Upping the Lunch Box Game With Woody’s Lunch Box

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58We are venturing back to Andy’s backyard today to get the full Woody’s Lunch Box experience. As you know, we love to eat and we love Disney food. We were really looking forward to trying this place. We rarely eat in Hollywood Studios and as we mention often, there is currently a lot to be desired when it comes to food options in this park. So, for Hollywood Studios to open a new land, we had high expectations; especially after Pandora and the opening of Satul’i Canteen; we had high hopes.

61Woody’s Lunch Box did not disappoint. There are two different menus; a breakfast menu and a lunch/dinner menu. This dining location is a counter service location which has the option for mobile ordering.

10This is an outdoor quick service location. The line is outside, the seating is outside although there are umbrellas over the tables to provide cover from the sun and weather elements. I will say, in the heat of Orlando, there could have been more cover provided but I understand why Disney decided against it. If you provide more shade in a land where shade is sparse, people will find the shade and camp out in the shade.

73Let’s get into the menu. For breakfast, one of the most talked about items is the S’mores French Toast Sandwich. We tried it and it is great. We heard some feedback from others who had tried it, that there was not enough marshmallow filling but that was not our experience at all. There was plenty of marshmallow, plenty of chocolate hazelnut spread, and the bread was soft with a crispy outside with plenty of cinnamon and sugar.

toy story bowl
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Additionally, there is a Breakfast Bowl that is packed with great breakfast flavor. This is a bowl of potato barrels (tater tots) with scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage gravy and green onions. Hubby got this and it was great! My recommendation would be to get these and split them. You get sweet and savory in one swoop!

photo courtesy of disneyparks.disney.go.com

If you like parfait’s be sure to give the Banana Split Parfait a try. This option includes creamy vanilla yogurt layered with pineapple, banana and strawberry and is topped with granola for crunch, honey and dark chocolate chips. We have not tried this yet but if you have we would love to hear from you in the comments. This is on our must try list for the next time we are at Woody’s Lunch Box for breakfast.

70In my personal opinion, the absolute best things at Woody’s Lunch Box are the Lunch Box Tarts. They are amazing! You will never want a regular Pop Tart again. These blow the Pop Tarts we grew up with and still indulge in once in a while, out of the water. There are two flavors available (for now?); raspberry and chocolate-hazelnut. We really enjoyed both, but I will say, Disney, if you are reading this, put more filling inside these little beauties.


You can also get Joffrey’s coffee, hot cocoa, orange juice and soft drinks for breakfast along with the Mystic Portal Punch which is the specialty non-alcoholic drink at Woody’s Lunch Box. Full disclosure, it is boring and not worth the price, it tastes like Powerade and nothing more.

For lunch, you can still get those lunch box tarts folks! Get em’, get ’em both! Maybe two! Oh my gosh they are so good.

69We have tried everything on the lunch/dinner menu from Woody’s Lunch Box. The BBQ Brisket melt and the Grilled Cheese were both absolutely amazing sandwiches. The BBQ sauce that comes with the BBQ Brisket Sandwich is tangy and has a vinegar kick which I really appreciated because I love the more tangy sauce as opposed to a sweet, thick, hearty sauce. I will say the sandwich could have used more pickles, but that is just a personal preference from one pickle lover.

65In terms of the Grilled Cheese, if you are a strong cheese lover, you will really enjoy this. It isn’t just some American cheese or processed cheese product slapped between a couple pieces of bread. This sandwich brings the cheese and several times of cheese for that matter. Definitely give this one a try if you are looking for a little comfort food and it does go really well with the Tomato Basil Soup side.

The Smoked Turkey Sandwich was the most underwhelming option in our opinion. But, it’s a turkey sandwich. If you had a plain eater or someone who doesn’t want anything too exciting, this would be a great choice for them.

62Last but not least, the Totchos! These are potato barrels (tater tots) made like nachos! So, they are covered in beef and bean chili, queso, shredded cheese, tomatoes, corn chips, sour cream and green onions. This was a really good option and one of the most filling on the menu. I am of the belief that you can never have too many toppings so of course, I could have gone for more sour cream, queso and chili but it was a great dish. Simple but yummy.




As for the sides, there Tomato Basil Soup which is a good option to accompany the Grilled Cheese, I will say, both times we have had it, the soup was not hot. I will also say, both times we had it, it was nine hundred degrees outside so hot soup wasn’t exactly on the top of my priority list so lukewarm soup satisfied me just fine. There is also Potato Barrels which is the default side if you don’t specify.

57The Vegetable Macaroni Salad was good, I love macaroni salad and this was good. It was oily but I don’t know how you avoid that because the main ingredient in an Italian dressing based pasta salad dressing is oil. The taste was good, it had olives, which makes it a winner in my book. Another side option is the Mini Babybel Snack Cheese. Babybel is the sponsor of Woody’s Lunch Box and this is a great snack. Although for $3.49 you could probably buy a whole pack of them from the grocery store.

You can also get a side of Cheese Sauce. I would assume this would be for the Totchos or Potato Barrels. Full disclosure, I would absolutely dip my Brisket Sandwich in the Cheese Sauce.

64The same drink options are offered for lunch/dinner as are offered for breakfast. You can get a Root Beer Float off of the lunch/dinner menu as well. There are also alcoholic beverages offered on these menu’s. A Grown-Up Lemonade featuring Three Olives Cherry Vodka, Blue Moon Belgian White Ale (Yay Colorado Beers!), Bud Light and Angry Orchard Apple Cider.

66Important to note, breakfast is served from park opening until 10:30 am. At 10:30 am, they switch to the lunch/dinner menu. Mobile ordering is offered at Woody’s Lunch Box and is highly recommended. If you are not familiar with Mobile Ordering, be sure to download the My Disney Experience App and sign up on that. From that, you can click on Order Food under My Plans. There are a number of restaurants throughout Disney property that offer Mobile Ordering and it allows you to skip the line and get your food quicker. We love Mobile Ordering and use it quite frequently.

86If you are at Hollywood Studios for a Moonlight Magic event, Woody’s Lunch Box has not been open for these events at the time of this blog post being published. We completely understand why. In our opinion, Woody’s Lunch Box is one of the top dining options at Hollywood Studios. It is, for us, hands down, the top quick service dining location at this park.

Have you tried Woody’s Lunch Box? What did you think? We would love to hear from you!

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