of getting them. But, you have to have sunglasses in Disney. I wear eyeglasses as well and it is quite a juggling act for me to always be switching back from my prescription eyeglasses to my cheap sunglasses. I don’t buy prescription sunglasses because with my prescription, they are insanely expensive so I go back and forth between my eyeglasses and my sunglasses all day long. It’s actually quite entertaining to watch or so I have been told.


17If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, or the Orlando International Airport (MCO), you may have noticed that there is no gum to be found! That’s right, nowhere on Disney property or at MCO is there any chewing gum to be purchased. People don’t throw gum away. I will never understand it and if you do this, yes, I am judging you, with my judging face, but people can’t seem to make it into a trash can. They drop it on the floor, leave it on walls, throw it in water, but it just can’t seem to make it into a trash can.

So, Disney does not sell it anywhere on property, and they encourage people not to chew it. In fact, Disney went so far as to make a deal with MCO that they would not sell gum either. Nowhere at either of these places will you be able to purchase chewing gum and how awesome is it that you can experience Walt Disney World, without stepping on someone’s chewed gum every five steps!

I have no problem being a part of this solution and not the problem and we take mints instead. 3 Hour Mints are my absolute favorite so I always keep a pack in my bag for a trip.

Fuel Rod!

19.jpgAll throughout Walt Disney World and MCO, you will find Fuel Rod stations. Fuel Rods are portable charger packs that come with a variety of adapters for your device and charge it up while you walk around the parks. We are constantly using a Fuel Rod and we also have a charging port as well that we carry in the bag. We probably use more battery than some because we also use our phones for filming when we aren’t using our large camera and tripod but we also take a ton of photos like everyone one.

The charging port that we use is a great deal on Amazon and typically charges for multiple days before we have to charge it. Both of these items are lifesavers for our vlogs and photos we take for Instagram, the blog and other social media.

Tide Pen!

20Bryson and I eat a lot in Disney and sometimes, like during festival season we are literally rushing from kitchen to kitchen ordering food, gobbling it down and then off to the next kitchen so that we can get as much tasty food in as possible to give a full review. Often this means, spills. I always carry a Tide Pen in the backpack so that when messes happen, we can clean them up and be on our way, ready to film and take pictures!


58I always carry a small bottle of Ibuprofen or Tylenol in my bag. We go hard in Disney and there are bound to be headaches, body aches etc. So I always keep a small bottle on me.

There are other things that I keep in my bag sometimes or most of the time but what I put in this post are what I always, always, have in my bag. Anytime you see me in a park, it is a guarantee that I have all of these things in my bag. If you are a frequent Disney traveler, what do you always have in your bag? We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse!






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