It’s Fall Y’all! And I’m Sharing my Fall Decor With You!

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2.jpgFall is in full swing and we are dabbling into winter here in Colorado. The leaves are changing and have actually already passed their peak and are now making a mess on the ground. We got our first snow on the Colorado front range this past weekend.

I am a big decorator. I love being festive, I love to decorate our house to match the season and although my fall decor is quite subdued compared to the explosion that is Christmas in our house, I absolutely love the warm colors, the leaves, the coziness of fall decor and I thought that it would be fun to share that with you.

5I pull out the fall decor on Labor Day; not because I am over summer but because I want to get those fall smells going in our house. One of the first things that I do every year is find some great smelling fall candles. Fall and winter is the time for candle burning in our house and this year I took myself over to Bath and Body Works (not sponsored but… hey Bath and Body Works hit me up) and boy oh boy was I in heaven. Bath and Body Works has the most amazing and strong fall and winter scents.

3I am a big fan of strong scents. I don’t light a candle for a faint wisp of scent that maybe wafts your way once in a while. I light candles because I  want my house to be overcome with the scents of the season. We bought three candles to be put in our kitchen and living room. Two Harvest Gathering scents and one Pumpkin Pecan Waffle flavor. The Pumpkin Pecan Waffle scent is absolutely incredible and is way stronger than the Harvest Gathering scent.

So that began our fall takeover.

I ventured to the basement and began pulling out the boxes of fall. Our spring/summer decor is out for the longest time; I put out spring decor in February for several reasons. By February, I am over winter and am ready to launch headfirst into flip flops, tan lines and outdoor adventures. I see no reason to prolong the dark, cold, misery that I view as winter (after February 1) and when I come home, I want to be welcomed with summer scents and summer decor so we go straight from Christmas to spring, there is no in between in our house.

But, it is not time for spring/summer decor, it is time for fall and that is what we are talking about so let’s get back to it.

75One of the main focal points in our house is our mantle. Our mantle is the center of our living space. We spend more time in the TV or family room and kitchen than any other space in our house. Our mantle is decorated year round and fall is no exception.

78I pull our the leaf garland and wrap that around all of the decor. I found these adorable Mickey and Minnie scarecrow decorations at Hobby Lobby. I did look on the Hobby Lobby website but was unable to find if they were still available online. I highly recommend heading over to your local Hobby Lobby if you are interested in these cuties because when I was there last week at one of our local stores, they still had several of each.

76I first had these on the ground, on either side of our mantle, which houses our television and fireplace. But, I decided to place them up on the mantle because I think they are more noticeable up there. I placed them on the ends of the mantle, purchased a little wooden crate with handles and some plastic gourds to go inside. I enjoy going with the more earth toned gourds, cream, burgundy, brown, darker orange etc. Then I found some leaf and fall accents to go along with that. On the mantle, I tipped the crate onto its side and spilled the pumpkins and other fall accessories out of the crate onto the mantle.

Last year, I purchased two pumpkin tea candle holders in a bronze color and I placed those among the leaves and in between photos that we leave up most of the year.

77On our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, we picked up this adorable Mickey pumpkin tea candle holder. If you follow us on any social media, you know my obsession with Mickey pumpkins is real. If Disney or anyone else sold (realistic) replicas of the gorgeous Mickey pumpkin wreaths that flank Main Street USA, I would be all over that and our entire house and yard would be consumed with them.

91Until then, I will settle for the Mickey pumpkin merch that I can get my hands on. I also found this adorable tractor at Hobby Lobby (of course). Both Bryson and I have farmer’s in our family heritage, so it is always fun to pay homage to that in our decor. We love rustic, country decor.

That is it for the mantle, and yes, it’s quite a bit of stuff. I’m over the top, what can I say.




Also in our TV or family room, we have several shelves against the back wall that we keep photos on. I picked up a couple of small fall items to put on there. Hobby Lobby had these great fall pumpkins in several different colors with a little bit of sparkle detail and then I picked up a couple of cute littler ceramic chipmunks as well. Nothing too crazy, just simple.

89We have several signs that I have picked up that I believe may be meant for outside but we are unable to hang any signs on the front of our house, trust me, we have tried. So, they go inside instead. We have several cute ones and I think they add a nice little touch to our first floor.

85I move them around every year but I do keep the “Welcome” sign close to the front door where people can see it when they come in for obvious reasons.

Speaking of the front door, I have, of course, the Mickey wreath that I made on our front door. If you are interested in learning how to make your own Mickey wreath, I made a vlog that is up on our YouTube channel all about how I made this one!

Once you walk in the door, we have our formal living room. Our formal living room is rarely used but the first thing people see when they come into our house so, I like to have it decorated.

84We have several large shelves against the largest wall in the room. I have some little fall themed ceramic pieces and some fall themed florals in a wrought iron boot vase that I got at Hobby Lobby for our wedding. We have several of these vases around our house and I use them year round.

80On our coffee table I have a cute fall themed table runner with leaves and owls on it. Sitting on the runner, I have a cute little pumpkin scarecrow from, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby. To accent that piece, I set down some little corn pieces in various colors.

83The last part of that room is the end table in the corner. I love this little table. Since we never use this room, the table is completely useless for anything other than decorating. For fall, I have used another of the boot vases, I also have a silver pitcher filled with fall florals. To accent it, I have a cute little blue apple truck which I just love and think it gives a great pop of color. There is a little porcupine made of straw (I believe) and also a raccoon made of the same material. I love them and they are neutral colors so they go with everything.

82Last but not least for the fall decor, I moved the wreath that I made last year for the front door inside to the staircase and wrapped leaf garland around the railing leading up to the second story. To top it off, I strung a banner across the top of the staircase that said “Blessings”.

88Here is my thing about decorating. I like to add things every year and I like to change it up. Last year, I didn’t do anything to the banisters and I added my Mickey wreath and the Mickey and Minnie scarecrows.

For each season, I add to my decorations. Now, I am running out of places to put Christmas things but don’t you worry, I will find spots.


Do you decorate for fall? I would love to know where you get your favorite decorations and what your favorite time of year to decorate is!

That’s it for this post. Thank you for stopping by and for the love of the mouse, never forget, that it all started with a mouse.




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